Rights group: 450 Palestinian refugees live in ‘harsh conditions’ on Greek island

The number of Palestinians there is well above the camp’s normal capacity

At least 450 Palestinian refugees who fled from war in Syria now live in harsh condition on Greek island of Chios, Action Group for Palestinian Refugees in Syria revealed on Tuesday.

The refugees are in Al-Qarora Camp on the island after their movements were blocked by the Greek authorities.

According to the Action Group, the camp is not equipped with any facilities for hosting refugees, many of whom sleep in the open air because of the overcrowding and lack of tents.

The number of Palestinians there is well above the camp’s normal capacity.

The refugees have called upon the UN and other international institutions to intervene in order to end their suffering and provide a better life for their women and children.

The Greek authorities, meanwhile, have been accused of marginalising the Palestinian refugees deliberately, and delaying official recognition of their status.

Unofficial statistics reported by the Action Group put the number of Palestinian refugees from Syria who are distributed across the Greek islands at around 4,000 people.

(Source / 11.07.2019) 

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