Health in Gaza: 100 ventilators and 140 intensive care beds are urgently needed

Dr. Ashraf al-Qidra, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said that health has intensified epidemiological surveillance and laboratory samples for hosts in quarantine centers, and conducted 830 examinations of suspected cases during the past March, most of which were negative, indicating that the two cases that were announced on Tuesday evening were discovered during the ongoing laboratory examination of the detainees , And did not come into contact with anyone, and did not show any symptoms, so the total number of cases discovered in the Gaza Strip at the moment is 12 cases so far.

Dr. said. The ability in the evening press briefing, today, that the Ministry of Health and government institutions continue their successive precautionary measures to confront the new Corona virus at all levels in the Gaza Strip, highly appreciating the moral and national responsibility that citizens have in understanding the precautionary measures taken and adhering to them which represent the firewall in the face Corona Virus.

He said: The medical teams are following 1816 health hosts in 27 quarantine centers, among whom 1061 are sick in hotels, health centers and specialized hospitals within the approved preventive measures, reassuring citizens in the Gaza Strip that the health status of all cases infected with the virus is stable and there have been no health changes in The isolation hospital at the Rafah crossing.

Al-Qudra clarified that the cases discovered in the Gaza Strip were all inside the quarantine centers, which confirms the safety of the precautionary measures taken that have immunized the community and that no injuries were recorded inside the residential areas up to this point.

He continued: “The Ministry of Health is working to confront the Corona virus with limited capabilities, which are decreasing on a daily basis, reaching 43% of drugs, 25% of medical consumables, 65% of laboratory supplies, blood banks, and a large lack of sterilizers and protective supplies, which requires the concerned authorities locally, regionally and internationally. Clear and urgent practical measures to provide our health requirements to achieve a better response to the virus. “

He stressed the ability that the Ministry of Health in Gaza urgently needs to provide 100 artificial respirators and 140 intensive care beds to achieve the first response to facing the Corona virus in the event of a virus outbreak. For patients, and its occupancy rate reaches 72% in hospitals, “warning that the delay in the response of the concerned authorities to the distress call launched by the Ministry of Health to provide health requirements to confront the emerging corona virus increases the concern of medical staff working with limited resources and depleted capabilities.

He pointed out that the specialized teams in the Ministry of Health closely follow the factories that work in the manufacture of sterilizers and protective supplies and conform their product to the approved specifications, and also work in cooperation with the relevant government agencies to control the pharmaceutical market, and adhere to the prices approved for citizens.

(Source / 01.04.2020) 

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