Israeli settlers torch fruitful olive trees in occupied West Bank

Such settler crimes, which are encouraged by the Israeli government, take place almost in a daily basis

A group of Israeli Jewish settlers torched on Monday tens of fruitful olive trees in the villages of Beitin and Burqa, east of West Bank city of Ramallah, and near the illegal settlement Givat Asaf.

Wheat crops, including 30 fruitful olive and fig trees and grapevines, were destroyed as a result of the arson made by the extremist settlers.

This is the latest in a number of settler attacks in the occupied West Bank.

On Sunday, settlers uprooted dozens of Palestinian-owned olive trees in Bani Na’im, a town east of the West Bank city of Al-Khalil.

The trees were planted in lands illegally seized by the Israeli occupation authorities last month.

At dawn on Monday, Israeli settlers sprayed anti-Arab and Palestinian racist graffiti on a mosque and punctured car tyres in Kafr Malek village, east of Ramallah.

Similar attacks occurred this morning at dawn in the town of Deir Istiya, northwest of the West Bank city Salfit.

Last month, the Israeli human rights organisation B’Tselem released a video showing illegal Israeli settlers setting fire to fields in the occupied West Bank, contradicting the Israeli army’s claim that the blaze was started by Palestinians.

It was later revealed that one of the settlers found starting the fire was an Israeli soldier.

Settlers regularly attack Palestinian property and are rarely held accountable by Israeli authorities. According to B’Tselem, the Israeli army had granted “almost total immunity” to the settlers involved in last month’s attacks, as none were interrogated or arrested following the incidents.

(Source / 19.06.2019) 

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