Jerusalem: Israel summons 4-year-old Palestinian for interrogation

Muhammad Rabi' Elayyan,a four-year-old Palestinian boy, was taken to a police station for interrogation by Israeli forces

Muhammad Rabi’ Elayyan, a four-year-old Palestinian boy, was taken to a police station for interrogation by Israeli forces

Israel has summoned a four-year-old Palestinian boy from the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Issawiya for interrogation.

Muhammad Rabi’ Elayyan was summoned by dozens of Israeli police officers from his home in Issawiya – a Palestinian neighbourhood squashed between Jerusalem’s Hebrew University and the Separation Wall – and taken to a police station on Salah Eddin Street, not far from the Old City’s Damascus Gate.

Following the summons, Elayyan had to be taken to the station by his father, Rabi’, this morning. Wadi Hilweh Information Centre – a Jerusalem-based NGO – posted a video showing Muhammad crying as he is carried into the police station. Scores of Palestinians from Issawiya can also be seen surrounding the father and son, telling the young boy not to be scared.

The Israeli police claim that Muhammad was throwing stones at police vehicles, prompting them to send him the summons. However, the boy’s father Rabi’ has disputed these accusations, saying that his son was playing in the street with other children who ran towards Israeli troops stationed in their neighbourhood.

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Rabi’ told Palestinian news agency Ma’an: “This morning I said to my child Muhammad ‘I will take you to a swimming trip’. I could not explain what happened. We were surprised when the soldiers were stationed in front of the police station on Salah Eddin Street.”

When the pair arrived at the police station, an Israeli officer eventually refused to allow Muhammad into the facility for interrogation, instead only taking his father in for questioning. The officer reportedly told Rabi’ that if he did not stop his son from throwing stones, they would take Muhammad away from him.

Israel is a signatory to the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child [UNCRC], which statesthat “children should be arrested, detained or imprisoned only as a last resort and for the shortest time possible”.

The same convention also states that “governments must set a minimum age for children to be tried in a criminal court”; Israel’s military law considers children as young as 12 culpable for their actions, but does not permit the arrest of minors under this age. Their summons of Muhammad is therefore illegal under both international and Israeli military law.

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Issawiya has been the target of a severe crackdown since mid-June, when Israeli forces began carrying out daily raids and systematic harassment of the neighbourhood’s inhabitants, ostensibly in response to stone-throwing by local youths.

During another raid on 27 June, Israeli forces shot 20-year-old Mohammad Samir Obeid in the chest with live ammunition. Some 20 other Palestinians were wounded after being shot and hit with tear gas bombs. Israeli human rights NGO B’Tselem has since argued Israeli forces killed Obeid “without justification”.

Weeks later, Israeli forces entered Issawiya once again, destroying a monument built in memory of Obeid. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bragged about the demolition on social media, writing in a tweet: “At my request and in coordination with the mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon, and the security and enforcement authorities, the monument in memory of a terrorist in Issawiya was removed. We will not allow it!”

The summoning of four-year-old Mohammad has therefore been seen as part of Israel’s ongoing harassment of Issawiya Palestinians, which B’Tselem slammed as “an inseparable part of Israel’s policy in East Jerusalem pursued with the objective of securing a demographic majority for Jews in the city. This goal is pursued in part by devoting resources and efforts to making life in the city unbearable for Palestinians, so that they will leave, ostensibly of their own will”.

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Hamas: PLO factions rejected municipal elections in Gaza

Gazans update their voting details at the Palestinian Election Commission [file photo]

Gazans update their voting details at the Palestinian Election Commission

Hamas yesterday said that PLO factions had rejected carrying out municipal elections in Gaza, Al-Watan Voice reported.

Hamas MP Yahya Moussa said that freedom of opinion and choosing representatives is guaranteed for all.

Hamas, he continued, suggested carrying out municipal elections in Gaza for the Democratic and Popular Fronts, as well as Fatah, but they rejected this suggestion.

He also said that prior to nominating a municipal head for Gaza City, Hamas proposed the post to several officials, including technocrats, but they all rejected the proposal.

The Hamas MP said that the new municipal head of Gaza Dr Yahya Al-Sarraj was the head of trustees of the University College of Gaza for years and he was nominated by academic figures, businessmen and technocrats.

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Israeli Settlers, Under Israeli Military Guard, Invade Nablus and Al-Aqsa Mosques

In two separate incidents early Tuesday morning, hundreds of Israeli settlers invaded an area near Nablus that they are trying to take over to annex into Israel, while separately , dozens of other Israeli settlers invaded the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem under heavy Israeli military guard.

In Nablus, four Palestinians were wounded by live ammunition, while dozens more suffered from tear gas inhalation during clashes with the Israeli occupation forces when around 1300 Israeli settlers, accompanied by soldiers, invaded an area east of Nablus.

Wafa News Agency reported that confrontations broke out when hundreds of settlers stormed the mosque located east of Nablus.

Four Palestinians were wounded by live bullets in the lower limbs.

They were taken to Rafidya Hospital for treatment. Dozens more inhaled tear gas. During the confrontations, after the Israeli occupation forces fired tear gas canisters.

According to Israeli sources, 1,300 settlers stormed the compound early in the morning, heavily guarded by the Israeli occupation army.

In the second incident, in Jerusalem, dozens of Israeli settlers on Tuesday morning renewed their provocative incursions into the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Bab al-Mughrabi Gate, where the occupation forces have maintained a presence since they occupied Jerusalem in 1967 .

Members of the special units of the Israeli police regularly provide protection to groups of right-wing Israeli settlers during their tours and attempts to perform prayers and rituals in the mosque.

These settlers have as their stated purpose to remove the mosque, and replace it with a Jewish synagogue. To that end, they have repeatedly invaded the mosque grounds, as well as dug underneath it in an attempt to cause it to collapse.

These invasions are often carried out in the vicinity of the building and chapel of Bab al-Rahma on the eastern side of the blessed mosque.

To facilitate the entry of the Jewish Israeli settlers, the Israeli occupation forces prevent the entry of Muslim worshipers.

The al-Aqsa Mosque is considered the third holiest site in Islam, and is a place of pilgrimage for Muslims around the world.

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Israeli Soldiers Illegally Confiscate Palestinian Lands In Sur Baher

30 JUL2:06 PM

Israeli soldiers invaded, Tuesday, Sur Baher Palestinian town, south of occupied East Jerusalem, and confiscated privately-owned Palestinian lands to use for what the City Council called “public facilities.”

Hamada Hamada, the head of Wadi al-Hummus Committee in Sur Baher, said dozens of soldiers and police officers, accompanied by personnel of the Jerusalem City Council, invaded the area, and confiscated five Dunams (1.23 Acres) and 200 square/meters (2152.78 Feet), owned by Omar Ahmad Dabash, in addition to four Dunams (0.98 Acres) owned by Yasser Ali Dweiyat.

Hamada added that the lands are close to Talpiot area, which was built on illegally confiscated Palestinian lands owned by Sur Baher residents.

He also said that the Palestinians filed appeals with Israeli courts but were unable to get them to reverse the confiscation orders of their lands.

Israel claims it intends to build various projects, including a police station, and a public center in addition to a kindergarten for Israeli colonialist settlers.

The Palestinians who owned the lands were denied the right to use them for construction or agriculture.

It is worth mentioning that the illegal confiscation orders were first issued in the year 1999, when some residents went to the City Council to obtain construction permits to build on their own lands.

A week ago, Israeli forces launched a large-scale destruction operation against civilian property in Wadi al-Humus neighborhood, in Sur Baher casing hundreds of Palestinians to lose their shelter.

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Lawyer Tareq Barghouth accompanying Ahmad Manasrah (13 years old) during a trial in 2015

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- An Israeli military court sentenced lawyer Tareq Barghout (44 years old) on Tuesday to 13 years and half in jail in addition to a bail of 10,000 Shekels for allegedly executing shootings against Israeli soldiers on checkpoints.

Tareq Barghouth is one of the lawyers at the Palestinian Prisoners and Former Prisoners Affairs Committee. He also represented Israa Jasbis (a mother who was left in her burning car to get serious injuries before being arrested), and defended the child Ahmad Manasrah (who was shot and left bleeding on the road amid settlers’ hate comments). The Israeli authorities started assaulting Barghouth after statements he made on the case of Manasrah.

The Israeli prosecution claimed that Barghouth was responsible for four shootings against Israeli checkpoints, in which Israeli soldiers were wounded.

Spokesperson of the prisoners of occupied Jerusalem Amjad Abu Asab told QNN that Barghouth was subjected to torture during interrogation, which made him lose over 28 pounds of his weight. He was deprived of sleeping and his wife and sister were arrested to force him confess. Several raids into his house were also conducted.

Abu Asab stated that Barghouth refused to confess despite of the Israeli blackmail and pressure.

Barghouth was arrested in 2015 among other writers and poets over Facebook posts, before being sentenced to nearly one year in jail.

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Israel settlers make Al-Khalil ‘like hell’ for Palestinians

About 500 Israeli Jewish settlers live in Al-Khalil, turning the life of Palestinians to nightmares

Palestinians living in the heart of Al-Khalil’s Old City have been suffering unbearable oppression inflicted on them by Israeli occupation forces and settlers.

This oppression, Arab48 reported, started when the city was first occupied in 1967, but it escalated the following year when Jewish settlers, protected by occupation forces, established the settlement of Kiryat Arba to house 250 Israeli Jewish families.

The illegal settlement was built on private Palestinian land owned by 23 Palestinian families. It has been expanding since then and it hosts 8,000 Israeli Jewish settlers today. It is considered the main settlement artery in the Old City.

As a result, Israel has banned Palestinians from accessing Al-Shuhada Street, previously a major thoroughfare with shops and a bustling market, leaving it only accessible to illegal settlers.

The Ibrahimi Mosque nearby has also been split to accommodate a synagogue following the 1994 massacre carried out by extremist settler Baruch Goldstein who killed 29 Palestinians as they prayed in the mosque.

The oppressive measures have forced 1,400 Palestinian family out of the city, many after losing their homes to settlers as occupation courts continuously rule against the indigenous population.

Some 1,829 shops were closed by military order.

Some 88 Palestinians were killed in Al-Khalil’s Old City between 2000-2007 at the hands of occupation forces.

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Israel to approve building 6,000 new settlement units in West Bank

More than 800,000 illegal Israeli settlers live in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem

Israeli occupation government is to approve plan to build 6,000 new settlement units in Palestinian territories known as Area C of the occupied West Bank, Haaretz reported on Tuesday.

According to the Israeli public broadcasting corporation Kan, Haaretz said that it was “unclear whether the plans for construction would be for new units or to legalise existing illegal structures.”

Haaretz also reported sources familiar with the matter saying that the plan was initiated by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The sources also said that the initiative included building 700 Palestinian housing units in return for building “the 6,000 Jewish settlement units which are currently in the process of approval.”

However, the discussion on the 700 units for Palestinians postponed.

Both the Jewish and Palestinian units are planned to be built in parts of Area C in the occupied West Bank, which is under military and administrative control of the Israeli occupation.

Mateh Binyamin Regional Council chief Israel Gantz and Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan issued a joint statement in response to reports about the plans, calling it “particularly worrying.”

The Regavim, a settlement NGO, criticised the discussion of the plan because it included building some hundred housing units for Palestinians.

“As the Palestinian Authority is actively carrying out an illegal takeover of Area C, we hope that this report is inaccurate,” a statement by The Regavim, reported by the Jewish Press, said, adding that the plan will serve “the terrorist state in the heart of Israel.”

The statement added: “The only place for large-scale construction projects that serve the Arab sector in Judea and Samaria [West Bank] is the area under Palestinian Authority jurisdiction.”

The Palestinian Authority controls only Area A, which is geographically non-contiguous territory comprising only 11 per cent of the occupied West Bank and it includes a large number of Israeli Jewish settlements.

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Israel summons 4-year-old Palestinian boy for interrogation

The boy might have joined a terror cell before he was born four years ago

Israel police has summoned four-year-old Palestinian boy from East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Al-Issawiya for interrogation.

Muhammad Rabee Elayyan was summoned by dozens of Israeli police officers from his home in Al-Issawiya – a Palestinian neighbourhood squashed between Jerusalem’s Hebrew University and the Separation Wall.

The little boy was taken to a police station on Salah Eddin Street, not far from the Old City’s Damascus Gate.

Following the summon, Elayyan had to be taken to the station by his father, Rabee, again on Tuesday morning.

Wadi Hilweh Information Centre posted a video on Facebook showing Muhammad crying as he was being carried into the police station.

Scores of Palestinians from Al-Issawiya can also be seen surrounding the father and son, telling the young boy not to be scared.

The Israeli police claim that Muhammad was throwing stones at police vehicles, prompting them to summon him for interrogation.

However, the boy’s father Rabee has disputed these accusations, saying that his son was playing in the street with other children who ran away from Israeli troops stationed in their neighbourhood after shooting bullets in the air.

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One Of Boris Johnson’s Key Donors Is Linked To An Ongoing ‘War Crime’ In Occupied Palestine

An open letter to JCB and its owners Anthony and Carole Bamford has condemned their role in an ongoing “war crime” in occupied Palestine. Bamford and JCB are also among Boris Johnson’s biggest donors.

“Justice and human rights worldwide”

The Bamford family has an estimated wealth of £3.6bn. Since 2001, Electoral Commission records show the Bamfords and JCB have given “almost £10m in political donations”, primarily to the Conservative Party and groups “campaigning to leave” the EU. In 2019 alone, Bamford and JCB made “nine separate donations” to Johnson; and in June, these donations totalled £28,000.

The letter calls on the Bamfords to show “concern for justice and human rights worldwide”, and notes:

July marked the anniversary of the 2018 Israeli preparations to destroy the entire village of Khan al Ahmar, in the occupied West Bank.

The planned demolition of Khan al-Ahmar was widely condemned as a war crime. Although “international outcry” halted demolitions, JCB-manufactured bulldozers took part in the “attempted expulsion”. The letter continues:

Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes carries on almost daily. 461 demolitions were carried out in 2018 in the West Bank alone. They are an integral part of the Israeli State’s repressive military occupation aimed at displacing Palestinian communities and building Israeli settlements in their place.

“War crime”

As The Canary reported, on 22 July three Palestine solidarity activists were found guiltyof blockading a UK JCB factory in 2018. They were protesting against the use of JCB machinery in Isr

ael’s ongoing policy of demolishing Palestinian homes, communities and livelihoods. On the same day, Israeli forces started demolishing people’s homes in occupied Palestine. They reportedly used JCB, Hyundai, and Caterpillar machinery during the demolition.

As the letter states, those activists also want the Bamfords to know that “Comasco, JCB’s sole Israeli representative” sells and leases JCB equipment to “the Israeli Civil Administration”. According to Comasco, Israel “clearly prefers JCB” and it dominates the market. This equipment is also used to demolish Palestinian “homes and schools”. 

The letter asks for JCB and the Bamfords to “grasp the gravity of the situation in Palestine”. It also notes that:

The planned demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar has been named a war crime by the ICC prosecutor, EU and the United Nations.

The Bamfords could “prevent JCB machinery being used in the Israeli State’s demolition policy”. The signatories urge them to take action to do so.

“Human rights”

The letter flags “responsibilities” integral to the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) also has stringent “guidelines to ensure human rights compliance and due diligence” withinbusiness supply chains. Yet as the letter notes, JCB failed to respond to requests “to comply with these responsibilities” from several “legal and campaign groups”. The groups include War on WantLawyers for Palestinian Human Rights, and the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre.

The letter states:

We are concerned that your relationship with Comasco, and your business in Israel in general, are not currently fulfilling these international business human rights guidelines.

It continues to state that, in 2018, JCB products:

were used… in at least 130 demolitions, including the destruction of at least 2 schools and 31 homes. These demolitions displaced 163 people, including 31 children.


The letter also points out that Carole Bamford’s charitable work claims to support communities and children in the UK and globally. So it urged her “to recognise” the impact of Israel using JCB equipment against Palestinian communities and children.

Johnson has also appointed members of thesecretive TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) to key government roles. In 2009, the Guardianreported that a spokesperson said Bamford “helped fund the TPA”. The TPA also ran “a campaign against radicalising schoolbooks published by the Palestinian Authority”. 

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