Popular women’s conference in Gaza against Bahrain Workshop

Women's Conference1

By Ghada Haniyya

The Islamic Women’s Movement (HAMAS) organized a popular women’s conference titled “Defending the Right of Return and Confronting the Deal of the Century and the Manama Conference” on Monday in the Rashad Al Shawa Cultural Center in Gaza City.

The head of the Islamic Women’s Movement, Rajaa Al-Halabi, said that all conspiracies will be destroyed on the rock of steadfastness of the Palestinian people. And the Palestinian women will not spill the blood of the martyrs in vain, as well as claiming the rights of detainees in occupation prisons.

In addition, she stressed that the deal of the century will not pass, and the Bahrain conference will remain a joke for the whole world, because the Palestinian decision is not sold and bought. Also, the people will never compromise or surrender their land.
She pointed out that Palestinian women in all their spectrum reject the process of normalization, the Bahrain conference and the deal of the century that wants to end the Palestinian cause.

For his part, said the vice-chair of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas in Gaza, Dr. Khalil Al-Hayya, “that Palestine has been subjected to attempts to liquidate over 100 years, so as Palestinians, we must stand united against plots that target our just cause”.
Al-Hayya pointed out that the first steps to counter the deal of the century is to dissolve the shame of Oslo and to stop the security coordination.

He pointed out that the deal of the century is not aimed at Gaza alone, but at the Arab and Islamic civilization, and wants to loot the wealth of the nation and the rupture of individuals in one country.

He added that the deal came to expand the occupation in all countries without shame, and take away all the projects of resistance and the meanings of confrontation to the Zionist enemy.

The vice-chair of the Hamas movement in Gaza said that Hamas rejects the deal of the century and the Bahrain conference, and will work by all necessary means to encounter its output. Hamas also is calling on Bahrain to withdraw from participating in it, because it seeks to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

In turn, Ektimal Hamad, Member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, explained that the Bahrain Conference is a gateway to infringe the rights of our people on the road to complete liquidation. Therefore, we must invest the Palestinian position rejecting the deal of the century and the Bahrain Conference.

Moreover, she stressed the need of the restoration of national unity and structuring a consolidated strategy to face the deal of the century. She Also noted the importance of investing the energies of the Arab nation and developing a clear plan to face this deal.
She called for the abolition of the organization of the workshop and demands the Arab states not to participate in it, because it is a gate of the portals of the implementation of the deal century, and everyone must besieged the policy of occupation and trial by international law.

For her part, said member of the Islamic Jihad Munira Shafei, the message of the Palestinian people to the President of the United States Donald Trump is that, “we will die for our land and will not leave, although there are those who sold their dignity to America and Israel, there are those who remained on the sacrifice and dignity.”
She pointed out that Bahrain does not represent the free world, and many honorable people carry out the issue of Palestine and the issues of the free world, and that the process of normalization with the occupation will not change history, and the road to Jerusalem is not far away.

A representative of the National Commission for Refugees, Fadwa Shurafa, indicated that the Popular Conference comes as a confirmation of the legitimate constants of the Palestinian people, and rejected all forms of Zionist normalization.

She said that the Bahrain conference is categorically rejected, and that the Palestinian refugees are the only who suffer from injustice and siege and they constitutes 70% of the Palestinian people.

She stressed the need for UNRWA to fulfill its duties in support of the Palestinian people, and everyone should intensify efforts to deal with the deal of the century impartially.

Women's Conference2

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