Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Nearly 3000 Israeli Jewish fanatics stormed Tuesday the courtyards of Al Aqsa mosque and performed Talmudic rituals celebrating Jewish Yom Kippur. The Israeli Minister of Agriculture and Rabbai Yehuda Glick were among those who stormed the holy mosque.

Large numbers of Israeli forces deployed in the holy mosque and imposed strict measure on Muslim worshipers. Worshipers were searched and some of them were threatened to be expelled if they approach the Mercy prayer room. Some worshipers were prevented from entry.

The Manager of the Al Aqsa mosque, Sheikh Omar Kiswani, told QNN that such daily provocative raids, which are carried out by settlers in their holidays will not legitimize the raids into Al Aqsa. He also held the occupation state responsible for any reaction by the worshipers.

As a part of its efforts to prevent the documentation of Israeli violations, Israeli authorities summoned journalists, Maisaa Abu Ghazaleh and Sondos Oweis, for interrogation while they were leaving the Al Aqsa mosque from Hittah gate.

Abu Ghazaleh told QNN that “there is clear targeting by the Israeli police of all News crews at the Al Aqsa mosque, especially by the Israeli inelegance, although journalists were using cell phones to record videos because they were prevented from letting cameras in. There was also an Israeli team, which was taking pictures of all journalists and activists who were documenting the Israeli raids”.

Abu Ghazaleh added that Israeli intelligence checked on her ID and took a photo for her while she was entering the mosque before they start chasing and preventing her from recording videos.

Sondos Oweis told QNN that Israeli authorities tried to prevent News crews from existing at the Al Aqsa mosque to prevent the documentation of Israeli violations against the holy mosque and worshipers.

Oweis was summoned for interrogation claiming that she caused mischief. Oweis said “we were doing our job, taking pictures and documenting. The occupation forces are the ones, which hampering out work and imposing restrictions on our freedom”.

Israeli forces had closed most entries to occupied Jerusalem for Palestinians and prevented them from moving throughout the city to secure raids by thousands of Israeli Jewish fanatics, who celebrated the “Yom Kippur”.

(Source / 09.10.2019) 

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