Zionist soldiers shot dead Palestinian teen in Ramallah protest

RAMALLAH, PALESTINOW.COM —Palestinian teenager was killed by Israeli forces on Friday in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified the teen as 18-year-old Mahmoud Nakhleh, who was shot in the abdomen with live bullets during a protest against the Israeli army in the al-Jalazun refugee camp.

Several people were also injured in the clashes that erupted between the Palestinians and the Israeli forces during protests in Ramallah against the Israeli settlements construction and the seizure of their lands.

According to a local Palestinian news agency, Israeli soldiers shot Nakhleh from a distance of fewer than 10 metres.

The soldiers tried to detain Nakhleh afterwards, local news out let reported, but Palestinian paramedics were able to take him after a standoff that lasted more than 30 minutes. After Nakhleh was transferred to a hospital, he was pronounced dead.

Ramallah was under a complete lockdown by the Israeli army on Thursday, following a shooting attack by an unknown Palestinian who killed two Israeli soldiers near the illegal settlement of Ofra.

Most of the entry checkpoints were reopened on Friday, but Israeli forces remain heavily deployed on the outskirts of Ramallah and have carried out sporadic raids into the twin city of al-Bireh, resulting in Palestinians protesting against their presence.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, at least 100 Palestinians have been arrested over the past 24 hours.

Four Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in separate operations overnight on Wednesday and on Thursday afternoon.

Protests against the Israeli army continued across the occupied West Bank. In the village of al-Lubban al-Gharbiyeh near Nablus, a Palestinian youth was injured with a rubber-coated steel bullet to his eye.

(Source / 15.12.2018)

Australia formally recognizes Al-Quds as capital of ‘Israel’

CCUPIED JERUSALEM, PALESTINOW.COM — Australia formally recognizes occupied Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but will not move its embassy there immediately, Astralian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Saturday.

“Australia now recognizes West Jerusalem, being the seat of the Knesset and many of the institutions of government, is the capital of Israel,” Morrison said.

“We look forward to moving our embassy to West Jerusalem when practical,” he told reporters in Sydney.

Morrison said in October he was open to shifting Australia’s embassy from Tel Aviv.

(Source / 15.12.2018)

Israel shoots dozens of Palestinians in the 19th maritime march in Gaza

GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM — A number of Palestinians were injured with live Israeli fire as Israeli forces suppressed the 19th weekly naval march in the northern besieged Gaza Strip, on Monday afternoon.

Palestinian Health Ministry affirmed that 11 protesters were injured during the Israeli attack.

The attack was carried out when thousands of Palestinian protesters gathered at the northern borders of the Gaza Strip to take part in protests in an attempt to break the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.

Some 20 boats arrived to the northern border to participate in the 19th naval march.

However, Israeli war boats opened live fire and tear-gas bombs at the protesters, PIC reporter said.

Commenting on the attack, Ahmed al-Mudalal, member of the National Committee for Breaking the Siege, which organized the naval march, said the naval marches will not be stopped until its goals are achieved, referring to breaking the Israeli siege and allowing Palestinians the right of return as refugees to their original homelands.

The Gaza Strip has been under an inhumane Israeli siege since 2007 and witnessed three wars since 2008. The blockade has caused a decline in living standards as well as unprecedented levels of unemployment and poverty.

Tensions have been running high near the border fence since March 30, which marked the start of a series of protests dubbed “The Great March of Return.”

The deadly clashes in Gaza reached their peak on May 14, the eve of the 70th anniversary of Nakba Day, or Day of Catastrophe, which coincided this year with Washington’s relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem.

More than 220 Palestinians have so far been killed and over 22,000 others wounded in the renewed Gaza clashes, according to the latest figures released by the Gaza Health Ministry.

(Source / 11.12.2018) 

Calls for mass protests in Gaza against US anti-resistance move

Members from the armed wings of the four largest political parties in the besieged Gaza Strip — Hamas’s al-Qassam, Islamic Jihad’s Saraya al-Quds, Fatah’s al-Aqsa Martyrs, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades — stand together at a press conference in Gaza City denouncing an Egyptian court’s ruling classifying the al-Qassam Brigades as a terrorist organization

GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM — National and Islamic groups in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday called for mass demonstrations in the enclave on Thursday.

They announced in a statement that the demonstrations will be protesting a US recent proposal labeling the Palestinian resistance groups, especially Hamas, as “terror groups”.

The United Nations General Assembly is set to vote on Thursday on a US-drafted resolution that would condemn the Palestinian resistance and Hamas movement for “inciting violence”.

(Source / 06.12.2018)

Israel committed 2,493 violations in West Bank in November

RAMALLAH, PALESTINOW.COM — The Israeli occupation committed 2,493 violations in the West Bank and Jerusalem in November 2018, according to recent statistics.

November witnessed a noticeable increase in the Israeli violations committed against the Palestinians, especially in Tulkarem province where daily arrest and house raid campaigns were launched in search for Ashraf Na’alweh who is accused of carrying out an anti-occupation attack.

Based on statistics issued by Hamas’s information department in the West Bank, 362 violations were committed in Jerusalem alone.

The same statistics show that the Israeli occupation army conducted 1,221 raids and break-ins, while 65 house demolition and property confiscation cases were documented.

The Israeli occupation forces, during the reported period, killed three Palestinians, and 117 were injured in different attacks.

As for the arrests, 392 arrests were reported in November, including 123 in Jerusalem, 53 in al-Khalil, 42 in Bethlehem, 41 in Ramallah, 29 in Nablus, 28 in Qalqilya, 26 in Tulkarem, 24 in Jenin, 12 in Salfit, 6 in Jericho, and 8 in Tubas.

The Israeli occupation forces demolished 26 houses, 17 of which in Jerusalem, deported 34 Palestinians out of Jerusalem, and banned the travel of 275 West Bank Palestinians.

The Israeli settlers carried out 19 break-ins into al-Aqsa Mosque, under the protection of Israeli police, and launched 75 different attacks on Palestinian citizens and their property.

(Source / 05.12.2018)

Palestinian scholar attended in 212 event in Indonesia, urged to save Al-Aqsa

JAKARTA, PALESTINOW.COM — A Palestinian scholar Taisir Hamdan delivered a message to Reunion 212 participants. Through the translator, he delivered ready to liberate Al-Aqsa from Israel.

“Salam our brothers from Al-Quds, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and Palestine, and our mission of all Palestinians will be all antitrust representatives, and we are ready to liberate Palestine and Al-Aqsa,” he said at Monas, Central Jakarta. , Sunday (12/2/2018).

Hamdan admitted having been jailed for some 20 years by Israel. While in the cell, he succeeded in obtaining his bachelor degree.

“During the 20 years we were jailed, we were released during a prison conversion agreement, and he was accompanied by 500 Palestinian prisoners in Israel and an Israeli soldier who was abducted, he obtained bachelor degree in prison,” Hamdan said.

Still through the translator, Hamdan waited for the contribution of Reunion 212 participants. Participants were waiting to contribute to the release of Al-Aqsa.

“Palestine and Al-Aqsa are waiting for you to free Al-Aqsa, indeed Palestine and Al-Aqsa await your involvement in liberating Al-Aqsa,” said Hamdan.

(Source / 03.12.2018)

46 Jewish settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque

AL-QUDS, PALESTINOW.COM — Hordes of Israeli settlers broke into al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday morning under the protection of Israeli police forces.

Quds Press reported that 46 Jewish settlers forced their way into al-Aqsa Mosque via al-Maghareba Gate in a tour that lasted for three hours and a half.

The settlers further performed Talmudic rituals at al-Rahma Gate, the eastern side of al-Aqsa Mosque, it added.

Israeli settlers and extremist Jewish groups conduct incursions into al-Aqsa Mosque on a daily basis, except Fridays and Saturdays. The Break-ins are carried out in two rounds: in the morning and afternoon, and usually stepped up during Jewish holidays.

(Source / 28.11.2018)

Israeli navy shot Palestinians in Gaza coast protests

GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM — At least three Palestinian citizens were injured on Monday evening when the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) violently quelled a peaceful protest on northern Gaza coast. Gaza Ministry of Health said that three Palestinians were injured and transferred to the hospital after the IOF attacked the peaceful protesters with live ammunition and teargas. The Palestinian reporter said that hundreds of Palestinians took part in the coast protests, which have been lately a major part of the Great March of Return, to call for lifting the siege. The National Movement to Break the Siege over the past months has launched many flotillas in an effort to break the 13-year-long blockade imposed on Gaza. All of them were intercepted and seized by Israel’s navy forces. Palestinians in the Gaza Strip on 30 March launched major border demonstrations called the Great March of Return in a bid to highlight the Palestinian refugees’ right of return and pressure Israel to lift the blockade. (Source / 27.11.2018)

Palestinians protest the killing of nurse in Hebron

BETHLEHEM, PALESTINOW.COM — Hundreds of Palestinians marched, Monday, in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, protesting the assassination of a Palestinian nurse, who was killed by Israeli soldiers while heading to Hebron to assist a patient.

Media sources in Bethlehem said the processions took off from Bethlehem University and Palestine Ahliya University, along with several other areas, before matching towards the home of Ramzi Abu Yabis, in Deheishe refugee camp, south of Bethlehem.

They marched chanting against the ongoing Israeli occupation, and the execution of Abu Yabis, who was driving to Hebron, to visit with a patient, when the soldiers shot and killed him following a traffic accident with them.

The army claimed the Palestinian “deliberately rammed the soldiers,” wounding three. One soldier suffered a moderate wound, and two others were mildly injured.

(Source / 27.11.2018)

Israeli soldiers kidnapped two Palestinian children in Hebron

Israeli police arrest a Palestinian youth in Jerusalem

HEBRON, PALESTINOW.COM —The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Sunday evening kidnapped two Palestinian children in the West Bank city of al-Khalil.

A local source said that the IOF arrested Ahmad and Mohammed al-Rajabi, both aged 10, near the Ibrahimi Mosque.

The Israeli forces launch arbitrary arrest campaigns that also target children on a daily basis in the West Bank.

(Source / 26.11.2018)