Hebron Governor Locks Down The City After Three New Cases Of Coronavirus

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With the confirmation of three cases of coronavirus in the southern West Bank city of Hebron yesterday, its governor has decided to lock down the city until further notice to prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

“Based on the latest developments in the health situation and in order to combat this pandemic and reduce the spread of the coronavirus, it has been decided to take precautionary and preventive measures in Hebron as of Monday, March 30, 2020 and until further notice,” said governor Jibrin Bakri in a statement.

The measures include a total lockdown on the city in which no one will be allowed to enter or leave it and only groceries will be allowed to open from 10 in the morning until noon, and from 4 until 6 in the evening, excluding pharmacies, bakeries and gas stations, with no more than five people will be allowed in the grocery stores at one time and only in shops near their homes.

Bakri said that all permits given out during the emergency period declared in Palestine earlier this month have been cancelled, urging city residents to stay home as a precautionary measure.

(Source / 30.03.2020) 

Six More Coronavirus Cases In West Bank Raise Number In Palestine To 115

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Six new cases of coronavirus were confirmed this morning in the West Bank, bringing the total in the West Bank to 106 and 115 overall in Palestine with the nine in the Gaza Strip, according to Ministry of Interior spokesman Ghassan Nimr.

He said in the daily briefing on the coronavirus in Palestine that the six were of people from the village of Qatanna, east of Jerusalem, where along with nearby Biddo village, has reported 39 positive corona cases, said the spokesman.

Nimr said 629 cases were tested in the last hours and all came out negative, except the confirmed six this morning and another one declared earlier in the same village.

He said 85 of the confirmed cases were between the age of 20 and 59 years, eight between 60 and 69 and three over 70, the rest are under 20 years of age, including four children under nine years.

Of the confirmed cases, 20 have recovered so far and one death.

(Source / 30.03.2020) 

Israeli Forces Order Palestinians To Remove Trees Planted Months Ago In West Bank Village

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The Israeli army informed Palestinians in the north of the West Bank to remove trees they planted several months ago in an area north of the city of Nablus, today said Ghassan Daghlas, a local official.

He said that trees were planted in the village of Burqa in an area considered a Palestinian tourism site with ancient and Ottoman relics and which Israeli settlers have been trying to take over.

Israel does not want the Palestinians to introduce any changes to the site, including planting it with trees, even though the area is a Palestinian archeological site.

(Source / 30.03.2020) 

Palestinian Prisoner Society: 41 Women Prisoners In Israel Live In Difficult Conditions

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Israel is holding 41 Palestinian women prisoners in Damon prison in northern Israel in very difficult conditions, today said the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS), particularly with the heightened concern of the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus disease among prisoners.

It said there are 18 mothers among the prisoners and 26 women are sentenced to long prison terms for their resistance of the Israeli occupation, the highest is Shuruq Dwayat, from occupied Jerusalem, and Shatila Abu Ayyad, from inside Israel, each serving a 16-year- sentence.

PPS said three of the women prisoners are serving time in administrative detention without charge or trial and they include Shuruq Badan, from Bethlehem, and Shatha Hassan and Bushra Tawil from Ramallah.

It called for the release of the women prisoners to avoid getting the coronavirus infection, particularly that some of them have been wounded and ill, such as Isra Jaabis, a mother serving 11 years in prison and suffering from burns on 60 percent of her body.

(Source / 03.03.2020) 

Palestinian Child, Young Man Kidnapped In Police Raids In Jerusalem

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The Israeli occupation police at dawn Monday kidnaped a Palestinian young man and a child from their homes in Issawiya district, east Jerusalem.

The detainees were identified as Yazan Bassam and Mohamed Hamza (child).

The police also detained other young men identified as Yazan Omran and Taha Ayesh for several hours before fining and releasing them.

Last night, violent clashes broke out in Issawiya, especially in Obeid neighborhood, between local youths and police forces.

Local sources said that young men attacked a police vehicle with a homemade firebomb and showered officers with fireworks during the events.

(Source / 30.03.2020) 

Israeli Warplanes Attack Gaza Several Places In Gaza

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Despite coronavirus pandemic, the Israeli occupation forces continue its crimes against the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and the besieged Gaza Strip.

Days Of Palestine reporter said that the Israeli warplanes attacked a Palestinian resistance post in the north of the besieged Gaza Strip half an hour ago.

The Ministry of Health reported no injures.

While the whole world is busy trying fight the coronavirus pandemic, Israeli occupation continues its crimes against Palestinians as today a Palestinian was injured by Israeli occupation forces during the weekly protest against Israeli settlement construction, which takes place every week in the village of Kafr Qaddum in the occupied West Bank.

(Source / 28.03.2020) 

Settlers Attack Herders, Injure One South Of Hebron

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Israeli settlers attacked today Palestinian herders and other civilians in the village of Al-Tuwani, south of the city of Hebron in the West Bank, according to a local activist.

Fo’ad Amour, a local rights activist, told that settlers accompanied by attack dogs assaulted herders in the village and injured one of them in his abdomen and hand. He was moved to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

Israeli settlers are notorious for their attacks on Palestinians, but assaults on Palestinian farmers and herders have been frequent over the past few months.

Armed settlers and soldiers often prevent Palestinian shepherds from herding in the open pastures of the occupied West Bank in order to force them to abandon the area.

(Source / 27.03.2020) 

Israeli Forces Injure Palestinian Man In Kafr Qaddum

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At least six one Palestinian man was injured by Israeli occupation forces today during the weekly protest against Israeli settlement construction, which takes place every week in the village of Kafr Qaddum in the occupied West Bank, local sources said.

Morad Shtewi, coordinator of the popular resistance in the village, told that Israeli soldiers attacked the protesters by rubber-coated rounds and teargas, injuring  a 50-year-old man and causing many cases of suffocation from gas inhalation. The man injured was treated at the scene.

For years, villagers from Kafr Qaddum and neighboring villages have been protesting every Friday against illegal Israeli settlements, and to call on Israeli authorities to reopen the village’s main road, which has been sealed off by the occupation authorities since 2002.

(Source / 27.03.2020) 

Palestinian Prisoner Completes 17 Years Behind Israeli Bars

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Palestinian political prisoner in Israeli detention, Shadi Mahmoud Suqia, 38 years old, entered today his 18th year behind bars, said the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS).

Suqia, who comes from the West Bank city of Jenin, was arrested in 2003 and was sentenced to 30 years in jail for his activism in the resistance against the Israeli occupation.

He is one of more than 5,000 Palestinian and Arab prisoners in Israeli jails serving various sentences for resisting the Israeli occupation of their homeland.

(Source / 27.03.2020) 

Gaza: Healthcare System Could Collapse, Warns Health Ministr

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The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza warned on Wednesday of the collapse of the healthcare system due to the strict 14-year Israeli siege, Al-Mujtama Magazine reported.

In an exclusive interview with the magazine, the Spokesman of the Ministry of Health Ashraf Al-Qidra warned that the coastal enclave is on the edge of an eminent disaster due to the lack of necessary equipment and facilities amidst the fight against the novel coronavirus.

“The Gaza Strip is a very fragile area as it is the most densely populated place on earth,” Al-Qidra said, noting that there are 5,500 people per square kilometre.

“This makes it a ticking bomb,” Al-Qidra said. “If only one Gaza resident is infected with coronavirus, there would be a disaster as this infected person would easily and quickly mix with hundreds of people,” he explained.

Al-Qidra blamed the Israeli occupation for the dilapidation of the healthcare system in the Gaza Strip which means disease spreads easily due to the severe shortage of respiratory systems, intensive care units and medicine.

In light of serious fears over the arrival of coronavirus to the Gaza Strip, Al-Qidra called for the whole world to bear responsibility in protecting its 2 million residents.

(Source / 26.03.2020)