Breaking: Palestinian detainee dies in Israeli jail

A Palestinian detainee died in Israeli occupation jails, local sources said Wednesday night, blaming the death on medical negligence.

“Dawud Tal’at Al Khatib, 45, died in Ofer prison where he suffered health deteriorated during the years of his detention,” the Palestinian Prisoner Society said in a statement.

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Al Khatib, from the West Bank city of Bethlehem, was detained by Israeli occupation forces and sentenced to 18 years and 8 months.

According to the Palestinian Prisoner Society, Al Khatib suffered difficult health conditions, after having a stroke several years ago and underwent an Open-Heart surgery, and his continued detention exacerbated his difficult health condition until he passed away today.

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It went on to accuse the Israeli authorities of killing the sick captives.

“Israel started to kill Al Khatib since he was subjected to medical negligence,” it said.

There was no comment from Israeli prison authorities on the detainee’s death.

Crime against humanity

The Palestinian Prisoner Society held Israel accountable for Al Khatib’s death.

In a statement, the Palestinian Prisoner Society warned of “the continuation of the slow death of prisoners in Israeli jails” due to its policy of medical negligence.

Meanwhile, Hamas blamed “Israel’s policy of medical negligence” for the detainee’s death, describing the policy as a “a crime against humanity and a brazen violation of all international law and norms”.

Around 250 Palestinian detainees are estimated to have died in Israeli prisons since 1967, five of them passed away this year.

Over 5,500 Palestinians are currently languishing in prisons located throughout Israel, according to Palestinian official figures.

(Source / 03.09.2020)

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