Two Palestinian Killed, 240 Injured in Clashes With IOF at Gaza Border Protest

2 Killed and 240 injured


Two Palestinian killed and 240 others injured today Friday in clashes with IOF  at Gaza Border Protest  acoording local sources.

According to medical sources, Karim Fattair, 32, from Deir El-Balah killed by IOF after he was wounded in Al-Boreij refugee camp.

Akram Sa’id Muammar from east of Rafah was shot by Israeli snipers, while a second serious injury was reported in the neck during the clashes in the Rafah border with Israel.

the Gaza Health Ministry reported. 240 Palestinian were reported wounded, 26 of which from live gunfire.

The committee organizing the  ‘March of Return protests’ called for mass participation on Friday.

Earlier Friday, the ministry’s spokesperson confirmed hospitals are preparing to receive patients. 156 have been evacuated to hospitals so far.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Right PCHR hereby condemns these crimes committed by the Israeli forces, believing it is as a result of Israel’s enjoying impunity thanks to the U.S. and so encouraging the Israeli forces to commit further crimes upon an official decision by the highest military and political echelons.

PCHR emphasizes that continuously inflicting casualties, either killed or wounded, is unjustified and targeting and killing civilians, who exercise their right to peaceful assembly or while carrying out their humanitarian duty, using lethal force is a serious violation of the rules of intentional law and international humanitarian law.

PCHR emphasizes that ongoing attacks against the Palestinian medical staffers, especially those working in the field, and ambulances constitute a serious violation of the international human rights and humanitarian laws and the international standards regulating the protection rules of medical personnel, including paramedics, their vehicles and medical facilities. The serious violations and deliberate attacks against the medical personnel amount to war crimes according to the 1949 fourth Geneva Convention, particularly the scope of protection provided to them.

PCHR also stresses that this ongoing policy by Israel violates the Rome STATUTE OF THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT (ICC) and Fourth Geneva Convention, and its practices qualify to war crimes. Thus, PCHR calls upon the ICC Prosecutor to open an official investigation into these crimes in addition to prosecuting and holding accountable all of those involved in issuing decisions and orders in the Israeli forces at the political and security level and those applying the orders.

PCHR also reiterates its call upon the High Contracting Parties to the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention to fulfill their obligations under Article 1; i.e., to respect and ensure respect for the Convention in all circumstances and their obligations under Article 146 to prosecute persons alleged to commit grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

PCHR calls upon Switzerland, in its capacity as the Depository State for the Convention, to demand the High Contracting Parties to convene a meeting and ensure Israel’s respect for this Convention, noting that these grave breaches constitute war crimes under Article 147 of the same Convention and Protocol (I) Additional to the Geneva Conventions regarding the guarantee of Palestinian civilians’ right to protection in the occupied territories.

Senior Hamas official Ismael Hanyya and Khalil al-Hayya also implored Gazans to participate in the march today as they participated in the demonstrations.

Khalil Al-Hayya the deputy head of the political bureau of Hamas in the Gaza Strip said that Egyptian, international and national efforts aimed at concluding a calming down agreement with Israel have reached their final stages.

He added that the talk to raech a truce agreement based on the understandings of 2014, indicating that the coming days will be semi-final stages to sign this agreement.

Al-Hayya also said : “We are with the truce in Gaza to give our people an opportunity to live in dignity and peace  and continue our struggle to bring down the deal of the century,” pointing out that the Trump deal began in Jerusalem.

(Source / 18.08.2018)

IOF killed One Palsetinian & close Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem

Killed and close Al Aqsa


Local sources in Jerusalem and Israeli sources reported Friday after noon that a Palestinian was shot dead in occupied Jerusalem, on the pretext of attempting to carry out a stabbing attack.

Israeli forces reinforced troops in the area of the alleged attack and claimed that they were searching for other suspects there, and removed all worshipers from the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The compound is a frequent flashpoint of Israeli-Palestinian tensions, which have surged in the past few months.
According to Israeli media, the Palestinian who was killed is an Arab Israeli from Umm al-Fahm, a city in the Palestinian land occupied in 1948, named Ahmad Mahameed.

The Israeli occupation police responded to the alleged stabbing attempt by blocking the alleys surrounding the crime scene and opening an investigation.

The Israeli media alleges that Mahameed left the Council Gate at the Mosque at about 5:30pm. He then noticed a group of policemen stationed a few meters away, and tried to stab one of them with the knife he was holding. After a fight between the police and the suspect, he was shot and killed by police officers at the scene.

Under the guidance of the commander of the Jerusalem District, Major General Yoram Halevy, questioning was conducted throughout the Al Aqsa Mosque area, and police removed the public from the scene.

The Palestinians responded to the decision to close the Al-Aqsa Mosque by calling for prayer at its doors.
Hundreds of Jerusalemites gathered and recited the Maghrib and ‘Isha’ prayers at the doors of the mosque and demanded that it be reopened.

Israeli occupation forces attacked the worshipers outside Al-Aqsa Mosque gates, which Israel closed and removed all Palestinians from inside after a man was killed afternoon by IOF.

Hundreds of Palestinians gathered in response to the urgent appeal by Islamic religious authorities in the city to denounce the occupation’s decision to close Al-Aqsa Mosque and remove those inside it following the killing of Ahmad Mahameed, 30.

Citizens of Jerusalem prayed at Al Aqsa door after Israeli occupation forces closure to the Mosque and expelled worshipers from it.

Worshipers said that they will continue their protest until the reopening of Al-Aqsa Mosque.


(Source / 18.08.2018)

IOF storm Gilboa prison, assault prisoners

Gilboa Prison

Ramallah / PNN/

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) said on Thursday that a large number of Occupation Forces’ special repression units belonging “Al-Yamam”, had stormed section 3 of the Gilboa prison.

In a statement, the organization explained that the incursion led to chaos and tension inside the prison,with attacks on a number of prisoners and tampering with their personal belongings.

A state of high tension still prevails in prison, according to the PFLP.

There are nearly 6,500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, around 600 of them in Galboa prison, which is known for its overcrowded cells.

(Source / 17.08.2018)

Solidarity Cup’ goes ahead Sunday despite cancellation of Gaza Kids to Ireland trip

Al Helal Football Academy


THE young footballers from Gaza who visited Ireland for the past two summers have been forced to cancel their trip this year.

The Palestinian boys from Al Helal Football Academy, who live under Israeli occupation in Gaza, planned to travel Tuesday (August 14th) through the territory’s border with Egypt at the Rafah crossing and across the Sinai Desert to Cairo, where they would fly to Dublin.

However, the difficult trip was prevented when the Rafah crossing was unexpectedly closed, forcing Gaza Action Ireland to cancel the programme for now.

Despite this terrible disappointment for the children and the organisers, ‘Gaza Kids to Dublin’ are determined to stand with the Palestinians living under siege in Gaza by holding the Solidarity Cup tournament on Sunday, August 19th.

There will be a football tournament with Shamrock Rovers, Bohemians/ SKB and Cliftonville FC as well as a family fun day. The football kicks off at 10am until 4pm, with the family events starting at 1pm. At 4pm, after the winning trophy is presented, everyone who sponsored one of the Al Helal players will release a balloon as a symbol of support.

This will be livestreamed to the kids in Gaza to show them how much they are missed.

Gaza Kids to Dublin organiser Danielle Robinson said: “We need to let the boys know we stand with them because football is a way of life for these kids – they live and breathe it and it is an opportunity for them to have a future. Sport is a magnificent way for children to bond and show solidarity and it’s exactly what this event is all about.”

As well as the Solidarity Cup, a full nine days of events had been planned for the team of teenagers, with events organised around the country, including in Donegal, Dublin, Galway, Kildare, Leitrim and Wexford.

“We are heartbroken that a visit that hundreds of Irish people had prepared for, fundraised for, and supported in all sorts of ways has had to be abandoned because of the extreme vulnerability of the children’s situation, in what is effectively a prison camp in Gaza,” Gaza Action Ireland coordinator Zoë Lawlor said.

“We are really heartened that this tournament is going ahead on Sunday and urge as many people as possible to come along and show these kids that we are with them,” she added.

(Source / 17.08.2018)

Palestinian mail arrives – eight years late

The post arrives


The Palestinian postal services are working overtime to sort through over 10 tonnes of mail blocked by Israel, according to the AFP.

The post, dating from as far back as 2010, contains letters, parcels and even items such as medicines and wheelchairs for the disabled.

A Palestinian postal official told AFP that it would take at least another two weeks to sort and deliver.

The mail had been denied access via Jordan, but was released in a one-off deal with the Israeli Occupation Authorities (IOA).

Ramadan Ghazawi, an official at the sorting centre in Jericho, said it appeared that some items had been blocked for security reasons, while others were barred on administrative grounds.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Palestinian Authority Communications Minister, Allam Moussa, accused Israel of failing to implement an agreement signed in 2016 that allowed international mail to enter the Palestinian Territories without first going through the Israeli postal service.

An IOA source informed the AFP that an agreement was currently in the works, but gave no further details

Israeli Occupation Authorities control all entrance and exits to the West Bank, and can arbitrarily prevent the movement of Palestinian people and goods across international crossings and borders.

(Source / 16.08.2018)

Israel prevents Gaza mother from accompanying 3YO son to hospital

Loay al-Khodari

PNN/ Jerusalem/
The Shin Bet prevented the mother of a three year-old cancer patient in Gaza from accompanying him to Israeli hospitals for treatment, according to an Israeli media source.

Three year-old Loay al-Khodari was eventually accompanied by a foreign lady after an appeal was placed on Facebook, and the boy is now receiving treatment in hospital.

According to Haaretz, the Shin Bet security service has prevented Hanan, the boy’s mother, from escorting her son for a number of months because her family has been linked to Hamas.

Hanan had applied for an escort request for months, but the Shabak has responded by saying her request is “under examination.”

(Source / 16.08.2018)

Occupation forces demolish residential facilities in Issawiya and Jabal Al-Mukaber in occupied Jerusalem

Demolishing Al Quds

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) demolished buildings in the village of Issawiya and in the Jabal al-Mukaber neighborhood southeast of Jerusalem, early this morning.

The demolitions were carried out on the pretext of building without obtaining permits from the municipality.

Local sources in Jerusalem said that Israeli occupation crews, a bulldozer and a truck with Israeli occupation forces, stormed Issawiya this morning and began besieging the center of the village, before demolishing a two-story residential building in Al-Masouda Street.

A building on Al-Wad Street in Jabal al-Mukaber was also destroyed, amidst a tight military cordon imposed by the occupation forces around the demolition site.

(Source / 15.08.2018)

Settlers break into Hebron home, march to the Tomb of the Patriarchs

Illegal march settlers

Hebron / PNN/

Israeli occupation forces closed the main entrances to the Haram al-Ibrahimi Mosque in order to protect a large march of settlers on Tuesday.

The march started from the Tel Rumeida area to the Haram al-Sharif and broke into a house on its way.

Activists against the “Emad Jaber” settlement said that Israeli occupation forces closed the main entrances to the Ibrahimi Mosque and the Old City, and stepped up its deployment in the Old City to protect the settlers who organized a march to the Mosque, during which they raised the Israeli flags and chanted racist slogans against Palestinians.

At the same time, a number of settlers stormed a house in the old town next to the Israeli settlement of “Ibraham Avino”, under the protection of Israeli occupation forces. The IOF has recently tightened their procedures in the area, obstructing the movement of citizens and residents.

(Source / 15.08.2018)

At least 20 arrested, numerous confiscations and demolition notices

Army and confiscations

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) launched large-scale raids and made a number of arrests in various Palestinian governorates on Tuesday morning.

Local sources said that Israeli forces arrested at least 20 Palestinian civilians in the area following assaults on dozens of houses across the occupied West Bank.

The operation which involved the use of undercover forces, included the arrest of two women and the confiscation of vehicles and money from citizens.

According to the sources, the two Palestinian women arrested in Hebron included the wife of the MP from the Hamas parliamentary bloc, Mohammad Maher Badr Hebron.

In Dheisheh refugee camp in the Bethlehem governorate, local reports said special forces stormed the camp with a cargo vehicle and attacked the citizens. The IOF arrested two young men and there were violent clashes between residents of the camp and the Israeli occupation forces.

In the governorate of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, the IOF carried out large-scale raids in several villages in the governorate, where they arrested a number of Arab citizens. Two men from from the village of Kharbata Al-Mesba were detained, while a man from the village of Aboud was also arrested. In addition, the occupation forces confiscated the car of a local man

In Ramallah, clashes broke out in the town of Beit Rima, causing a military jeep to overturn during the incursion, while there were also confrontations in the neighborhood of Umm al-Sharayet.

Furthermore, a large force from the IOF stormed the home of the mother of the prisoner Abu Hamid in the Amari camp in Ramallah and officers threatened to demolish the house in the nearfuture. The occupiers took measurements in preparation for such a demolition

Meanwhile, in the Jericho governorate, The Israeli army launched a large-scale incursion into the Aqabat Jabr refugee camp, where four men were arrested.

In the Nablus governorate, Palestinian sources said that Israeli occupation forces arrested two citizens from Nablus city and Askar camp in Nablus, along with a man from the village of Roujib.

Local sources in Tulkarem reported that the IOF arrested a young man after a raid on his house.

(Source / 14.08.2018)

Daghlas: Over 600 units added to Avni Hafetz settlement, Tulkarem

More than 600 units added

The Palestinian Authority official in charge of monitoring settlement activity in the northern West Bank, Ghassan Daghlas, said that the Israeli occupation authorities have added more than 600 settlement units during the past five days to the settlement “Avni Hafetz “, which is built on territory of Shofa village in Tulkarem.

“There is a great acceleration in settlement expansion in this area where the occupation forces are working day and night to expand the settlement and turn it into a big one at the expense of the citizens’ lands,” Daghlas told Voice of Palestine radio on Tuesday morning.

The official pointed out that he had been contacted by the Council of the village of Shofa to follow up the issue from the legal point of view and to address it publicly.

(Source / 14.08.2018)