Israeli Forces Assault and Detain Teen Missing One Third of His Skull

13 APR7:29 AM

Israeli forces, at dawn on Friday, detained a Palestinian teen with a third of his skull removed, as a result of Israeli gunfire, from Nabi Saleh village, in the northwest of Ramallah.

Muhammad Tamimi, a member of Nabl Saleh’s Anti-Settlement and Wall Committee, told WAFA that Israeli forces assaulted and detained Muhammad Fadel Tamimi, after ransacking his family’s home.

The 16-year-old teen had a third of his skull removed in a surgery, after being shot and seriously injured in the head with a rubber-coated steel bullet, at close range, by Israeli forces in December of 2017.

Tamimi added that soldiers assaulted a man with pepper-spray, requiring him to be rushed to a hospital for medical treatment.

He reported that medics confirmed the man underwent a catheterization, in the aftermath of the assault.

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PCHR Weekly Report: Israeli Forces Injure 115 Palestinian Civilians, Abduct 54

13 APR5:30 AM

In its Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories for the week of 04– 10 April 2019, Israeli forces continued systematic crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories. 115 civilians, including 28 children, 5 women and 3 journalists, were wounded. The injury of 2 of them was reported serious. 4 Palestinian civilians, including 2 children, were wounded in the West Bank.

Israeli forces conducted 71 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and 3 other incursions into the Gaza Strip. 54 Palestinian civilians, including 13 children, were abducted in the West Bank. Shooting incidents continued against Palestinian farmers and shepherds in the border areas of the Gaza Strip, but no casualties were reported.

Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip:

In the Gaza Strip, the Israeli forces continued to use lethal force against the participants in the peaceful protests organized along the Gaza Strip borders, which witnessed the peaceful protests for the 53rd week along the eastern and northern border area of the Gaza Strip. In the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces wounded 115 civilians, including 28 children, 5 women and 3 journalists. The injury of 2 of those wounded was reported serious.

As part of targeting the Palestinian fishermen in the sea, the Israeli forces continued to escalate their attacks against the Palestinian fishermen, indicating the on-going Israeli policy to target their livelihoods. During the reporting period, PCHR documented 8 incidents were as follows: 4 incidents off al-Waha resort shore; 2 incidents off al-Soudaniya in the northern Gaza Strip, and 2 off Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

As part of targeting the border areas, on 07 April 2019, Israeli forces opened fire at a number of Palestinians, who were collecting gravels near Sofa Site, east of Shokah in eastern Rafah City. However, neither casualties nor damage to property was reported. The shooting recurred in the abovementioned area on 09 April 2019.

On the same day, Israeli forces opened fire at the border area adjacent to the border fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel in the northern Gaza Strip. However, neither casualties nor damage to the property was reported.

On 08 April 2019, Israeli forces fired flare bombs in the border area in eastern ‘Abasan, east of Khan Younis, and sporadically opened fire. Later, the Israeli media said that the Israeli forces abducted 2 young men who sneaked via the border fence.

On 09 April 2019, Israeli forces opened fire and fired teargas canisters at the shepherds and workers in eastern al-Fokhari village in the vicinity of Sofa Military Site, southeast of Khan Younis. The shooting recurred in the abovementioned area on 10 April 2019.

In the West Bank, the Israeli forces wounded 4 Palestinian civilians, including 2 children, in separate shooting incidents.

During the reporting period, Israeli forces conducted at least 71 military incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and 4 other incursions into Jerusalem and its suburbs. During those incursions, Israeli forces abducted at least 42 Palestinians, including 4 children, from the West Bank, while 12 other civilians, including 8 children, were abducted from Jerusalem and its suburbs.

In the Gaza Strip, on 04 April 2019, Israeli forces moved into eastern ‘Abasan al-Jadidah, east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip. They levelled lands along the border fence between Gaza and Israel and headed to the south before redeploying along the border fence in front of al-Farahin neighbourhood, east of ‘Abasan al-Kabirah.

On 10 April 2019, Israeli forces moved 100 meters to the southern coastal in the northwestern side of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip. They leveled and combed lands that were previously leveled amidst Israeli sporadic shooting. However, no casualties were reported.

On 10 April 2019, Israeli forces moved 50 meters into al-Shokah village, east of Rafah City in the southern Gaza Strip. They levelled lands in front of the Return encampment and later redeployed along the border fence with Israel.

Israeli attacks in the West Bank:

Israeli forces turned the West Bank into cantons and continued to impose the illegal closure on the Gaza Strip for the 13th consecutive year. Israeli forces established 92 permanent checkpoints and 129 temporary checkpoints in the West Bank. 10 Palestinian civilians were abducted at military checkpoints in the West Bank.

Israeli authorities continued to create a Jewish majority in occupied East Jerusalem. As part of the Israeli house demolitions and notices, on Saturday, 06 April 2019, Nabih al-Basti self-demolished parts of his house in al-Wad neighbourhood in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem, to apply the Israeli Municipality’s decision and to avoid paying the destruction costs and high fines to the Municipality. The abovmentioned civilian said that the Israeli muncpality forced him to demolish the outside walls and ceiling in addition to the pillars in his house in al-Wad neighbourhood next to “House Peace” Hotel. It should be noted that in 2016 he self-demolished his house from the inside, rendering it uninhabitable.

On 09 April 2019, Razina Family self-demolished their residential building in Bir’Onah in Beit Jala, to apply the Israeli municipality in occupied Jerusalem and to avoid paying the high demolition costs and fines to the municipality. Walid Razina said that the Israeli authorities handed him a notice from the court that before 10 April 2019 the house of his brother, Ayman Rezeq Razinah and his sons, Rezeq, Mohammed and Saleh shall be demolished or they will demolish and force him to pay the expenses.

At approximately 10:00 on Saturday, 06 April 2019, Nabih al-Basti self-demolished parts of his house in al-Wad neighborhood in Occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City, implementing the Israeli municipality’s decision to avoid paying the demolition’s costs and high fines to the Israeli municipality. Nabih said that the Israeli municipality forced him to self-demolish the outside walls, the ceiling and the rest of the house in al-Wad neighborhood adjacent to House Peace Hotel. It should be noted that in 2016, he demolished his house from the inside so that the house became uninhabitable. He also said that the municipality recently summoned him and ordered him to demolish the rest outside sides of his house under the pretext of vandalizing the heritage of the Old City. Moreover, the municipality gave him the chance to demolish the house until 07 April 2019 or the municipality’s staff would demolish it and so he would be forced to pay the demolition expenses and fines. Nabih added that his house was built on an area of 65 square meters in 1999, and three years ago the municipality issued the final demolition decision after years of delaying and freezing in an attempt to license it. Although Nabih was forced to demolish the house from the inside, he was forced to demolish the outside walls.

At afternoon hours on Tuesday, 09 April 2019, Zarina family self-demolished their house in Bir Una area in Beit Jala upon a demolition decision by the Israeli municipality and avoiding paying high fines and demolition expenses to the municipality. It should be noted that several months ago, Israeli forces were pursuing Zarina family to force them to demolish their house. Waleed Zarina said that the Israeli authorities and courts handed him a notice from the court to demolish the 2-storey house comprised of four apartments. The house belongs to Waleed’s brother, Ayman Rezeq Zarina and Ayamn’s sons; Rezeq, Mohammed and Saleh. Waleed said that the court ordered him to demolish the house before 10 April 2019 or it will demolish it and force him to pay the demolition expenses. He added that the Israeli court detained his nephew after he refused to sign the demolition order so his family had to pay NIS 230,000 to release him and implement the decision of self-demolition before 10 April 2019. Waleed indicated that the family hired an Israeli lawyer a year ago after the Israeli authorities’ threat to demolish the house. Large amounts of money were paid to the lawyers, but the court decided to demolish the house. Waleed added that the Israeli authorities threatened the family to demolish all their houses, which belong to Waleed’s brothers; Khaled and Raed. He stressed that the Israeli authorities clearly target Bir Una’s residents as the Israeli authorities demolished a house belonging to him beside demolishing another one a year ago. Moreover, a month ago, the Israeli authorities demolished a house and barracks belonging to Waleed’s cousins; Mohammed and Moussa Zarina. Waleed indicated that the Israeli policy against the area and the family made them sustain great economic losses.

Israeli settlement activities:

Israeli Forces continued their settlement activities, and the settlers continued their attacks against Palestinian civilians and their property

As part of settlement expansion and house demolitions, on 07 April 2019, the Israeli forces handed 7 families notices to demolish their dwellings, which are mobile houses built of tin plates and shelter 44 persons, in al-Mofqerah and al-Rakiz Kherbas,s outheast of Yata in the southern Hebron.

On 08 April 2019, the Israeli Civil Administration distributed notices to evacuate lands belonging to Palestinian civilians in al-Khemar (al-Harayeq) in Batir village, west of Bethlehem. Taysseer Qotash, Head of Batir Municipality said that the Israeli Civil Administration distributed notices among agricultural lands owners in al-Kemar area and ordered them not to enter the lands claiming that these lands belong to the state of Israel. Moreover, the Israeli Civil Administration gave the lands’ owners 30 days starting from the day they received the notices to challenge the decision.

During the reporting period, the Israeli authorities issued 3 military orders to seize 1191 dunums from the Palestinian agricultural lands. Two of these orders are about the construction of 2 new settlement roads; one in the northern West Bank and the other in the Southern, while the third order is about closing areas for military purposes. Based on the decisions and the attached road plans clarifying their tracks, the construction of these 2 roads would lead to swallowing up hundreds of dunums of Palestinian agricultural lands as well as the dunums already included in the seizure orders.

As part of Israeli settlers’ attacks against Palestinian civilians and their property, PCHR’s fieldworkers during the reporting period 7 incidents carried out by settlers that resulted in the injury of a Palestinian civilian with bruises and another with a stone to the head. Moroever, 8 civilian cars sustained damage. Most prominent incidents were as follows:

  • On 04 April 2019, stones were thrown at the Palestinian cars passing by “Halmish” settlement intersection, northwest of Ramallah.
  • On 05 April 2019, riots were carried put at the entrance to evacuated “Homash” settlement on Nablus-Jenin Street, northwest of Nablus.
  • On 05 April 2019, ‘Orif village, south of Nablus, was raided.
  • On 07 April 2019, 10 olive trees were uprooted in Kerm al-Dough area, east of Yanoun village, east of Nablus.
  • On 08 April 2019, a group of Israeli settlers threw stones at Palestinian vehicles on the Main Street of Jibia village, north of Ramallah. As a result, a Palestinian civilian was hit with a stone to the head.
  • On 10 April 2019, a group of settlers from ‘Ein Yabrud village, northeast of Ramallah, attacked Palestinian cars and wrote slogans calling for killing Arabs on the wall of a house belonging to Mustafa Shehadah and the vehicles.

Recommendations to the international community:

Due to the number and severity of Israeli human rights violations this week, the PCHR made several recommendations to the international community. Among these were a recommendation that the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions to fulfill their obligations under article 1 of the Convention to ensure respect for the Conventions under all circumstances, and under articles 146 and 147 to search for and prosecute those responsible for committing grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions to ensure justice and remedy for Palestinian victims, especially in light of the almost complete denial of justice for them before the Israeli judiciary.

In addition, the PCHR calls upon the international community to speed up the reconstruction process necessary because of the destruction inflicted by the Israeli offensive on Gaza.

PCHR calls for a prompt intervention to compel the Israeli authorities to lift the closure that obstructs the freedom of movement of goods and 1.8 million civilians that experience unprecedented economic, social, political and cultural hardships due to collective punishment policies and retaliatory action against civilians.

For the full text of the report, click here.

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DFLP: New PA government only has Fatah members

Secretary General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), Nayef Hawatmeh [Wikipedia]

Secretary General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), Nayef Hawatmeh

Secretary General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), Nayef Hawatmeh, said yesterday that the new Palestinian Authority (PA) government consists only of Fatah members.

The government, he told Russian news agency Sputnik, “does not prioritise the interests of our people or the Palestinian issue”. He reiterated that the government “does not consist of the PLO [Palestine Liberation Organisation] factions” and “is not a Palestinian unity government”.

Hawatmeh – who is currently visiting Russian capital Moscow – added: “Political will is needed in order to call for a meeting of all the Palestinian factions to agree on holding presidential, legislative and PNC [Palestinian National Council] elections.”

At the same time, he said that the “political and social gaps among the Palestinian factions are deep,” noting that decisions taken consensually by the PLO factions have not been implemented.

Islamic Jihad: PA launching war against our supporters in the West Bank

Commenting on the result of the Israeli election, Hawatme said that the situation is “complex” as there are “two big blocs” in the Knesset, stating that despite the differences between them both are “expansionist”.

Regarding normalising ties with Israel, he said: “The Palestinian people and all of its factions are against all forms of normalisation with Israel as long as the Palestinian issues remain unresolved.”

He stated that the visit of newly re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Jordan is a form of normalisation, as is the speech by the Omani foreign minister at the Davos Forum in the Kingdom.

READ: Expert: PA ‘greatly disappointed’ with Israel election results(Source / 13.04.2019) 

Israel arrests 3 Palestinians near Gaza fence

Hundreds of Palestinians flocked to the Gaza-Israel buffer zone where they took part in ongoing anti-Israel demonstrations for the 53rd week in row on 12 April 2019 [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor]

Hundreds of Palestinians flocked to the Gaza-Israel buffer zone where they took part in ongoing anti-Israel demonstrations for the 53rd week in row on 12 April 2019

Israeli forces detained three Palestinians near the security fence with the Gaza Strip, according to the Israeli military on Saturday, Anadolu reports.

In a statement, the army said the three men had sneaked the fence into Israeli territory.

It said one Palestinians had a knife, but without giving any further details.

There was no comment from Palestinian authorities on the claim.

Israel has repeatedly declared the arrest of Palestinians for allegedly sneaking into Israeli territory.

READ: Gazans flock to Israel buffer zone for 53rd weekly demo 

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Israeli Forces Raid House of Journalist in Hebron

13 APR7:56 AM

Israeli occupation forces, on Wednesday evening, raided the house of Palestinian journalist Ra’ed al-Sharif, in Hebron city.

According to local sources, Israeli soldiers broke into and ransacked the house of Sharif after detaining all members of his family inside a room.

Meanwhile, soldiers set up a makeshift checkpoint at the junction of Arraba town, in the south of Jenin, obstructed the movement of Palestinian vehicles and interrogated some passengers.

Forces also stormed the residential area of teachers, in Jenin, and embarked on intercepting and questioning passers-by, Days of Palestine reports.

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On 54th Friday of Great March of Return and Breaking Siege, Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Child and Wound 93 Civilians, including 17 Children, 4 Women, 3 Paramedics, and Journalist

13 APR3:35 AM

The Palestinian Center For Human Rights: Ref: 58/2019 Date: 12 April 2019: Time: 18:00 GMT: On Friday evening, 12 April 2019, in excessive use of force against peaceful protesters on the 54th  Friday of the March of Return and Breaking the Siege, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian child and wounded 93 civilians, including 17 children, four women, three paramedics, and a journalist, in eastern Gaza Strip.

According to observations by PCHR’s fieldworkers, the Israeli forces who stationed in prone positions and in military jeeps along the fence with Israel continued to use excessive force against the demonstrators by opening fire and firing tear gas canisters at them.  As a result, dozens of the demonstrators were hit with bullets and teargas canisters without posing any imminent threat or danger to the life of soldiers.

On Friday, 14 April 2019, the incidents were as follows:

At approximately 16:00, thousands of civilians, including women, children and entire families, started swarming to the five encampments established by the Supreme National Authority of Great March of Return and Breaking the Siege adjacent to the border fence with Israel in eastern Gaza Strip cities.

Hundreds, including children and women, approached the border fence with Israel in front of each encampment and gathered tens of meters away from the main border fence, attempting to throw stones at the Israeli forces and firing incendiary balloons along the border fence.

Demonstrators chanted slogans, raised flags and, attempted to approach the border fence, set fire to tires and tried to throw stones at the Israeli forces. Although the demonstrators gathered in areas open to the Israeli snipers stationed on the top of the sand berms and military watchtowers and inside and behind the military jeeps, the Israeli forces fired live and rubber bullets in addition to a barrage of tear gas canisters.

The Israeli shooting, which continued at around 19:00, resulted in the killing of Maysara Mousa Suliman Abu Shalouf (15), from ‘zbit Beit Hanoun. At approximately 17:00, Maysara sustained a live bullet wound that entered his left waist and settled in the pelvis while standing few meters away from the border fence in eastern Jabalia.

He was left bleeding for 20 minutes because medical personnel were unable to access him. After that, he was taken to a medical point and then referred to the Indonesian Hospital, where his death was declared at approximately 17:55.

Moreover, 93 civilians, including 17 children, four women, three paramedics, and a journalist, were wounded. Forty-four of them were hit with live bullets and shrapnel, 46 were directly hit with tear gas canisters and three were hit with rubber bullets. In addition, dozens of civilians suffered tear gas inhalation and seizures due to tear gas canisters that were fired by the Israeli forces from the military jeeps and riffles in the eastern Gaza Strip.

The following table shows the number of civilian victims due to the Israeli forces’ suppression of the Great March of Return since its beginning on 30 March:

1903Medical Crews
8Persons with Disabilities
Among those wounded, 543 are in serious condition and 136 had their lower or upper limbs amputated; 122 lower-limb amputations, 14 upper-limb amputations, and 25 children had their limbs amputated according to the Ministry of Health.  The number of those wounded only include those wounded with live bullets and directly hit with tear gas canisters, as there have been thousand others who suffered tear gas inhalation and sustained bruises.Notes 

PCHR reiterates Palestinians’ right to peaceful assembly to confront Israel and its forces’ denial of the legitimate and inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, including the right to self-determination, right to return and right to end the occupation of the Palestinian territory.

PCHR stresses that the Israeli forces should stop using excessive force and respond to the legitimate demands of the demonstrators, particularly lifting the closure which is the real solution to end the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

PCHR emphasizes that continuously targeting civilians, who exercise their right to peaceful assembly or while carrying out their humanitarian duty, is a serious violation of the rules of international law, international humanitarian law, the ICC Rome Statute and Fourth Geneva Convention.

Thus, PCHR reiterates its call upon the ICC Prosecutor to open an official investigation in these crimes and to prosecute and hold accountable all those applying or involved in issuing orders within the Israeli Forces at the security and political echelons.

PCHR also emphasizes that the High Contracting Parties to the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention should fulfill their obligation under Article 1; i.e., to respect and ensure respect for the Convention in all circumstances and their obligations under Article 146 to prosecute persons alleged to commit grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

PCHR calls upon Switzerland, in its capacity as the Depository State for the Convention, to demand the High Contracting Parties to convene a meeting and ensure Israel’s respect for this Convention, noting that these grave breaches constitute war crimes under Article 147 of the same Convention and Protocol (I) Additional to the Geneva Conventions regarding the guarantee of Palestinian civilians’ right to protection in the occupied territories.

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Massive Participation In Funeral Of Child Shot At Gaza Protest

Thousands of Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip attended on Friday evening the funeral of a child who was shot dead earlier on the same day by an Israeli soldier during his participating in a March of Return rally in the north of the coastal enclave.

The funeral procession of 15-year-old Maysara Abu Shallouf moved from outside the Indonesian hospital in Jabalia to his home in Beit Hanoun, where his family bade him a final farewell before performing the funeral prayer at the Rayyan Mosque and laying him to rest at a municipal cemetery.

In the funeral , the mourners chanted slogans calling for avenging the death of Abu Shallouf and protecting the participants in the March of Return rallies from Israeli attacks.

(Source / 13.04.2019) 

Israeli Gunboats Open Fire At Fishermen In Gaza Waters

Israeli gunboats on Saturday morning opened machinegun fire at Palestinian fishermen and their boats off the northern coast of Gaza City.

According to local sources, several fishermen working on their boats off the northern shore of Gaza City were attacked by the Israeli occupation navy, which forced them to return ashore.

Despite the recent Israeli decision to expand fishing areas along the coast of Gaza, the Israeli naval forces still harass and attack Palestinian fishermen.

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IOF tear gassed Palestinians near Nablus

NABLUS, PALESTINOW.COM — Several Israeli army jeeps invaded, Thursday, Sebastia town, north of Nablus in northern West Bank, and caused many Palestinians to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation.

The head of Sebastia Town Council, Mohammad Azem, told the WAFA Palestinian News Agency that the soldiers invaded the archeological area of the town, and forced the Palestinians away.

He added that many youngsters protested the invasion, and hurled stones at the soldiers who fired many gas bombs and concussion grenades at them.

Many Palestinians suffered the effects of teargas inhalation and received the needed treatment by local medics.

(Source / 13.04.2019) 

One Palestinian child martyred, dozens others injured in Gaza march

GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM — The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza said that 15-year-old Maisara Musa Abu Shalouf was murdered by an Israeli sniper’s bullet in his abdomen in Jabalya during Friday’s Great Return March.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health Ashraf al Qudrah said that 17 Palestinians were injured while dozens of others were suffocated during the Israeli repression of the peaceful weekly protest eastern Gaza strip.

In the same vein, local sources said that Israeli forces -stationed on the other side of the separation barrier- opened fire and threw tear gas at dozens of dozens of young men and women, who were preparing to participate in the weekly protests, killing the 15-year-old child and injuring 12 with live bullets and dozens of others with tear gas.

Thousands of Palestinians participated in the 54th protest of the weekly Great Return March protests in on the borders separating Gaza strip from the Palestinian lands, occupied in 1948.

(Source / 13.04.2019)