Israel army lawyers say Jews should be allowed to buy private land in West Bank

Jewish settlements near Nablus, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, on 10 February 2015 [Nedal Eshtayah/Apaimages]

Jewish settlements near Nablus, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, on 10 February 2015

Israeli army lawyers are recommending that “individual Jews should be allowed to buy private land” in the occupied West Bank, reported Haaretz, in a development being described as “revolutionary”.

According to the article, Defence Ministry and military legal advisers have passed their opinions to deputy Attorney General Erez Kaminitz, “who is expected to confirm them with the backing of Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit”.

As it currently stands, “only Jordanians, Palestinians or ‘foreigners of Arab origin’ are allowed to buy land in the West Bank”, under a law left over “from the time it was under Jordanian rule”.

Israeli Jews, meanwhile, “are only allowed to do real estate deals there via a company”, and with the approval of the so-called Civil Administration, a government body which manages the occupation.

Major Tzvi Mintz, writing in the name of the army’s regional legal adviser, acknowledged that under the international rules of belligerent occupation, the Israeli army may only issue orders that benefit the local population.

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Noting that “over the years it has been customary to treat only the Palestinian population as the local population”, Mintz added that Israeli settlers could also be defined as part of the local population, with the attorney general’s approval.

Without this shift, Mintz said, “the proposed change would have to be justified as benefiting the Palestinian population, which would certainly raise difficulties.”

Mintz warned that pursuing such an interpretation of “local population” – so as to include settlers living in illegal settlements – could be “perceived as an infraction of the laws of belligerent occupation” and “could lead to significant international criticism”.

Legal advisers to the Defence Ministry, however, describing “the Israeli military government” as “the sovereign in the region [the West Bank]”, wrote that in their view, “the proposed amendment will survive international criticism”.

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Poll: More than 60% of Palestinians want Abbas to quit

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addresses a statement with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (not seen) before talks at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany on 29 August, 2019

Sixty-one per cent of Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip want President Mahmoud Abbas to step down, a poll has found. reported that a survey conducted by the by Palestinian Centre for Political and Polling Research between 11-14 September found that 50 per cent of Palestinians want a return to an armed intifada in light of the lack of progress in the peace process and 40 per cent want to the Palestinian Authority (PA) to be dissolved.

Between 32 and 50 per cent of respondents said the government’s performance has been worse than that of its predecessor.

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While 56 per cent oppose the two-state solution; with 37 per cent preferring armed resistance and 32 per cent in favour of a peaceful solution to the Palestinian cause.

Up to 69 per cent reject the US peace deal subbed the “deal of the century” and 72 per cent reject American involvement in solving the Palestinian refugee crisis.

Almost three quarters – 72 per cent – want legislative and presidential elections to be held and want the PA to lift the sanctions it has imposed on the besieged Gaza Strip.

The poll found that 63 per cent of Palestinians in Gaza feel safe compared to 52 per cent in the West Bank, while 43 per cent said they are free to criticise Hamas in Gaza and 36 per cent said they feel free to criticise Fatah in the West Bank.

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Israeli Navy Attacks Palestinian Fishing Boats In Gaza

18 SEP 11:20 AM

Israeli navy ships opened fire, on Wednesday morning, on several Palestinian fishing boats near the shore of Gaza city.

Media sources said the Palestinian fishing boats were less than three nautical miles from the shore of the Sudaniyya area, northwest of Gaza.

They added that the attack did not lead to casualties but forced the fishermen back to the shore in fear of further violations.

In related news, Israeli soldiers invaded ‘Atouf village, east of Tammoun, southeast of the northeastern West Bank city of Tubas, and demolished an agricultural room owned by a Palestinian, identified as Eyad Faisal Qalalwa.

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Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli occupation soldiers murdered a Palestinian lady this morning at Qalandya military checkpoint in northern occupied Jerusalem when they opened fire at her.

Israeli Walla news website stated that Israeli forces opened fire at the lady, killing her, claiming that she was intending to attack armed forces with a knife.

Local sources and eye witnesses stressed that the lady did not pose any threat at the soldiers and that she lost her way in the checkpoint, so the soldiers directly shot and held her before announcing her death.

Official News agencies reported that after the murder of the Palestinian lady, Israeli forces attacked Palestinian workers, who were lining up at the military checkpoint waiting to pass through it. Israeli forces attacked workers and closed the checkpoint for Palestinians.

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Zionist soldier assaults elderly Palestinian near Ramallah

A Palestinian is pushed an Israeli policemen amid clashes in Hebron, West Bank, Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015. A Palestinian teenager stabbed two Israelis in Jerusalem Saturday before being shot dead by police forces, the latest in a series of stabbing attacks against civilians and soldiers that have spread across Israel and the West Bank in the past week. The violence, including the first apparent revenge attack by an Israeli Friday and increasing protests by Israel’s own Arab minority, has raised fears of the unrest spiraling further out of control

RAMALLAH, PALESTINOW.COM — Israeli soldiers, today, assaulted an elderly Palestinian at an army checkpoint to northwest of Ramallah, according to witnesses.

They said that soldiers, stationed at a checkpoint outside the village of Deir Nitham, stopped a car driven by Saleh Tamimi, 52, and forced him out of his car before they started beating him for no apparent reason.

Tamimi became unconscious and was quickly transported, by village residents, to hospital in Ramallah, WAFA further reports.

The Israeli army has, for several days, closed two access roads to Deir Nitham, and has established a permanent checkpoint on the third access road, where residents say they are regularly harassed by the soldiers manning the checkpoint.

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IOF shot Palestinian child in West Bank attacks

RAMALLAH, PALESTINOW.COM — Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Tuesday evening raided different areas in the West Bank and Jerusalem injuring a number of Palestinian citizens, including a child.

Eyewitnesses said that a child was seriously wounded by IOF live bullets during a raid on al-Mazra’a al-Gharbiya village north of Ramallah.

Meanwhile, dozens of IOF soldiers stormed Tubas city amid heavy firing of tear gas canisters. At least five Palestinian residents suffered breathing difficulties.

One Palestinian was taken to the hospital for further medical care while the rest were treated in the field.

Violent clashes broke out at the same time in Abu Dis town east of Occupied Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society said a Palestinian youth suffered a live bullet injury in Abu Dis and was moved to Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah for treatment.

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Clashes Break Out As IOF Raids Azzun

Violent confrontations flared up on Tuesday evening between Israeli occupation forces (IOF) and dozens of Palestinian youths in Azzun town east of Qalqilya City.

Local sources said that the Palestinian youths hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at the IOF soldiers and settler vehicles at the entrance to Azzun town.

The IOF later installed a checkpoint on the road between Azzun and Jayyus towns, stopped Palestinian vehicles, and interrogated the passengers.

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Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Woman At Qalandiya Checkpoint

Israeli occupation forces on Wednesday morning shot and killed a Palestinian woman at Qalandiya checkpoint, north of Occupied Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses said that the Israeli forces stationed at Qalandiya checkpoint shot a Palestinian woman in her fifties and left her to bleed for allegedly possessing a knife and plotting a stabbing attack.

The woman was moved to the Israeli hospital Hadassah where she was announced dead.

The Israeli forces later closed the checkpoint and blocked the movement of Palestinian citizens and vehicles.

A video posted on social media showed Israeli soldiers shooting the Palestinian woman although she was several meters away from them.

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Israeli Forces Destroy Over 100 Olive Trees In Northern West Bank Village

Israeli soldiers chopped  down on Wednesday scores of Palestinian-owned olive trees in Burqin village, west of the occupied West Bank district of Salfit, according to  Marwan Abdul Rahman, head of Burqin village council.

He said soldiers chopped more than 100 olive trees in Khirbet Qarqash area located in the northeastern part of the village.

No reason was given for the destruction of the trees.

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According to the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria, at least 3989 Palestinian refugees have died and 328, including 38 females, are missing as a result of the war in Syria since 2011.

Of those whose causes of death are known majority have died as a result of the fighting in the country, which has taken the lives of 2742 Palestinians. Most of them have been collateral civilian casualties, but for example the Palestine Liberation Army – affiliated with the Baath government – has lost 277 of its members, including 17 reportedly ‘disappeared’ by the government.


696 Palestinians are reported to have died while captives of the government and militias allied to it, with 92 illegally executed by the latter. It can be assumed that many of the hundreds of Palestinians arrested by government, significant number of which nothing have been heard for years, have died in captivity.

As the Action Group for Palestinians of Syria opposes the Baath government, it has been reluctant to publish similar numbers of Palestinians killed by the various rebel and Jihadist groups fighting it.

PHOTOS by Niraz Saied, a Palestinian refugee photographer from the Yarmouk refugee camp, who was ‘disappeared’ by the Syrian government on October 4th 2015 and whose death became known on July 17th 2018.

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