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25 Palestinian Children Slain by Israel since Beginning of 2018

02 JUL
9:34 PM

Israeli occupation forces have killed 25 Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip since the start of 2018, Defence for Children International – Palestine (DCIP) revealed on Sunday.

Of the 25 minors killed by occupation forces, 21 were targeted in the besieged Gaza Strip, the organisation said.

The association added that the Israeli army “intentionally killed children by using live ammunition.”

According to DCIP, 21 of the 25 children were killed with live bullets, and 11 of them were shot in the head and neck.

“The Israeli army continues to escalate its use of lethal force and live bullets against Palestinian children who pose no direct threat to it,” the organisation said.

(Source / 03.07.2018)

Foreign Ministry Condemns Blocking of EU Statement Rejecting US Embassy Move

13 MAY
4:18 AM

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini speaks during a press conference on May 27, 2015, at EU headquarters in Brussels (AFP, File)

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement, on Saturday, that strongly condemns the governments of Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic for blocking the release of a statement by the European Union (EU) which rejected US plans to officially open its Israeli embassy in Jerusalem, on Monday, May 14th.

The statement said, according to Ma’an, that the position of these three states contradicts the EU’s policy and its previous stances towards Jerusalem.

While Israel officially annexed East Jerusalem in 1980, according to Palestinians and the international community, the city has remained an intricate part of the occupied Palestinian territory and would be considered the capital of any future Palestinian state.

The ministry called the actions of the three states a “clear breach of international law, UN resolutions, the Geneva Conventions and human rights principles,” that “encourage the Israeli occupation authority to continue violating international law.”

The official ceremony for the relocation of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem will be held on Monday, May 14 in the Jerusalem district of Arnona, and coincides with the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian people’s Nakba, or “catastrophe,” which marks the creation of Israel in which 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their land.

The fate of Jerusalem has been a focal point of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for decades, with numerous tensions arising over Israeli threats regarding the status of non-Jewish religious sites in the city, and the “Judaization” of East Jerusalem through settlement construction and mass demolitions of Palestinian homes.

(Source / 13.05.2018)

Stop the successive Israeli crimes against demonstrators in Gaza

Date: April 12, 2018

Original Language: Arabic                                 ICSPR


Ladies and Gentlemen:

– Secretary-General of the United Nations.

– United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

– Special Envoy of the United Nations.

– Special Rapporteur concerned.

– European Union

– League of Arab States

-Organization of Islamic Cooperation

– International Parliament

-Arab Parliament


Gracious greetings,,

Subject: A special appeal to invite you to work individually or in joint to stop the successive Israeli crimes against demonstrators in Gaza.

The Legal Committee of the Great Return March National Committee highly appreciates your continued efforts to intervene for the sake of humanity.

We are addressing you today to invite you to exert of your good efforts to stop the successive Israeli crimes against the peaceful demonstrators in Gaza Strip in a way that contributes to address the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip, which currently lives in catastrophic conditions.

allow us to indicate a set of facts and information, which we believe to be very useful to clarify the truth in the interests of justice and protecting human rights and ensuring the implementation of international law:


  • Briefing on Israeli crimes against the demonstrators in Gaza Strip:


  1. 1. The early hours of Friday, March 30, 2018, have witnessed the first Israeli crimes against the peaceful demonstrators who took part in the march and the return camp. The Israeli crimes committed on the above date resulted in the killing of 15 Palestinian civilians on the spot, three wounded have died later that day in the hospital, and more than 1087 were injured, including 207 children, 35 women and journalists, and 854 others were directly shot, 40 of them in critical condition.
  2. The Israeli violations continued at a lower rate in the days following Friday, March 30, 2018, till Thursday, 05 April 2018, resulting in the injury of approximately 185 Palestinian civilians.
  3. Since Friday afternoon, 06 April 2018, at 19:00 local time, the Israeli occupation forces killed 7 Palestinian civilians on the spot followed later by eighth wounded civilian, the killings included one child and a journalist.
    718 others were injured, including 77 children, 17 women, 5 journalists and 5 paramedics. As well as hundreds of people suffocated as a result of the intensively fired gas by the Israeli occupation forces.
  4. During the eight days between March 30 and April 6, 2018, dozens of snipers from the Israeli military forces stationed behind sand wrecks, dunes and military jeeps, and start firing intermittently and deliberately at the participants of the return march, in which hundreds of thousands of citizens have participated in the five areas eastern Gaza Strip, causing direct killings and injuries among the participants beside firing dozens of tear gaz.
  5. During the past eight days, none of the peaceful demonstrators, including those who approached the border fence and set fire to rubber tires, posed a threat to the lives of the Israeli soldiers and their military establishment. However, the Israeli military forces deliberately used excessive force, which led to the death and injury of quite a number of demonstrators, despite the fact that the Israeli occupation forces were stationed 50-100 meters inside the border, and that there was a long distance between the main gathering of demonstrators and the occupation forces, and that a few of the demonstrators approached the border to raise a flag or to pelt the soldiers with stones, and thus the distance between soldiers and demonstrators can not in any way pose any danger to the soldiers’ lives.
  6. Since the beginning of the return camps, the marches have remained completely peaceful, and no one has seen nor the press cameras have monitored any armed manifestations among the demonstrators. There were thousands of elderly, women and children in the demonstration, some of them brought their families from different age groups, they raised flags and chanted slogans and national songs, and flying paper kites, and many other creative artistic and cultural initiatives, including theater performances, cultural competitions, reading sessions of books and novels, and there was no appearance of military manifestations.
  7. All the participants in the march and the return camp, as well as all the victims – as documented by dozens of local and international news agencies – were peaceful demonstrators, and none of them initiated any violent or military action or any action that poses a threat to the lives of Israeli soldiers deployed on the border fence, who have resorted to the use of excessive and lethal force on Palestinian civilians, children, young men and women participating in peaceful return marches, as well as the Israeli forces have prevented the access of ambulances to the injured by shooting at them and obstructing their work contrary to human values Legal and legal.


  • Refuting the Israeli allegations:
    8.The familiar with the way the Israeli occupation forces deal with the Palestinian demonstrators, becomes certain that they came within the framework of a systematic plan, which became clear through:
  • The Israeli occupation forces deployed dozens of snipers along the border and clearly grant them a green light to kill the demonstrators.
    This was under political and judicial cover from the highest Israeli level, as was also evident in the press statements made by Israeli leaders on more than one occasion.
  • Dozens of Israeli military and civilian officials issued statements threatening to use force against the participants in the return march, which the People’s Committee that responsible for its organization has confirmed it is a peaceful march seeking the implementation of UN resolutions, including paragraph 11 of Resolution 194.
  • On Friday morning, March 30, 2018, The Israeli occupation forces carried out a systematic penetration of mobile phones and personal pages on social media of dozens of activists and officials of the Coordinating Committee for the Great Return March, including falsely promoting news aimed at thwarting the peaceful popular movement.
  • On Thursday evening, March 29, 2018, an Israeli official party contacted a number of Gaza transportation companies owner, threatening to punish them in case of their participation in any of the events of the march and the return camp, including denial their right to travel and ban remittances.
  • On Sunday morning, 25 March 2018, Israeli war planes launched warning documents in large areas of Gaza Strip declaring that Israeli forces would take the necessary measures, including shooting at anyone approaching the border fence.

The threat wasn’t the first of its kind, it is the implementation of a systematic Israeli policy, which is to use the warning as a mean of terrorizing civilians, where the Israeli occupation forces applied this policy during the recent war on Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014, and applied it over the years of the ongoing Israeli blockade, which focused on creating buffer zones along the armistice line inside Gaza Strip.

The results of the implementation of the Israeli policy and the resulting procedures for employing the warning means proved that the Israeli occupation forces use these measures to intimidate and terrorize civilians, not to minimize the military damage that may be caused to them, They have deliberately violated the safety of civilians, farmers and fishermen who have complied with Israel’s warnings.

9. On Thursday, April 5, 2018, the Israeli occupation authorities claimed that Israel’s intention and the readiness of the Israeli military institution to initiate an internal investigation into the circumstances of the killing of the protesters participating in demonstrations of Friday, 31 March 2018, and the final decision to initiate the investigation, and the form of the Commission of Inquiry, will be announced next week (not announced until the moment according to our follow-up), in this regard we confirm:

  • Anyone familiar with Israel history, it is unequivocally proven to him that the occupation state, in all its components and especially the judiciary, is not prepared to conduct genuine and independent investigations of the crimes committed by its soldiers and military and civilian leaders against humanity. And that’s what the UN Independent Investigation Commission on the Gaza conflict of 2014 concluded in its June 22, 2015 briefing. “There is impunity at all levels for planned violations committed by Israeli forces in the West Bank and Gaza Strip “.
  • The previous experience of the Israeli Military Investigation Committees, as well as the work of the Israeli military and civilian judicial system, clearly indicate that in previous cases Israel didn’t conduct an examination and investigation that conforms to international standards of investigation. These standards are based on independence, impartiality and transparency.
  • In this regard, a report published by the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel and the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights in Gaza on August 30, 2016, indicated that Israel is not prepared to conduct genuine and independent investigations of war crimes, nor does it intend to hold any accountability as required by international law. This situation has continued despite the formation of a new fact-finding mechanism by the Israeli army called the FFA, which is alleged to improve the army’s investigation, where Israel claims that this mechanism, which was formed after the 2014 aggression, is the result of its efforts to implement the recommendations in the Turkel Committee report of 2013. The mechanism is designed to work accurately and expeditiously in the earliest timeframe of the event occurrence date to ensure a prompt and effective investigation. However, the mechanism operates in a non-transparent and slow manner, in fact, most of the complaints that have been filed are frozen within the scope of this mechanism.
  • In fact, all those who follow-up the limited Israeli investigations process conducted by the Israeli authorities agree that Israel hasn’t carried out any of its investigations in accordance with the requirements of international law, and that Israel and its various agencies have a desire to withhold defendants from justice. As it failed systematically to conduct serious investigations, especially in light of the fact that many of the violations of international law committed during the Israeli aggression on  Gaza Strip are a direct result of the policies adopted by the highest levels of Israeli civilian and military leadership, which have publicly pledged in many statements to prosecute none of their soldiers.   

10. The Israeli occupation state and its military and political leadership haven’t responded to the international calls that urged them not to harm the lives and safety of the demonstrators, but launched a strong battle against human rights defenders and Israeli human rights organizations that urged Israeli soldiers to abide by the international humanitarian law, and not to obey the orders to kill demonstrators, as happened with the organization B’Tselem, which had launched a campaign under the title (sorry commander, I will not fire), to explain to the soldiers that they have to refuse to shoot peaceful demonstrators.

11. Israel has claimed on more than one occasion that the demonstrations are being carried out with the support of Hamas and other Palestinian movements, and that these movements have spent money for the continuation of these demonstrations. This is in total contradiction to the fact that the return march is a nonpartisan one. Thus, we emphasize the following:

  • The return march is a result of the popular Palestinian desire, that the Palestinian movements have supported only by participating in demonstrations, especially in  light of the weakness and inability of all other means to implement the right of return of these refugees, including the inability of international organizations to realize the rights of refugees and the Palestinian people, as a result of the imposition of new facts on the ground by the occupation power alongside the US , without even taking into consideration the long-stalled peace process and the continuation of Israeli policies that deny human rights, especially settlement policies, the continued construction of the Apartheid Wall, and other policies that violate international law.
  • The inhuman conditions of the refugees and the Palestinian people, especially in light of the unprecedented deterioration of humanitarian crises in Gaza Strip due to the ongoing Israeli siege and the repeated Israeli aggression in a short period, which led to an increase in the poverty rate in Gaza Strip to 65%, unemployment to 65%, played effective role in forcing Palestinian civilians to participate in these marches, as well as the inability of the international community to provide international protection to the Palestinian people, and its weak ability to effectively intervene to hold Israeli leaders accountable for their crimes and policies, as well as the new US policies that threaten the work of UNRWA.
  • The Coordinating Committee for the Return March has announced in dozens of occasions its keenness on the peacefulness of the demonstrations in response to the demands of the International Red Cross (ICRC) to set up the tents at a distance of at least 300 meters away from the border fence, these tents were actually erected 700 meters away from the border fence.
  • The Coordinating Committee for the Return March and the ensuing committees are non-partisan coordinating bodies whose members have been selected from among the activists known for their union, popular and human rights roles as a step towards coordinating the march to ensure that the march reaches its declared goals, including maintaining peaceful demonstrations, to maintain demonstrations and demonstrators  safety, and not to be involved in armed clashes, and to ensure completing the program of events intended to continue until the date of 15 of next month, which coincides with the anniversary of the Nakba, and the United States implementation of its decision to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem.
  • Out of our daily follow-up, we didn’t even notice a flag or banner of a particular Palestinian movement, but the demonstrators raised the flag of the State of occupied Palestine, and maintained the peaceful approach despite the crimes and killings, no cases of injury to any Israeli soldier have been registered, which shows the lies and fabrication of all Israeli allegations.
  • Palestinian demonstrators participate in the demonstrations on a voluntary basis, no one can exert any pressure on them, on the contrary, there is a widespread popular desire to participate, especially in light of the Israeli constant denial of the rights of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian refugees throughout the years of the occupation.
  • We can confirm that the coordinating committee of the return march, as well as the  demonstrators did NOT receive any money to urge them to participate, it is unreasonable to pay funds to nearly 400 thousand demonstrators participated once or more in these demonstrations, especially in light of the Israeli siege on Gaza Strip.

The bottom line is, the Israeli occupation forces have killed 30 demonstrators, and injured thousands. The number of deaths is eligible to rise due to serious injuries and the poor capacity of hospital in Gaza, which suffer from the continuation of the Israeli siege for the eleventh year in a row, as well as the continuation of the occupation forces in their violent military approach against unarmed demonstrators, who were determined to continue their peaceful demonstrations until the fifteenth of May 2018.

The killing of Palestinian demonstrators comes within the framework of clear denial and disregard for the human rights system and international humanitarian law. However, they continue to try to justify these acts, and unfortunately, some international news agencies convey the Israeli narrative.
This strengthens the extensive criminal record of Israel, and its military and civilian leaders and forces.

On the basis of the above facts, the Committee has the honor to place this information in your hands and declare its readiness to respond to your further inquiry and to provide you with documented material evidence of the Israeli occupation forces committing the crimes described above.

In this regard, the Committee calls on its behalf and on behalf of the victims and their families to consider the above information and to work diligently to put pressure on Israel to stop its violations against peaceful demonstrators, especially in view of the failure of the Security Council to issue a joint statement condemning the Israeli crimes.

Your International organizations and bodies constitute the last resort for Palestinian victims and their families who wish to obtain their right to judicial and legal redress effective, and wishing and aspiring for a greater role you contribute to stop these Israeli crimes, and the lifting of the Israeli unjust siege on Gaza Strip.

The Legal Committee of the Great Return March National Committee is seriously monitoring the escalation of the Israeli military attacks that began with the beginning of the march and the return camp.
The Israeli occupation  and its military forces are responsible for their crimes against the demonstrators, which constitutes a war crime in accordance with the Rome Statute establishing the permanent international criminal court, so:

  • It warns against the continuation of your silence and the silence of countries on the Israeli crimes committed against the demonstrators, especially in Gaza Strip.

This silence is a green light for the occupation forces to continue to shed the blood of the unarmed demonstrators and hundreds others to come.

  • It calls upon the International Community (states – organizations)  to exert sufficient political and diplomatic pressure on the Israeli occupation to stop the commission of any crime or international violation against the participants in the great return march.

Based on the above, we hope that you will act now, in order to guarantee the right of Palestinians to life and physical integrity, their right to peaceful protest, to return to their homes and to political and economic self-determination.

Therefore, we hope that you will adopt this appeal in your capacity and / or in the name of your organization, and take all measures to ensure that the demands and rights of Palestinian citizens are met. We truly hope you will act now, as tomorrow it might be too late.


The Legal Committee of the Great Return March National Committee


Israel demands Palestinian family pay $28,000 for jeep which killed their son

Palestinian child looks at Israeli jeep during scuffles in the West Bank city of Hebron on August 2, 2010 after Israeli authorities destroyed the irrigation system in the Jaber family's land

Palestinian child looks at Israeli jeep during scuffles in the West Bank city of Hebron on August 2, 2010

Israel has sent the family of Abdullah Ghneimat, a Palestinian in his early twenties who was crushed to death by an Israeli army jeep, a bill for $28,000 for damage caused to the vehicle which killed him.

The incident occurred at around 4am on 14 June 2015 as Ghneimat was walking home from work in the West Bank town of Kufr Malek, northeast of Ramallah. The Israeli vehicle reportedly flipped over while conducting military activities in the area, trapping Ghneimat underneath. Al Jazeera reports that Ghneimat was “denied medical attention for over three hours and bled to death under the vehicle.” The Israeli Ministry of Defence says that Ghneimat threw a Molotov cocktail at the vehicle, meaning the state is thus “immune from prosecution” regarding the killing.

The Ghneimat family has been engaged in a protracted legal battle since they filed a lawsuit against the Israeli soldiers who were driving the vehicle six months after Ghneimat’s death. The Israeli Ministry of Defence then filed a countersuit against the family, the latest development of which is the $28,000 bill for damages to the jeep.

According to Shawan Jabarin, director of independent Palestinian human rights organisation Al-Haq, the billing of Palestinian families for damages is part of a new strategy by the Israeli authorities to punish Palestinians for any form of resistance. He told Al Jazeera: “I think they’re heading to a level where anyone who utters the word ‘occupation’ can be arrested, harassed and possibly fined.”

Read: Israel arrests donkey in Jerusalem

Iyad Ghneimat, Abdullah’s father, told Middle East Eye that he did not hold much hope for a fair trial. He lamented:

You know, not once in their existence have the Israeli courts given a fair and just trial to any Palestinian […] we would be lying to ourselves if we say there was a real chance for justice.

The possibility of Palestinians receiving compensation for harm caused to them by Israeli forces is becoming increasingly unlikely, according to a 2017 report by Israeli Human Rights organisation B’tselem. The report found that from 2012 to 2016, Israel paid an average of 3.8 million shekels (around $1 million) in compensation, a decline of more than 80 per cent from the 1997 to 2001 period. This has led to a drop of nearly 95 per cent in the number of Palestinians filing new claims in the courts, the report noted.

(Source / 14.02.2018)

Breaking News: Khader Adnan seized by Israeli occupation forces, launches immediate hunger strike

Prominent Palestinian leader, organizer and former prisoner and hunger-striker Khader Adnan was seized on Monday morning, 11 December, by Israeli occupation forces at his home in Arraba, Jenin. He immediately launched an open hunger strike to demand his release.

Randa Moussa, his wife, told Palestine Today that he had announced an immediate strike on food, drink and speech after his arrest. She said that four patrols, an armored troop carrier and a jeep surrounded their home at 2:30 am and invaded the home violently, trying to break down the door of the home, and that they hit Adnan on the back and hand, throwing him on the ground before handcuffing him. He was then interrogated in a closed room of the house before being taken away to an undisclosed location.

Adnan, prominent political activist from the town of Arraba near Jenin, has been arrested 10 times and spent six years in Israeli prison, all in administrative detention – imprisonment without charge or trial. In 2012 and 2015, he carried out 66-day and 56-day hunger strikes, respectively, winning his liberation from arbitrary Israeli imprisonment.

The Islamic Jihad movement said in a statement that “the arrest of leaders and popular and national symbols will not weaken our people or break their will….this is a desperate attempt to suppress the uprising of Jerusalem,” as Palestinians inside and outside Palestine have risen up against US President Donald Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem is the “capital of Israel” in the eyes of the US.

Khader Adnan is a Palestinian and international symbol of steadfastness within the prisons who has inspired widespread international solidarity. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network demands the immediate release of Khader Adnan and will announce further actions as we receive more news and information from Palestine on Adnan’s detention. The struggle for the freedom of Palestinian political prisoners is at the forefront of the struggle to defend Jerusalem and liberate Palestine. 

(Source / 11.12.2017)

Palestinian killed, 379 injured in protests against Trump’s move

379 injured

One Palestinian was killed and 379 were injured on Friday in the “Day of Rage” protests over the US announcement of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Spokesman for Gaza’s Ministry of Health, Ashraf al-Qedra, announced that a 29-year-old Palestinian was killed and 134 others were injured in confrontations with the Israeli occupation forces in several areas east of the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Red Crescent crews also said on Friday that they have attended to at least 245 injuries in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

These confrontations followed calls by Hamas Movement and other Palestinian factions on the Palestinian people to take to the streets in protest at US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Under the instructions of the chief of general staff of the Israeli army, Gadi Eizenkot, a state of alert was announced and reinforcements were summoned as clashes escalated across the West Bank and east of the Gaza Strip.

(Source / 09.12.2017)

PA court acquits al-Araj’s comrades: “A correct decision at an incorrect time”

The Palestinian Authority’s Ramallah Magistrate’s Court dismissed charges against five Palestinian young men, comrades of Basil al-Araj, the assassinated Palestinian youth leader, in a hearing on Thursday, 19 October.

The six, al-Araj, Haitham Siyaj, Mohammed Salameen, Seif al-Idrissi, Mohammed Harb and Ali Dar al-Sheikh, were seized by PA security forces in April 2016; PA president Mahmoud Abbas touted their arrest as an example of the value of PA security coordination provides to the Israeli occupation. They were released after an open hunger strike and growing Palestinian popular demands for their freedom; the PA prosecution accused them of possession of unlicensed weapons.

Following their release, four of the six – Siyaj, Harb, Salameen and al-Idrissi – were seized by Israeli occupation forces; all four are currently held without charge or trial under Israeli administrative detention. They failed to arrest al-Araj; instead, on 6 March 2017, Israeli occupation forces stormed the Ramallah homewhere he was staying, shooting him down as he resisted.

Only one week after his assassination, al-Araj and his comrades’ case was scheduled for a hearing in the PA court, prompting mass anger and clashes outside the court when PA security forces attacked peaceful demonstrators demanding an end to the case. Charges against al-Araj were dropped due to his death; they were delayed several times against the others due to their ongoing imprisonment by the Israeli occupation without charge or trial.

A Palestinian commission set up to investigate the events outside the court when PA security forces attacked, beat and injured demonstrators urged that the charges be dropped against all six and the case closed.

Palestinian lawyer Muhannad Karajah, who represents the youth, said in Quds News that “the charges were dropped because they did not commit any crime…the case has ended with a clear ruling confirming the acquittal of the five young people from any charges brought by the prosecution.”

Al-Araj’s mother spoke with Wattan TV after the verdict, saying “If they are acquitted now or not, what is the benefit of that now? After Basil died, what is left?” Speaking to her son, she said, “Are you now innocent, so you can go and come out of the grave and get them out of the prisons of the occupation?”

Al-Araj’s father said that “This is a correct decision at an incorrect time, as it has come after a lengthy procrastination. This decision was made after these youth have paid a very high price on their lives and their freedom.”

(Source / 21.10.2017)

Salfit farmers complain of Israeli restrictions during olive season

Olive season

Palestinian farmers from Qarawat Bani Hassan town, northwest of Salfit in the occupied West Bank, have complained of tight Israeli restrictions on their access to their olive groves during the current harvest season.

Farmers told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that the Israeli occupation army continued to close an important agricultural road used to facilitate their access to their lands and their work during the olive harvest season.

One of the farmers said that the industrial and residential settlement of Barkan devoured vast tracts of the town’s land, while the Israeli army persists in imposing restrictions on the movement of local farmers every season.

For his part, anti-settlement specialist Khaled Maali said that the Israeli army and settlers continue to tighten the screws on Palestinian farmers during the olive season and make it difficult for them to reach their lands, especially those located behind the separation wall.

Maali said that the Jewish settlers brutalize local farmers, and burn and destroy their olive trees or saplings almost on a daily basis in the West Bank, but they intensify such assaults during the harvest season.

(Source / 11.10.2017)

Several Palestinians kidnapped in IOF dawn raids in W. Bank

IOF kidnapped citizens

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Sunday continued to carry out their daily campaigns in different West Bank areas, where they stormed several homes and kidnapped citizens.

Maariv newspaper claimed the Israeli army and the Shin Bet arrested 14 wanted Palestinians, 12 of them accused of carrying out attacks or intending to attack Israeli targets and citizens.

The newspaper noted that 21 Palestinians had been detained by the Israeli security and military authorities during the holiday of the Jewish new year and at the end of last week.

In a related context, Palestinian local sources in the West Bank reported that the IOF kidnapped four Palestinian young men from their homes in different areas of Bethlehem province.

Six others, including a journalist, were taken prisoners during IOF campaigns in Qalqilya city and the nearby town of Jayyous.

Eyewitnesses told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that Israeli soldiers broke into and ransacked the house of journalist Ragheed Tabisa in Qalqilya, confiscated his cellphone and personal belongings, and then rounded him up.

In al-Khalil, the IOF raided homes and stores in different areas, kidnapped a Palestinian young man, and handed others summonses for interrogation from the Shin Bet.

The IOF also kidnapped last night a young man called Mamoun al-Natsheh from a street in Tel Rumeida neighborhood after he was allegedly found in possession of a knife.

(Source / 24.09.2017)