Political prisoner who fought a hunger-strike which lasted for 69 days has come to an agreement with the Israeli occupation about his release and has ended his hunger-strike. Yet the exact date of his coming release is unclear based on currently available information.

Hassan al-Aweiwi(35) suspended his hunger-strike on Monday June 10th after coming to an agreement with Israeli occupation authorities. He had been on hunger-strike since April 2nd and had lost 20 kilograms from his weight during it.

His imprisonment without charge or trial won’t be extended indefinitely, but he will now be released at a set date. But the date of his release is unclear; in different sources it is either early October, in mid-December, “by the end of the year” or on January 15th 2020.

The father-of-three from Hebron was arrested by Israeli occupation on January 15th this year and started his hunger-strike after Israeli occupation military court extended his administrative detention on April 2nd. According to different descriptions of the details of the agreement with Israeli occupation he will be released either “six months after the end of his first period of administrative detention” or after six more months of administrative detention.

As a result he could be released as early as October, after six more months of imprisonment or on the first anniversary of his arrest. Maximum length of single period of administrative detention is six months, but Israeli occupation military court also detain people on shorter periods – like possibly case of al-Aweiwi.

According to most sources, his imprisonment without charge or trial was extended “just” two and a half months after his arrest – yet one major source, Addameer, reports that his original period of administrative detention was already six months. The differing release date possibilities result from the conflicting claims.

Hassan al-Aweiwi was previously imprisoned in Israeli occupation prisons for three years. His mother started a solidarity hunger-strike in support of his son few days before its end.

(Source / 12.06.2019) 

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