Israel’s occupation forces have killed one youth and wounded another at a checkpoint on the occupied West Bank this evening on Monday February 4th. The incident took place at the entrance to the village of Jalamah, five kilometers to the north from the city of Jenin, on the northern occupied West Bank.


 The youths, riding a motorcycle, were suddenly shot at by Israeli occupation soldiers without any apparent reason or excuse according to the Palestinian sources while Israeli occupation claims that the youths would have ‘opened fire’ at the occupation soldiers who would have then ‘responded’. 19- or 20-year-old Abdallah Faisal Tawalbeh died on the scene after being wounded in head and left to bleed. His still unnamed companion suffered serious wounds, a bullet entering from the waist and after passing through his torso, exiting through his shoulder.  The Israeli occupation claim about the incident is unlikely, as Tawalbeh’s body was handed over by occupation forces to the Red Crescent at the scene of the shooting and Palestinian medics were eventually allowed to evacuate the wounded youth to a hospital. If there would have been a shooting between the victims and the occupation forces, the survivor would have been arrested by the occupation forces and Tawalbeh’s body held by the occupation. Abdallah Tawalbeh’s name is also given as Abdullah Abu Taleb. SOURCES:Israeli forces kill Palestinian, injure another in JeninIsraeli soldiers open fire at Palestinians in north of West Bank, kill one, injure other#FreePalestine #Israel #Palestine

  (Source / 05.02.2019) 

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