The ‘ban’ on Emiratis praying in Al-Aqsa highlights the fact that treaties with Israel are worthless – MEMO

Israel’s strategies to clean Palestine off the map are extremely real, specifically Benjamin Netanyahu’s objective to annex a big area of the inhabitedWest Bank Such expansionism by the Zionist state has actually been the objective from the day it was developed in Palestine in 1948. Alone amongst all UN member states, Israel has actually never ever stated where its borders lie and is constantly aiming to broaden and get Arab approval for its prohibited land grabs. Israeli prepares hence present a clear and present threat to Palestine and its individuals.

In the wake of the normalisation arrangement in between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, for that reason, it is not a surprise that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Territories has actually provided an academic viewpoint– a fatwa– in which he obviously prohibits Emirati people from checking out Al-Aqsa Mosque Nobody in Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi can be the least bit shocked by this. Did they truly picture that the Palestinians would simply shake off United States prepares to require Arab specifies to normalise relations with the colonial-occupation state and accept Arab knives in their back?

The truth is that, yes, they most likely did, and even if the Palestinians do not merely bow down and let Israel stroll all over them once again, who cares? It has actually occurred sometimes in the past, and Israel escapes with it every …

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(Source / 03.09.2020)

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