Israeli occupation forced ten members of the Abu Assab family to leave their home in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem on Saturday February 17th and helped illegal Israeli settlers to take it over. Under international law intentional demographic change by an occupier is a war crime.

The family, which includes three children, had been able to get a court order to post-pone this until February 28th, but Israeli occupation ignored it. Israeli occupation troops used force against several members of the family, including a minor.

An illegal Israeli settler organization claims the land on which the house was built would have belonged to Jews before 1948 and appealed to Israeli occupation court based on 1970 law, which allows only Jews to claim for return of property lost in the Nakba. The Abu Assab family had been paying rent to Israeli ‘property guard’ based on this Israeli law for years.

All property of ethnically cleansed Palestinians according to Israeli law became the property of the state of Israel after five years under the ‘absentee owner’ law; this means that by 1953 Palestinians ethnically cleansed in 1948 had lost all their property taken from them according to Israel, while Jews can claim back their property – or transfer rights to their lost property to others, in basically all cases so far to illegal Israeli settler organizations and their cover companies.

Israeli occupation courts make no difference between land and buildings built later on it; in this case the Abu Assab family had lived in the stone-build house since 1952. The Abu Assab family was ethnically cleansed from Baqaa in Western Jerusalem by Israel in 1948, but according to Israel, they don’t have a right of return to West Jerusalem nor right of having their property taken in 1948 to be returned to them. Instead they have now been ethnically cleansed for a second time.

According to some reports, the land on which the house stands was not owned by Jews prior to the Nakba, but leased from a Palestinian Nuseibeh family for 99 years and that the lease period would have since expired.

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Israel’s occupation forces destroyed a house belonging to Mohammad Mousa Zreina and his family in the West Bank town of Beit Jala on the morning of Wednesday February 13th. According to Zreina occupation forces assaulted the family and forced them out of their home, situated in shadow of the illegal Apartheid and Annexation Wall in the Bir Ouna neighbourhood, and demolished it. Israel’s occupation troops claimed that the 80-square-meter house was built without permission from Israeli occupation authorities. This is a second time that Israel has destroyed the family’s house; first time it did so was in 2016.   

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The tragic death of a young woman, one that should have been investigated properly, in occupied East Jerusalem on Thursday February 7th has ended showing more light on Israeli racism and official Apartheid. What exactly happened to her has remained more clouded. 19-year-old Ori Ansbacher from the illegal Israeli colony of Tekoa near the village of Taqqou / Tekoa / Tuqu in the Bethlehem district of the occupied West Bank was found dead, her body naked, in a forest in East Jerusalem near the threatened West Bank village of al-Walaja. Ansbacher had been stabbed ‘multiple times’. 29-year-old Arafat Irfayia was arrested by notorious Israeli internal secret service Shin Bet in al-Bireh on the occupied West Bank on Saturday February 9th and was immediately accused of killing her. In non- racist law system there would be investigation, charges and trial and if found guilty, conviction. Under Israel’s Apartheid rule that is not the case. Irfayia is very likely to be tortured, so any ‘confession’ will be under a cloud of suspicion. 


 Immediately after Irfayia’s arrest Israeli occupation took measurements of his home for its destruction – a collective punishment that usually takes place before a trial has ended, or even began; Irfayia became guilty in the eyes of Israel’s regime the moment he was arrested because he is Palestinian. Whether he is really guilty and how strong the evidence (material evidence and former criminal record have been hinted at) is, doesn’t matter. According to Israeli authorities “no confession is necessary”. The possibility that he could be innocent and a real killer still free doesn’t exist for Israel – or parts of the Israeli majority, hundreds of which demonstrated in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square later on Saturday, with one of them demanding that ‘Israel need to deport the Palestinians to Syria, or hang them in Rabin Square’. If Irfayia is guilty, question would be what was the motivation? Criminal or political? In this case too, the end result will not be based on facts but political convenience: It will almost certainly be treated as terrorism, because it will fit the needs of Israeli occupation, it will make the victim a martyr the illegal settler movement wants for its own purposes and if Irfayia is guilty, he himself is likely to claim political motive to justify the homicide. Prime minister Netanyahu, president Rivlin and Yisrael Beitenu’s Avigdor Lieberman, former minister, all have already used Ansbacher’s death for political goals, with Lieberman using her fate to push for death penalty for occupied Palestinians, claiming that Ansbacher was ‘killed only because she was a Jew’. RACISM, GENDER AND SEXUALITY The death of Ansbacher and reaction to it reminds us of the Jim Crow in the United States, where too the violation of a white woman or a mere claim of it by an African-American man left no chance for the accused to be found not guilty in a trial – if he survived as long and was not lynched. Any real, proper criminal investigation is impossible in such a situation. The attempted rape of a white woman by a black man used to excuse the Klu Klux Klan and the lynching of black men in D. W. Griffith(1875-1948) notorious “The Birth of a Nation”(1915), so liked by then president Woodrow Wilson(1856-1924) that he had it shown in the White House. An official seal for the idea that a black man who is seen threatening the chastity of a white woman must be killed immediately – or any black male, as all black men are collectively guilty in the eyes of white men like Liam Neeson, just like the demonstrator in Rabin Square saw all Palestinians guilty for the alleged crime of one Palestinian. At the heart of racism like in Jim Crow and Israeli Apartheid is often sexuality and Patriarchy; women are seen as property of their own group and willing or unwilling sexual contact with the oppressed group’s males are seen as a threat to the entire group and its purity. The oppressed group is thus seen in exaggeratedly sexual terms. This is the case with Israel with its ‘anti-miscegenation’ organizations trying to stop romantic affairs and marriages between Jews and Palestinians. In an effort to ‘protect’ the females of their group, the oppressors claim ‘their’ women and the sexuality of their women as a collective property of the males of their group. The threat from the beastly, sub-human ‘Other’ who needs to be kept at bay with violence is used to construct a cage not only for the oppressed, but also women of the oppressing group also. HUMAN SHIELD IN LIFE AND DEATH In the case of Ansbacher’s tragic death Irfayia is already treated as guilty. A trial will be just a formality, his home destroyed perhaps in the coming days. Whether he killed Ansbacher is, for Israeli regime and majority, not the question – how to protect the purity of their women from the beastly Palestinian males is. Truth and justice for the dead victim will be lost because of racism and the occupation. The ongoing election campaign will only make the Israeli reaction even worse than usual – Ansbacher was buried in the illegal Israeli colony of Tekoa as martyr for the illegal colony movement and extremist politicians and parties, now the mainstream in Israeli politics, will use her death in their election propaganda to compete who will do worse things to Palestinians to keep Jewish women safe – in already brutally occupied land where they are being used as human shields. In death Ori Ansbacher is already serving and will continue serve the Israeli occupation and the illegal settler movement – and their mostly male leaders. What they won’t ever mention is that without the occupation she would still be alive. Instead they will point at her grave in an illegal colony and use it to ‘justify’ the occupation and increased illegal colony building activity.
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 Israeli occupation has admitted that the excuse used to ‘justify’ the killing of Abdullah Tawalba(19) and seriously wounded Omar Hanana(15) on Ferbuary 4th was baseless. Israeli occupation soldiers who opened fire on the two boys riding a motorcycle at the checkpoint to al-Jamalah village claimed that the boys had ‘thrown’ or ‘planted’ what they claimed was ‘explosives’; internal occupation investigation found no evidence for this. It doesn’t take a huge leap to guess that the occupation troops killed boys after hearing the sound of motorcycle – which, if one would be charitable – might be mistaken for sound of a minor explosion, if the exhaust pipe has problems. That leap and guess might be too charitable – Israeli occupation soldiers’ easy trigger-fingers are well known, as the consequences are guaranteed to be from minor to non-existent to them. It’s unlikely that Abdullah Tawalba’s family will either receive any justice in Israel’s occupation courts.
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On Friday January 8th Israel’s occupation forces killed two teenage boys, at least one of them underage, in the besieged Gaza Strip during the Great Return March demonstration. The dead victims are Hamza Mohammad Rushdi Shteiwi, aged 17 or 18, and Hasan Iyad Shalabi, aged 14. Both were shot by Israel’s occupation forces’ snipers: Shteiwi was shot in neck east of Gaza City and Shalabi was shot in chest east of Khan Younis. Hamza Shteiwi was from Gaza City and Hasan Shalabi from the Nusseirat refugee camp. At least 18 other people were wounded, including 4 medics and 2 journalists. Three persons are said to have been moved to hospitals in critical condition, including one hit in head by Israeli occupation forces’ tear gas canister. One ambulance was hit by a tear gas crenade. VIDEO: Relatives of the younger boy, Hasan Iyad Shalabi with his body. #GazaReturnMarch #GreatReturnMarch #NoWayToTreatAChild

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Prisoner Yasser Hamed Eshteyya(36) died in Israeli prison on Friday February 8th. He was found unresponsive in his cell in a prison in the ethnically cleansed city of Beersheba in Palestine 1948. Eshteyya, from the village of Tal near the city of Nablus on the occupied West Bank, was sentenced to life imprisonment in Israeli occupation court in 2009. He was accused of taking part in the killing of an illegal Israeli settler. There seems to be disagreement whether the incident would have been of criminal or political in nature. Yasser Eshteyya’s death took place just two days after the death of another political prisoner Fares Baroud(51), who died in a hospital in Beersheba.
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They were never to be reunited in life, but the cartoon by Alaa Allagtaimagines how political prisoner Fares Baroud and his mother are united after death. Israeli occupied denied family meetings for Fares Baroud since 2007; her mother Raya Obeid kept hoping until her death at age in 85 at May 2017 that she could still see her. Her dying wish was that she could hug him for one more time. Fares died on February 6th after imprisonment 28 years, aged 51. He had been captive of the Israeli occupation since March 23rd 1991 and for four straight years 2012-16 he had been held in complete isolation. His health had been broken by the captivity and made possibly worse by claimed medical negligence on part of the Israeli occupation authorities; it has been alleged that e wouldn’t have received further treatment after part of his liver and a blood vessel were removed in November 2018. PLO’s Hanan Ashrawi commented on Baroud’s death that: Israel is “fully responsible for the untimely death of Faris Baroud and the inhumane treatment he was subjected to for nearly three decades. It is high time for Israel’s brutality against Palestinian prisoners, illegally imprisoned inside Israeli territory, to be thoroughly and independently investigated.”
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The funeral of Abdullah Faisal Omar Tawalba took place on Tuesday February 5th, less than a day after he was killed by Israel’s occupation forces at a checkpoint on the entrance to his home village of al-Jalama.

Israeli occupation forces’ soldiers opened fire on Tawalba while he was riding a motorbike with a younger friend.

Tawalba, aged 19 or 21, was shot in head and multiple times in his feet while 15-year-old Omar Ahmad Hanana was moderately wounded with a bullet passing through his torso from the wais to shoulder.

Abdullah Tawalba was possibly left to bleed without medical aid by the Israeli occupation, which eventually allowed Palestinian medics to evacuate him and Omar Hanana.

According to contradictory information Tawalba was dead by the time he arrived to a hospital in nearby city of Jenin or died there; photographs would seem to indicate that he had died in the ambulance, where efforts to treat his head wound had been done based on bandages.

Israeli occupation claimed at first that the youths would have ‘opened fire’ at the occupation soldiers, but this evolved into them ‘throwing an explosive’ before the occupation settled on the claim that the boys had ‘thrown a suspicious object’. No evidence for any ‘suspicious object’ has been given.

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Israel’s occupation forces have killed one youth and wounded another at a checkpoint on the occupied West Bank this evening on Monday February 4th. The incident took place at the entrance to the village of Jalamah, five kilometers to the north from the city of Jenin, on the northern occupied West Bank.


 The youths, riding a motorcycle, were suddenly shot at by Israeli occupation soldiers without any apparent reason or excuse according to the Palestinian sources while Israeli occupation claims that the youths would have ‘opened fire’ at the occupation soldiers who would have then ‘responded’. 19- or 20-year-old Abdallah Faisal Tawalbeh died on the scene after being wounded in head and left to bleed. His still unnamed companion suffered serious wounds, a bullet entering from the waist and after passing through his torso, exiting through his shoulder.  The Israeli occupation claim about the incident is unlikely, as Tawalbeh’s body was handed over by occupation forces to the Red Crescent at the scene of the shooting and Palestinian medics were eventually allowed to evacuate the wounded youth to a hospital. If there would have been a shooting between the victims and the occupation forces, the survivor would have been arrested by the occupation forces and Tawalbeh’s body held by the occupation. Abdallah Tawalbeh’s name is also given as Abdullah Abu Taleb. SOURCES:Israeli forces kill Palestinian, injure another in JeninIsraeli soldiers open fire at Palestinians in north of West Bank, kill one, injure other#FreePalestine #Israel #Palestine

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On the evening of Tuesday January 30th Israeli occupation released the body of 37-year-old Riyad Shamasneh, who had been killed in occupied East Jerusalem on Saturday January 27th. Shamashneh was in a group of workers who were in occuoied East Jerusalem without a permit from the Israeli occupation and were shot at by Israeli occupation police officers near the Damascus Gate on the morning when they on the way to work in a car with Israeli plates. Shamashneh has been claimed to have been driving the car, which was possibly stolen, ‘suspiciously’ which would have led to the occupation troops opening fire. He had no driving license. Riyad Shamashned will be buried in his home town of Qatanna on the occupied West Bank on Wednesday. (Source / 02.02.2019)