Protests against Bahrain Conference held across European cities

EUROPE, PALESTINOW.COM — Several protest rallies were staged Tuesday in different European countries against the US deal of the century and the Bahrain economic workshop, with the participation of European activists and citizens from Palestinian, Arab and Islamic communities.

Most of the protests were held outside US embassies in European capitals.

In the Netherlands, the Palestinian community organized a sit-in outside the US embassy in The Hague to express its rejection of the US peace plan, describing it as a project aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause and usurping the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights.

A representative from the community handed a letter to an official at the embassy. The letter said the Palestinians in the Netherlands reject the Bahrain normalization conference and considered the deal of the century a violation of international law.

Similar protest sit-ins also took place in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, Brussels of Belgium, Berlin of Germany, Milan of Italy, Gothenburg of Sweden, and Athens of Greece.

Participants in those protests carried placards and banners reading “Palestine is not for sale.”

(Source / 27.06.2019) 

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