Video| Gaza shells surrounding settlements in retaliation for Trump’s normalization ceremony

Three Israeli settlers have been reportedly wounded in the resistance attack

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Palestinian resistance in Gaza has launched several missiles at surrounding settlements in the occupied land in retaliation for the normalization deals that are being signed in a ceremony at the White house.

The resistance shelled occupied Asqalan and Asdood using several missiles. Sirens sounded in both occupied cities while Israeli media reported that sounds of powerful explosions have been heard.

Israeli ‘Kan’ reported that a shopping complex in Asdood has been targeted while the Israeli channel 2 reported that the missiles cause one medium injury and several other casualties.

Meanwhile, other Israeli media stressed that five settlers have been wounded in the resistance attack.

Former Israeli Minister of War, Avigdor Lieberman, has reportedly said that while Netanyahu is celebrating in Washington, the resistance is celebrating in Asdood and Asqalan.

(Source / 16.09.2020)

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