One teenager has been killed and another wounded after Israel’s occupation forces opened fire at them in the occupied West Bank. The fatal incident took place outside the village of Silwad, northeast of the city of Ramallah, on the afternoon of Friday January 25th.

The teenagers were shot by occupation soldiers positioned up in a concrete watchtower near a street used by illegal Israeli settlers from a nearby colony. The other, unnamed teen was hit in hand while Ayman Ahmad Osman Hamed was shot in chest and either died immediately in scene or was later announced dead in a hospital in Ramallah according to conflicting reports.


We assume the former claim to be the correct one – a video showing an ambulance allegedly bringing his body to hospital strongly supports this. An unconfirmed claim is that his body would have later been taken by the Israeli occupation forces from the hospital morgue.

Ayman Hamed’s age is given as 16, 17 and 18 in different sources, with most giving it as 16 but as the age 18 appears in the latest sources, we at this point assume it to be the most likely correct one.

Israel’s occupation forces have so far given no excuse or reason why the teenagers were shot at.

After the Israeli occupation killing of Saleh Barghouti, Ayman Hamed had written in social media the following comment on December 12th:

“We are at the top of the shame, Saleh Barghouthi, you deserve to live among the kindest and the prophets, we are the dead, Saleh .. You live alone among us, to be in peace and to reassure your heart, now you are alive, alive and alive… This is a great betrayal against Ramallah.”


2 Palestinians killed, others injured in Gaza and West Bank

Teen shot dead by Israeli soldiers near Ramallah

شهيد سلواد اليوم كتب لصالح البرغوثي.. “نحن في قمة الخجل”

استشهاد الفتى ايمن فارس برصاص الاحتلال قرب سلواد

  (Source / 26.01.2019)

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