Israel releases settlers suspected of killing Palestinian mother

Israeli settlers can be seen in the West Bank on 20 April 2011 [Najeh Hashlamoun/Apaimages]

Israeli settlers can be seen in the West Bank on 20 April 2011

Israeli authorities yesterday released five Israeli settlers held on suspicion of involvement in the killing of a Palestinian mother last October and placed them under house arrest.

Aisha Muhammad Talal Al-Rabi, 47, a mother of eight children from the Bidya village near Salfit in the northern occupied West Bank, was killed and her husband was injured, after Israeli settlers hurled rocks at their vehicle near the Zaatara checkpoint in Nablus in the northern West Bank.

Israeli authorities arrested the five Israeli settlers on 30 December but only confirmed that they had been detained earlier this week due to a gag order.

According to a statement by Shin Bet, the remand of the fifth Israeli settler has been extended for another six days.

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Shin Bet added that the five, who are students at the Pri Haaretz religious seminary in the Rechelim settlement in the northern occupied West Bank district of Nablus, were arrested “after intelligence efforts connecting them to the death of Al-Rabi.”

“The four were released after it was decided that the investigation could continue while they were under house arrest and other limiting conditions,” Shin Bet added.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas slammed the killing of Aisha by Israeli settlers and called it “a heinous crime that cannot go unpunished.”

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Palestinian towns and villages in the Nablus area are surrounded by illegal Israeli settlements and outposts, many of which are protected by the Israeli military.

The Palestinian government has no jurisdiction over Israelis in the West Bank, and violent acts carried out by Israeli settlers often occur in the presence of Israeli military forces who rarely act to protect Palestinian residents.

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Israel forces arrest 18 Palestinians during raid

A Palestinian youth was arrested by Israeli forces during an arrest operation at the Shuafat refugee camp in Jerusalem on 8 February, 2010

Israeli forces rounded up 18 Palestinians in overnight raids carried out across the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners Association, an NGO, said Thursday, reports Anadolu Agency.

“Israeli occupation forces arrested 10 Palestinians in raids carried out in Ramallah, Bethlehem and Hebron and other parts of the West Bank,” the association said in a statement.

Another eight Palestinians were detained in Nablus, Jenin, Tulkarem and Qalqiliya, it added.

The Israeli army frequently conducts arrest campaigns across the West Bank – including occupied East Jerusalem – on the pretext of searching for “wanted” Palestinians.

According to Palestinian figures, more than 6,000 Palestinians are currently languishing in Israeli prisons, including 52 women, 270 minors and six lawmakers.

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Soldiers Abduct A Man After Illegal Settlers Assaulted Him In Hebron

11 Jan 10:50 AM

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Thursday evening, a Palestinian man from Yatta town, south of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, after a group of extremist illegal Israeli colonialist settlers assaulted him.

Rateb Jabour, the coordinator of the National and Popular Committee against the Annexation Wall and Colonies in southern West Bank, said the soldiers abducted Ziad Mohammad Makhamra, 60, from Bir al-‘Ad area.

He added that the man was abducted after a group of illegal settlers assaulted him while hurling insults at the man.

The colonists came from the illegal Mitzpe Yair and Bnie Yacoub colonies, which were built on private Palestinian lands in Masafer Yatta area, east of Yatta.

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Soldiers Seriously Injure a Palestinian In Hebron

11 Jan 5:39 PM

Israeli soldiers shot and seriously injured, Friday, a young Palestinian man reportedly after he attempted to stab them in Hebron city, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.

Israeli media sources quoted the army stating that “the Palestinian was neutralized after a suspected stabbing attack.”

Although initial news indicated that the Palestinian, identified as Sufian Ghazi Skafi, 35, was killed, the Palestinian Civil District Coordination Office said the man is in a serious condition after the soldiers shot him in his abdomen and legs.

Soldiers and armed colonialist settlers surrounded the Palestinian and prevented Palestinian medics from reaching him.

The incident took place near an Israeli police station close to Keryat Arba’ illegal colony in Hebron; dozens of soldiers rushed to the scene, before one of them covered the entire body of the wounded Palestinian, including his head, with a sheet, although he was not dead.

The Palestinian was later moved by the army to the Israeli Shaare Zedek medical center.

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Updated: Soldiers Kill One Woman, Injure 25 Palestinians, Including A medic And Two Journalists, In Gaza

11 Jan 4:46 PM

Updated: The Palestinian Health Ministry said the slain Palestinian woman has been identified as Amal Mustafa at-Taramisi, 43, from Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, north of Gaza city.

It added that the woman was shot in her head, and died from her serious wounds shortly after she was injured.

At least 25 Palestinians were injured in several areas of the Gaza Strip, including at least one who remains in a critical condition.

Updated From – Jan 11, 2019 @ 16:46: Israeli soldiers killed, Friday, one woman, injured 25 Palestinians, including one medic and a journalist, and caused dozens to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation, after the army resorted to the excessive use of force against the protesters, participating in the Great Return March procession in the Gaza Strip.

The attacks against the nonviolent protesters mainly took place near the perimeter fence, east of Gaza city, the al-Boreij refugee camp in central Gaza, in addition to Khan Younis and Rafah, in the southern part, and Jabalia in northern Gaza.

The soldiers, stationed in fortified towers and posts across the perimeter fence, fired many live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets, high-velocity gas bombs and concussion grenades.

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza said the soldiers shot and killed one woman, east of Gaza city, injured three others before they were moved to the Shifa Medical center, and caused dozens to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation.

Dr. Ashraf al-Qedra, the spokesperson of the Health Ministry in Gaza said the slain woman is yet to be officially identified.

He added that the soldiers also shot two Palestinians with live fire, east of Jabalia, suffering moderate wounds, before they were rushed to the Indonesian Hospital in nearby Beit Lahia.

Dr. al-Qedra also stated that the soldiers also fired a high-velocity gas bomb at a Red Crescent ambulance, east of Gaza, wounding several Palestinians, including a medic, identified as Emad Sinwar, with a gas bomb that struck his neck, in addition to one journalist.

One Palestinian was shot with live fire, and many others suffered the effects of teargas inhalation, east of Khan Younis, in southern Gaza.

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Israeli Soldiers Injure A Journalist In Kufur Qaddoum

11 Jan 5:06 PM

Israeli soldiers injured, Friday, a Palestinian journalist working for a French media agency, and caused many Palestinians to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation, after the army resorted to the excessive use of force against the protesters, participating in the weekly procession against the illegal Annexation Wall and colonies.

Morad Eshteiwi, the coordinator of the Popular Committee against the Annexation Wall and Colonies in Kufur Qaddoum, said dozens of soldiers invaded the town, before breaking into homes, and occupied several rooftops to use them as firing posts.

He added that the soldiers fired many live rounds, gas bombs, concussion grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets at random while suppressing the procession.

One journalist, identified as Ja’far Eshteyya, was shot with a gas bomb in his leg, while dozens of Palestinians suffered the effects of teargas inhalation.

Many Palestinian youngsters hurled stones at the soldiers after uncovering an ambush by the army, where the soldiers hid to abduct the protesters, while others photographed them.

It is worth mentioning that the protesters also marched in solidarity with ailing detainee, Ragheb Abu Diak, a cancer patient imprisoned by Israel and facing a deterioration health condition.

The protesters chanted for the release of all detainees, the liberation of Palestine, and for establishing a sovereign and independent Palestinian State, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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Israeli Army Bombards Gaza

11 Jan 6:21 PM

The Israeli army fired, on Friday evening, several missiles and artillery shells into thee sites, east of Gaza city, and east of Khan Younis, causing excessive damage.

The WAFA Palestinian News Agency has reported that the Israeli Air Force fired at least one missile into a site, believed to be run by an armed Palestinian resistance group, causing excessive damage and fire, without leading to casualties.

It added that the army also fired an artillery shell into another site, east of the Sheja’eyya neighborhood, east of Gaza city, causing damage.

In addition, the soldiers fired missiles into an observation post in Khuza’a town, east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

The attacks took place shortly after the Israeli army killed a Palestinian woman, identified as Amal Mustafa Ahmad Taramisi, 43, and injured at least 25 others, during the Great Return March processions, ongoing for the 42nd consecutive week, in the besieged coastal region.

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