Ashraf Waleed Naalwa(23) was killed by Israel’s occupation forces in the Askar refugee camp near the city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank on the early hours of Thursday December 13th. Israeli occupation forces besieged him in the apartment where he was hiding and after a gunfight killed Naalwa, who had been evading the occupation troops for two months. Photographs taken after his death show the apartment riddled with bullet holes and several walls covered with blood, with bullets laying scattered on the floor. He was accused of killing two and wounding one illegal Israeli settler in the illegal industrial colony of Birkan near the illegal mega-colony of Ariel in the northern Salfit district of the occupied West Bank. Naalwa had beenworking in the illegal colony earlier and was recorded on security camera footage entering and leaving the illegal colony at the time of the shooting. Although Israeli occupation claimed the attack as ‘terrorism’ and several resistance group as resistance to the occupation, it must be mentioned that Naalwa had been fired from his job just before the shooting took place and that it could have been motivated by this. Israel’s occupation forces kinapped two young men from the Askar refugee camp, Amjad and Raed Bashkar, in connection of the raid that killed Naalwa. (Source / 13.12.2018) 


Illegal Israeli settlers have attacked with impunity villages and traffic in many parts of the occupied West Bank after 7 illegal Israeli settlers were injured in a drive by shooting late on Sunday December 9th. In this they are again acting as the militia arm of Israel’s occupation forces, which have raided towns and villages largely in the same areas.

The attacks have taken place mainly along main traffic routes around Nablus and Ramallah, but have included attacks in the Salfit district and in the Ramallah-area villages and the city of Hebron also. Illegal settlers have done the attacks mainly from the safety of Israel’s occupation forces’ protection, like at the Huwwara checkpoint in the Nablus district, where they damaged property at a scrap yard and also besieged a house belonging to Ahmad Lufti, throwing stones at it. Mainly the settlers have blocked roads and thrown stones at passing cars.

The shooting took place on a highway near the illegal colony outpost of Ofra when a group of illegal settlers were standing at bus stop. They were shot at from a passing car. According to @ShehabAgency the gunfire lasted only six seconds. 4 teenagers all aged 16 suffered light injuries, 2 adult men suffered moderate injuries and a 21-year-old pregnant woman suffered serious-to-critical injuries. Her baby was delivered via Caesarean section and survived unharmed and is in a good condition.

Unconfirmed early claim in social media was that occupation soldiers would have been with the illegal settlers on the bus stop and would have survived unharmed. This seems to have been wrong, as were claims in the immediate aftermath that up to 11 illegal settlers would have been injured.

The town of Silwad was blocked and invaded by Israeli occupation troops in the aftermath, which raided outskirts of the city of Ramallah and the nearby village of Abu Qash and Surda taking footage from security cameras with them. The entrace to the town of al-Bireh was also closed by occupation forces. These raids led to confrontations with local youths and in Ramallah vast tear gas clouds drifted not only in the streets but atop the city itself.

The illegal colony outpost of Ofra have been established by illegal Israeli settlers themselves without approval from Israel’s regime, which then provided it with services it doesn’t provide to occupied Palestinians in the area, from electricity to water and sewage – and occupation forces’ protection. Now Israeli regime is expected to wave it’s Zionist magic wand and to ‘legalize’ Ofra to placate the illegal settler movement.

Israeli occupation has revealed a video of the shooting which can be seen online. In our sources, follow the link to Maan News article and roll down to watch it. Although most news articles assume there were several people in the car, based on how the driver seem to have some trouble with controlling the vehicle it could be that there was only one person who steered with one hand and used a gun with the other.

Meanwhile 4 Palestinians were shot and wounded with rubber-coated steel bullets by occupation forces when they escorted illegal Israeli settlers to the so-called ‘Joseph’s tomb’ near the city of Nablus. The illegal Israeli settlers and Israel’s regime claim the site is a tomb of Old Testament figure Joseph, although the first record of it is as a Samaritan shrine in the early middle-ages and the current building is only from the year 1868.

(Source / 11.12.2018) 


Israel’s occupation forces have killed a young man near the city of Hebron on the southern part of the occupied West Bank.

27-year-old Omar Hasan Awad was shot several times in the back and arrived in a critical condition to the al-Ahli hospital in Hebron, where he succumbed to his wounds before 11:00 am local time.

Palestinian news agencies’ on Twitter locate the shooting in the town of Khalah west of Hebron but WAFA News Agency’s article situates the incident at Idna, also west of Hebron.

According to eye-witnesses Awad was left to bleed by Israeli occupation forces until a Palestinian ambulance arrived and its crew were able to evacuate him. No further details of the fatal incident are available yet.

(Source / 11.12.2018) 


The First Intifada began on December 8th 1987 as a spontaneous response to murderous violence by illegal Israeli settlers and brought the Palestinian cause back to the global consciousness. The First Intifada would be driven by the occupied people themselves, and especially by the children and youths; it was a revolutionary cry for freedom by those directly under the military boot of the occupier. At least 1268 Palestinians would be killed by Israel’s occupation forces’ and Israeli ‘civilians’ by the time the Oslo-era began in 1993 with its false promises of coming liberty, that would be betrayed by Israel’s regime and United States, the self-appointed ‘honest broker’. 161 members of Israel’s occupation forces, illegal Israeli settlers and civilians in Palestine 1948 would die also, with 53 of them civilians outside the occupied territories. Hundreds of Palestinian children and couple of dozen of Israeli children were killed, but as we have been unable to find exact numbers (B’Tselem, whose statistics we otherwise used here, gives only the deaths of those of age 16 and under) we can’t report the child casualties exactly.
(Source / 09.12.2018) 


Youth Ammar Abed-Rabbo al-Khatib was kidnapped last at dawn on Friday December 7th from the village of Hizma in occupied East Jerusalem by Israeli occupation forces.

Like with so many other Palestinian families living under the occupation, to be taken at night from home by masked gunmen is not some shocking event beyond comprehension but part of what life is under the Israeli occupation.

Ammar is a brother of political prisoner Amer al-Khatib and now joins his brother in captivity.

Several homes in Hizma were raided and searched during the night by the occupation forces, which kidnapped also 3 other people from the West Bank during the late hours of the night.

(Source / 09.12.2018) 


Two new reports show the terrible effects of the Israeli occupation on Palestinian lives since United States’ president Donald Trump made his Jerusalem declaration on December 6th 2017.

Jerusalem Centre for Studies of Palestinian and Israeli Affairs’ report counts the loss of 345 Palestinian lives as a direct result of the Israeli occupation since that fatal day, including 71 children and 9 women.

According to an another new report by PLO Israel killed 24 Palestinians in November, 21 in the besieged Gaza Strip and 3 in the occupied West Bank. Over 260 Palestinians were arrested by Israel during November according to the same source.

According to our own count, the occupation cost the lives of three children during November. One of them was a 14-year-old Muhammad Nasser al-Rifi (in photo) who had been wounded in an Israeli air-strike on August 21st 2014 in Gaza.

(Source / 05.12.2018)


Israel uses occupied Palestinians as a cheap labour force, with thousands spending hours each day going through to and returning from work in ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948 via Israeli occupation checkpoints. Deaths, as on Sunday, are not rare nor utterly unintended consequence.

The checkpoints operate slowly not because the ‘start-up nation’ with Hewlett-Packard’s computer programs at checkpoints couldn’t operate them quickly and smoothly, but because the long wait spend usually standing out of necessity is how the occupation wants it to be.

The occupation is intended to make life as unbearable for Palestinians as possible, and the checkpoints as part of that. They are not, as Israel’s regime and its apologists abroad claim, about ‘the safety of Israel’, but about making anything approaching normal life impossible for the enslaved Palestinian people.

Israel steals each day hours from the lives of the people it pays a pittance to work in the lands stolen from their people. On Sunday November 25th it stole the entire life of Yousef Aweisa at the ad-Dhahiriya checkpoint from the occupied West Bank’s Hebron district to Negev.

30-year-old Aweisa died of ‘massive heart-attack’ at the checkpoint after waiting for hours to cross. Instead of this leading to any kind of positive reaction from the Israeli occupation, later that day Israel’s occupation forces attacked Palestinian labourers near the checkpoint. People were chased through agricultural fields and dozens were kidnapped and taken to the occupation forces’ detention centres.

Why? Because the Israeli occupation is about making life unbearable to occupied Palestinians, and through the daily bullying and enforced standing in lines for hours, ending it. Like happened to Yousef Aweisa.

(Source / 28.11.2018)


Israeli media has revealed that in June 1982 Israeli submarine sank a Lebanese refugee ship on its way to Cyprus, killing 25 of 56 people aboard. An Israeli government ban had previously forbidden reporting it.

After the ceasefire and withdrawal of PLO from Beirut following Israeli invasion of Lebanon, an Israeli submarine tracked the Lebanese ship over an hour before firing two torpedoes and sinking it off Tripoli.

The submarine was taking part in Israel’s occupation forces ‘Operation Dreyfus’ in Lebanese waters against Syrian navy.

The commanding Israeli captain afterwards excused the massacre of innocent civilians by claiming that he thought the ship was carrying ‘terrorists’ and Israel’s regime justified his action claiming that sinking the ship was within his ‘operative judgment’.

Israeli media is trying to whitewash the mass murder as ‘mistake’, claiming that because the captain had came up with the idea that the ship was carrying Palestinian resistance members, it somehow means that nothing wrong was done. That the captain broke a ceasefire when he attacked a ship carrying civilians gets scant attention.

The 25 lost lives are thus joined in the long list of Israeli occupation forces’ ‘mistakes’, one more case of impunity feeding future similar acts against civilians. The protection ‘major A’, the submarine captain, has received from Israel’s regime is a message to other Israeli commanders that they will be dealt in similar way if they repeat his actions.

The submarine which attacked the refugee ship was one of three Gal-class diesel submarines in Israeli navy, built for political reasons in Great Britain but based on German Type 206 submarines.

(Source / 23.11.2018)


In occupied Palestine the arrival of armed, masked men outside your home before dawn to take away one of your loved ones is something which families experience each day of the year.
The self-declared ‘most moral army in the world’ kidnapped two young men from the village of al-Mazra’a al-Gharbiyya in the Ramallah district of occupied West Bank early on Monday November 19th.
The village has been hit with the recents killings of Othman Ladadwa and Mohammed Shreiteh and wounding of several residents in recents weeks by Israel’s occupation forces during demonstrations against illegal colony building in the village’s lands.
On Monday the villagers woke to see Bassel Ladadwa and Yahya Rabea’ taken from their homes before dawn by Israeli occupation soldiers.
Rabea’, affiliated with Hamas, is a leader of the Birzeit University’s student council and has been previously imprisoned by the occupation.
Ladadwa and Rabea’ were only two out of a total of 24 people Israel’s occupation forces kidnapped during the night.
Kidnapping of people from their homes during the night, when they are most vulnerable, is a classic hallmark of authoritarian regimes.
(Source / 19.11.2018)

Revealed: Israeli military launched missiles at kids playing on Gaza beach in 2014 without first identifying targets


Military personnel involved in attack that killed four children told Israeli military investigators attack was launched under assumption that only Hamas members would enter area.


The Israeli military launched missiles at a beach in the Gaza Strip during its 2014 offensive without first verifying that its targets were actually Palestinian children rather than combatants, according to investigatory materials that Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel and Al Mezan Center for Human Rights (Gaza) received from the Israeli military.

On 16 July 2014, during the military offensive in the Gaza Strip that Israel termed “Operation Protective Edge”, Israeli naval forces fired missiles that killed four children of the Bakr family – Ahed (10 years), Zakaria (10 years), Mohammed (11 years), and Ismail (10 years) – while they were playing soccer on Gaza City’s fishing beach. Six other civilians were also wounded in the missile attack, including four children from the same extended family.

According to testimony collected by Israeli military investigators from a soldier involved in the missile strike: “The only people entering [that area] are fisherman who stop at the shack located there that was attacked during the operation prior to this incident. The mooring area, at that time, was under maritime closure and there were no fishermen there. In our research, we always work on the assumption that there are only Hamas members there.”

Additional testimony collected by Israeli military investigators revealed that the Israeli military did not take any measures to ascertain whether the targets on the ground were civilians, let alone children, prior to intentionally directing the attacks against them.

On 28 January 2018, Adalah and Al Mezan submitted their additional arguments against the Military Advocate General’s (MAG) decision to close the investigation into the incident.

The two organizations filed their additional arguments after receiving and reviewing very limited portions of the investigatory materials from the Israeli Military Police. In August 2015, the organizations filed an appeal to the MAG on behalf of the victims’ families demanding access to the investigatory materials and a reopening of the probe; more than two years of unreasonable and unjustified delays ensued before Israeli authorities responded by releasing heavily redacted material.

Adalah Attorney Muna Haddad stressed in the additional reservations that this failure to identify targets constitutes a severe violation of the principle of distinction between combatants and civilians during conflict, as mandated by international humanitarian law:

“The Israeli military was obligated to do everything feasible to verify that the individuals to be attacked were not civilians. Entry into a military area is not sufficient in order to [justify] attack and an attack of this nature is therefore a gross violation of the principle of distinction and of Israel’s responsibilities under international humanitarian law.”

In addition, Attorney Haddad emphasized that the Israeli strike was not one of urgent necessity and that the military could therefore have verified – in accordance with its legal obligations – whether its intended targets were civilians or combatants:

“The testimonies reveal that there were no Israeli soldiers in the area and there was no immediate danger posed to anyone, and there was therefore no urgency in carrying out the attack. It was possible to have obtained further intelligence on the nature of the targets in order to verify whether they were combatants or not.”

Nevertheless, Israeli military personnel involved in the incident displayed indifference to the possibility of targeting and harming civilians, including children, and decided to attack on the basis of unverified assumptions.

Adalah and Al Mezan again emphasized that the Israeli military’s investigation into the killing of the Bakr boys has failed to meet the standards of international humanitarian law and violates the universal principles of independence, effectiveness, promptness, impartiality and transparency. Testimonies were taken more than four months after the incident, and investigators – themselves members of the Israeli military – did not bother to gather testimonies from Palestinian eyewitnesses or any of the large numbers of foreign journalists who also personally witnessed the attack.

Additionally, the Israeli military refused to provide large sections of the investigatory materials to Adalah and Al Mezan attorneys.

Reproduced by @IPNOTGlobal Original:

(Source / 19.11.2018)