Writing in Haaretz on March 24th the Israeli journalist Amira Hass revealed another extrajudicial execution of injured Palestinians by Israel’s occupation forces’ soldiers. On March 4th Israeli occupation soldiers shot and killed two young Palestinian men, Amir Mahmoud Daraj(20) and Yousef Raed Anqawi(24), in the West Bank village of Kufr Nimeh after their car had hit two Israeli occupation forces’ members, causing them moderate injuries, before colliding with an armoured personnel carrier that had suffered a malfunction and was stranded on the road. The incident took place at 03:30 am in a very bad weather, it was still dark, there was heavy fog which limited visibility even more and the road was wet and slippery after rain. The men were on their way to work in a bakery. Israeli occupation claimed that the incident was ‘a car ramming attack’ and paraded ‘a confession’ it was claimed had gotten from the only survivor, Haytham Basel Alqam(20), who suffered injuries from the crash itself and was not shot. Hass reveals that the ‘confession’ was result of him being put in jail in presence of Arab collaborators who pretended to be fellow prisoners and who had apparently manipulated him. More importantly Hass reveals that Israeli occupation had not told that all the shots fired by occupation forces’ members had come after the incident, and except one, minutes after it. One shot came 10 seconds after the car had hit the armoured personnel carrier. The next six shots came 4 minutes and 30 seconds later, then 20 seconds later came two more shots, then 30 seconds after those came one, final shot. This tells a story of extrajudicial executions – a double murder of the victims, who were painted as ‘terrorists’ by Israel’s occupation forces, who claimed that they had thrown previously ‘firebombs’. Instead the real story is one of a war crime which Israel’s occupation forces and regime are trying to hide: A brutal killing of two young men, with the survivor destined to be imprisoned while murderers in occupation uniforms will stay free, their impunity an example for others to follow.
(Source / 29.03.2019) 

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