PA security forces kidnap four citizens in W. Bank

pa sec. forces

The Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces have kidnapped four citizens, including a Mosque Imam, in the West Bank and persisted in detaining others illegally.

In Tulkarem, forces from the PA intelligence apparatus kidnapped Hamza Hamdan, a Birzeit University student, from his home on Friday afternoon.

The PA preventive security forces, for their parts, kidnapped on the same day Mohamed Turkman, an ex-detainee in PA and Israeli jails, from his home in Nablus.

Two days ago, the PA security forces kidnapped a Mosque Imam called Tareq Shalaldeh in al-Khalil.

The PA security forces in al-Khalil also kidnapped a political ex-detainee called Mohamed Asfour.

Meanwhile, the PA intelligence forces in al-Khalil recently stormed and ransacked the home of Mohamed Asafera 10 times in an attempt to arrest him, threatening to harm him if he did not turn himself in.

(Source / 26.01.2019)

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