They were never to be reunited in life, but the cartoon by Alaa Allagtaimagines how political prisoner Fares Baroud and his mother are united after death. Israeli occupied denied family meetings for Fares Baroud since 2007; her mother Raya Obeid kept hoping until her death at age in 85 at May 2017 that she could still see her. Her dying wish was that she could hug him for one more time. Fares died on February 6th after imprisonment 28 years, aged 51. He had been captive of the Israeli occupation since March 23rd 1991 and for four straight years 2012-16 he had been held in complete isolation. His health had been broken by the captivity and made possibly worse by claimed medical negligence on part of the Israeli occupation authorities; it has been alleged that e wouldn’t have received further treatment after part of his liver and a blood vessel were removed in November 2018. PLO’s Hanan Ashrawi commented on Baroud’s death that: Israel is “fully responsible for the untimely death of Faris Baroud and the inhumane treatment he was subjected to for nearly three decades. It is high time for Israel’s brutality against Palestinian prisoners, illegally imprisoned inside Israeli territory, to be thoroughly and independently investigated.”
(Source / 08.02.2019) 

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