The killing of Hamdi Talib Nasan(38), father of four children, by illegal Israeli settlers has received rare condemnation from both rA epresentative of the United Nations and a few ‘Western’ politicians, but Israel’s regime is – as expected – reluctant to bring his killer or killers to justice.

Nasan was shot twice in his back on Saturday January 26th when he was carrying a man previously wounded by illegal Israeli settlers during their then ongoing attack on the village of al-Mughayer, and died of his wounds in a hospital in the city of Ramallah.

Israel’s occupation forces claim that the illegal Israeli settlers from the illegal colony outpost of Adei Ad shot the bullets and not occupation soldiers who were escorting the illegal settlers – and did nothing to stop them. Palestinian witnesses say that 10-15 of the settlers (armed with US-made M16 automatic rifles) used their guns during the incident.

Yet according to Israeli occupation police the illegal settlers who committed the attack are neither considered suspects nor have been even interviewed. Their colony outpost of Adei Ad is considered illegal even by Israel’s own regime, yet the settlers receive protection from the occupation troops instead of being arrested.

As Israeli occupation police drags its feet and the settlers go free enjoying apparent impunity, Israeli occupation forces arrested two 13-year-old boys who took part in the funeral procession for Nasan on Sunday January 27th.

Marzook Abu Naen, a member of the local village council, commented on the behaviour of Israel’s occupation forces during the illegal settler attack:

“”The army was on the main street, they saw what was happening and they didn’t do anything. People called [the Israeli army] and they said it’s not my business, then after they came they started shooting at us instead of arresting or doing something against the settlers.”

According to the locals, attacks by the settlers have been on the increase for the last two months.

PLO’s Hanan Ashrawi commented that Israel’s government ‘espouses and promotes’ the illegal settlers’ violence against Palestinians.

(Source / 28.01.2019)

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