Israel: Lieberman targets settler votes, speaks of ‘sovereignty’ in West Bank territory

Israeli Defence Minster Avigdor Lieberman [James N. Mattis/Flickr]

Former Israeli Defence Minster Avigdor Lieberman

Yisrael Beiteinu leader and potential post-election kingpin Avigdor Lieberman is seeking settler votes with hints of support for the annexation of West Bank territory, reported the Jerusalem Post.

Yesterday, Lieberman took his election campaign to Ma’ale Adumim, a major Israeli settlement in the central occupied West Bank outside of Jerusalem.

Speaking at a public campaign event, Lieberman declared: “I am sure that in the next term [of the government], we will also be able to apply Israeli sovereignty.”

As noted by the Jerusalem Post, it was only two years ago that Lieberman “spoke of the danger of getting ahead of the Trump administration by unilaterally annexing some or all of the West Bank.”

In addition, although Lieberman has made it clear that he sees Israel holding on to so-called settlement “blocs” – such as Ma’ale Adumim – forever, the right-wing former minister has thus far said any such steps “should be done within the context of a regional peace plan”.

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According to the paper, Lieberman’s remarks in Ma’ale Adumim yesterday is part of an effort to “grab centrist pro-settler votes” from Likud – which got 50 per cent of the settlement’s vote in April – and from Blue and White (Kahol Lavan) – which attracted ten per cent.

While Lieberman does himself live in an illegal West Bank settlement – Nokdim – in the last election Yisrael Beiteinu only received 3,498 votes from settlers in the occupied West Bank last time round.

Lieberman did best in major settlement Ariel, in the northern West Bank, where he received 1,425 votes in a city whose population includes a large number of Israelis whose families hail from the former Soviet Union – a traditional base for Yisrael Beiteinu.

The party did second-best in Ma’ale Adumim with 961 votes, and so, the Jerusalem Post noted, if Lieberman is “going to up his game”, the central West Bank settlement “is one of the key places where he can drum up support, taking votes primarily from Likud and Blue and White”.

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Rise in number of female Palestinian prisoners in Israel jails

Women demonstrate in solidarity for the Palestinian women held in Israeli prisons 8 March 2012 [Ashraf Amra/Apaimages]

Women demonstrate in solidarity for the Palestinian women held in Israeli prisons 8 March 2012

There are now 40 Palestinian women being held in Israeli jails, the Palestine Prisoners Centre for Studies revealed yesterday. reported the NGO saying in a statement that Israeli occupation forces arrest 10-15 female Palestinians every month.

They are interrogated, the NGO said, some remain in prison while others are placed under house arrest.

Spokesman of the NGO, Riyad Al-Ashqar, said that the Israeli occupation forces raided several areas across the West Bank last week and arrested university lecturer Dr Widad Al-Barghouthi, 57, and her two sons from Ramallah.

Israeli occupation forces also raided Al-Birah and Qalandia and arrested university student Samah Jaradat and Mais Abu-Ghosh.

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Al-Ashqar said that 27 female prisoners are sentenced and the others are either spending terms under administrative detention or are still being interrogated such as the 54-year-old mother of the Palestinian martyr Ashraf Naalwa.

Of those held, 17 are mothers and five are university students.

In addition, Al-Ashqar said, ten female prisoners are suffering difficult health conditions including Israa Jaabis, who is suffering from burns on more than 60 per cent of her body and requires urgent surgery.

Concluding its statement, the NGO called for the international community to put pressure on Israel in order to comply with international laws and conventions related to the protection of women and to urgently interfere to save the lives of female prisoners.

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Police Assault Mother, Detain Son in East Jerusalem

09 SEP 8:41 AM

Israeli police physically attacked a Palestinian mother before detaining her son, while they were near the light rail, close to Shua’fat refugee camp, northeast of occupied Jerusalem, said witnesses.

The mother and her son were attacked and pepper sprayed by Israeli police, for no apparent reason, before they detained the son and took him to an interrogation center in Jerusalem.

The police reportedly used foul language against the mother during the attack, WAFA further reports.

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Occupied West Bank (QNN)- Israeli occupation forces carried out an arrest campaign in different areas throughout occupied West Bank on Monday, arresting 15 Palestinians and injuring one Palestinian child.

Local sources said that Israeli forces opened fire at Palestinians in Beit Rima in north-west Ramallah, injuring one school kid with a rubber-coated metal bullet in his neck.

Israeli forces also arrested three children while they were heading to schools during a raid into the town. It also arrested six young men from Silwad and Al Mazra’a Al l=Sharqiyyah in eastern Ramallah.

Other two Palestinians were arrested in occupied Hebron and two others in Qabatya in southern Jenin.

In Nablus, Israeli forces arrested an Engineering student at An-Najah National University few hours after he left hospital, where he was being treated from a heart attack.

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Occupied West Bank (QNN)- Israeli occupation forces arrested Monday an engineering student at An-Najah National University, who was identified as Malek Ishtayyeh from the village of Tal in western Nablus.

The arrest took place only few hours after Ishtayyeh left the Specialized Arab Hospital in Nablus, into which he was admitted after having a heart attack two days ago.

Malik Ishtayyeh (26 years old) is a former representative for the Islamic block at An-Najah National University and he was arrested five times. Israeli forces have arrested both brothers of Malek Ishtayyeh.

Malek’s mother urged human rights organizations to follow up on the status of her son, as he was kidnapped only 12 hours after leaving hospital.

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Gaza (QNN)- Israeli authorities confiscated Sunday fabrics at Karm Abu salem border crossing, which were supposed to enter Gaza, because “it could be used to make military uniforms.

The Israeli authority for border crossings declared that it “foiled” an attempt to send fabrics to Gaza, claiming that it could be used to produce military uniforms. The fabrics have been confiscated before the Israelis announce that green fabrics are not allowed into Gaza.

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Israel PM allows settlers to take over a Palestinian house in Al-Khalil

Peace Now: ‘After their [settlers] claims of ownership had been denied, the settlers have decided to take the law into their own hands’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has allowed Israeli squatters to take over a Palestinian house about a hundred metres from the Ibrahimi Mosque in occupied Hebron.

During his visit to the West Bank city of Al-Khalil on Thursday, Netanyahu claimed that the house is Israeli property, with the Israeli Civil Administration claiming an Israeli settlement group lawfully bought the property in 2015.

The settlers have squatted in the multi-story Palestinian property, which is called the Machpela House, prior to 2012.

In 2012, the Civil Administration ruled that the settlers did not have sufficient evidence proving that they owned the property.

The families were subsequently removed from the site, according to the Times of Israel, which has since been declared a closed military zone.

Peace Now settlement watchdog called for the Palestinian house to be evacuated and said: “After their [settlers] claims of ownership had been denied, the settlers have decided to take the law into their own hands and establish an illegal settlement that might ignite the region.”

Netanyahu has several times asked the defence ministry to delay or refrain from evacuating settlers from houses they occupy illegally even when the Civil Administration believes they do not have proof of ownership.

As the settlers were entering the Palestinian property, Rabbi Uziyahu Sharbaf said: “This house is an expansion of settlement in the holy city of Hebron, the city of the grandfathers.”

He added: “We will expand here and this will be the real response to those who attack us and kill us.”

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Israel minister vows next Gaza offensive to include extrajudicial executions

Israel has recently carried out several major offensives in Gaza and killed more than 4,000 civilians under a policy said call ‘targeted killing’

Israeli Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz has vowed that a supposedly imminent offensive on the occupied Gaza Strip will see the extrajudicial executions of Palestinians.

Speaking in an interview with Reshet Bet on Sunday, Katz claimed that an assault on the Gaza Strip is inching closer.

“It brings us very close to a comprehensive Israeli campaign against the terrorist organisations in Gaza,” Katz said, “a campaign that will take place at the times and conditions we will decide on.”

The Israeli foreign minister added: “In this campaign, it is clear that the top leaders of the terrorist organisations will be wiped out and its force destroyed.”

The Israeli military has historically used large-scale offensives against the Gaza Strip to conduct extrajudicial executions of Palestinian suspects, described by Israeli officials as “targeted killings.”

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Palestinian Prisoners Hold Israel Responsible For Death Of Al-Sayeh

Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails refused to eat their meals this morning to protest the death of fellow inmate Bassam Sayeh, 47, who died yesterday of cancer while in custody. At the same time, Palestinian officials held Israel responsible for his death due to what they charged was medical negligence.

A spokesman for the Palestinian Authorities’ Prisoners’ Commission, Hasan Abed Rabbo, said the prisoners refused to accept their meals this morning and turned them back as they observed three days of mourning for the death of Sayeh.

He said the Israel Prisons Service (IPS) brought reinforcements to the prisons to quell any possible protest.

Commission director, Qadri Abu Bakr, told WAFA that the Prisoners Commission is going to petition the Israeli High Court demanding the IPS to release Sayeh’s body for burial in his hometown of Nablus in the north of the West Bank.

Sayeh died yesterday in an Israeli hospital. He was arrested on October 8, 2015 for alleged involvement in the killing of settlers even though he was not convicted. He has had cancer since 2011 and leukemia since 2013. Palestinians say he was not given proper medical care while in prison, which caused his death.

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Teenager Injured, Three Students Among 15 Detained By IOF

Israeli occupation forces shot and injured a teenager today and detained three students who were among at least 15 Palestinians detained in various raids in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Local sources said Israeli military stormed Beit Rima village, northwest of Ramallah city, where soldiers ransacked two houses and detained three children who were on their way to school.

During ensuing confrontations, soldiers opened fire towards local youngsters injuring one in the neck with a rubber-coated steel bullet.

Israeli forces also raided Silwad and al-Mazra’a al-Sharqiya towns, northeast of Ramallah, rounding up six Palestinians, including a former prisoner.

In the northern West Bank, local sources said the Israeli military raided Qabatya town, south of Jenin city, and detained two Palestinians.

In Hebron district in the south of the West Bank, local sources confirmed that two Palestinians were rounded up in an Israeli military raid in Beit Kahel town, west of Hebron city.

Israeli forces also raided Issawyieh in occupied East Jerusalem and detained two young men after raiding and searching their homes.

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