Palestinian congresswoman removes Israel from the map in her office

WASHINGTON, PALESTINOW.COM — Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian congresswoman, made a change to the map of her congressional office in Washington, DC, replacing Israel with Palestine.

After Tlaib, a Democrat from Michigan, swore in front of Congress last Thursday, a BuzzFeedreporter, who was touring the congresswoman’s new office, noticed a “slight change” on the map hung on the wall.

One of the pictures posted by the reporter on Twitter revealed that someone, perhaps not Tlaib herself, placed a sticker, with the word Palestine on it, near the location of Israel on the map and accompanied it by an arrow directed to the occupation state’s spot.

In a tweet, Tlaib said she used for the ceremonial swear in her own personal Quran that her best friend of 25 years gifted her.

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Bethlehem to be Surrounded by Israeli Settlement

09 Jan 4:42 AM

The Israeli occupation government has put forth a plan for a new neighborhood that would expand the settlement of Efrat toward Bethlehem, Haaretz paper reported Tuesday.

The paper reported, according to Al Ray, that the government allocated about 1,200 dunams (300 acres) for the plan. The neighborhood is expected to expand the built-up area in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc up to the southern outskirts of the Palestinian city, in a manner that would surround Bethlehem with settlements.

Israeli Civil Administration allocated the area to the Housing Ministry at the end of last month, a step that will enable the beginning of the active planning of the neighborhood called Givat Eitam (Eitam Hill). The hill is in Efrat’s area of jurisdiction, but on the eastern side of the separation barrier.

The planning license is scheduled to take effect within 30 days from the date of publication of the announcement on December 26.

Palestinian Liberation Organization, National Bureau for Defending Land stated that Israeli occupation government accelerate the process of imposing new facts on the ground, ahead of Knesset elections, by processing settlement plans.

The weekly report of the Bureau reported that the Israeli occupation government puts forth, as a part of electoral battle, new plans to build housing settlement units near Efrat settlement southern Bethlehem. It seeks to build about 2,500 units on Khirbet al-Nahla lands.  The project, which was called “I2”, is an attempt to prevent any development or expansion in the city.

Israeli civil administration allowed Israeli settlers to establish a farm land at in Al-Khalla, in addition to publishing notices, on its website, that confirms  plan to build hundreds of housing units on 1,182 dunums of land in the area.

The report said that Israeli army expropriate 1,700 dunams of al-Kherba in 2009 to expand Gush Etzion settlement bloc.

A petition against the planned construction on the site was submitted to the High Court of Justice by Peace Now. At the end of last month the state informed the High Court that an important stage had been carried out for advancing construction at the site: The area was allocated to the Housing Ministry for planning. After the conclusion of the allocation process, which takes a short time, the actual planning of a residential neighborhood at the site will begin.

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MADA Report on Media Freedoms Violations in Palestine During December 2018

09 Jan 5:10 AM

“Attiya Darwish” Al Ray Agency photographer was hit by a tear gas fired by Israeli occupation forces while covering the peaceful return march in Karni area, east of Gaza.

December 2018 has witnessed a decline in the number of violations against media freedoms in Palestine, compared to the previous month; but, it has remained at high levels, and most of them constitute serious attacks against the lives of journalists and media freedom in Palestine.

MADA -The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms – has monitored a total of 43 attacks in December 2018, most of which were committed by the Israeli occupation (32 attacks), and a total of 11 attacks were committed by Palestinians. It should be noted that the previous month has witnessed 57 attacks committed by the Israeli occupation.

The Palestinian Attacks:
The Palestinian attacks registered during December show a slight rise amounting to eleven attacks, compared to eight during the month of November, according to the PNN.

The Palestinian attacks against media freedoms, during December, included Palestinian security forces beating journalists Abd Al-Muhsin Shalaldeh and Malik Al-Ja’bari while they covered a march in Hebron, in addition to detaining Al-Ja’bari for about two hours.

A photographer, Abdelkareem Mseitef, was detained in the headquarters of the Palestinian Intelligence, Al-Balou, for four and a half hours while he was covering a march in Ramallah. A freelance journalist, Sami  Saed Al-Saee,  reports that he is prohibited from transmitting any news in connection with the governor or the Tulkarem Governorate. Journalist Mutasem Saqf Al-Heit was arrested by Palestinian Preventive Security in Nablus. Journalist Abdelmuhsen Shalaldeh was summoned and questioned by the Palestinian Intelligence Service, in Halhoul. Programs preparer for Palestine TV, Sameer Skaik, was summoned and questioned by the Internal Security in Gaza, twice, for long hours. The Palestinian Intelligence Service seized a money transfer of the staff salaries for the Jordanian office of “Al-Haqiqa TV” in Bethlehem. Journalist Nidal Ishtaya was injured with stones while covering a demonstration in Kafr Qaddoum.

The Israeli Attacks: 
Israeli occupation forces have committed a total of 32 attacks, most of which involve serious attacks against the lives of journalists and media freedoms, including numerous attacks involving groups of journalists, and complex attacks, which include several different attacks integrated all together.

Among the most prominent and serious Israeli attacks registered during the last month of 2018, is the injury of at least 9 journalists by metal and rubber-coated metal bullets, as well as gas bombs which the occupation soldiers continue to directly and deliberately fire at journalists.

Journalist Attiya Mohammed Ali Darwish, while he was covering the events of the peaceful return march on December 14, 2018, in the area of “Carney” –Gaza, was injured by a gas bomb which had hit him in the face and penetrated the bone of his face by 7 cm, causing bleeding and damage to his jaw and left eye.

In addition to the injury of Darwish, four other journalists were injured by gas bombs fired directly at them, namely: the photojournalist, Mohammad Wael Abduljawad Al-Duwaik, injured by a gas bomb in the forehead; the photographer, Majdi George Banoura, injured by a gas bomb in the left hand and the left side of his head, causing a fracture to one of his fingers; Hasan Abdulfattah Mohammad Islaih, injured by a gas bomb in the foot; Thaer Khalid Fahmi Abu Rayash, injured by a gas bomb in the abdomen; the freelance photojournalist, Ribhi Abed Al-Koubary, injured by a rubber-coated metal bullet in his left hand; Musab Abdelsamad Shawer Al-Tamimi, injured by a rubber-coated bullet in his left hand; Mustafa Mohammad Al-Badri Hassouna, injured by a rubber-coated metal bullet in the leg; and Sami Jamal Taleb Masran, injured by explosive bullet fragments in the foot.

Among the most prominent Israeli attacks monitored during the month of December, in addition to the aforementioned nine injuries, is breaking into the main headquarters of the Official Palestinian News Agency “WAFA” by the Israeli occupation forces, detaining the staff members inside the headquarters, and throwing a gas bomb at the balcony of Al-Tahrir Hall, even though 14 staff members were inside the headquarters at the time. This is in addition to breaking into Al-Noor printing shop in Ramallah by the Israeli occupation forces and bombing its doors at night as well as confiscating its equipment and printing machinery. The owner of the shop, Khaled Hussein Musfir, estimated the total price of the confiscated equipment and machines at 32,000 shekels.

This is all in addition to the abduction and detention of four journalists, this month, namely: Sameh Mahmoud Mohammad Abdullah, who was taken from his home in the village of Izbat Al-Jarad, in Tulkarem; the journalist Hussain Hashim Shuja’ia, who was taken from his home in the village of Deir Jreir; Samer Abu Eisheh, from Jerusalem, (released the day after his arrest and transferred to house arrest for a week); and Mousa Sarhan, who was taken from his house located in Alluban Al-Gharbiya.

To see the details of each attack: Palestinian Center for Development & Media Freedoms

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B’Tselem: Israel Demolishes Palestinian Homes, Makes Palestinians Homeless

09 Jan 5:19 AM

The Israeli occupation has demolished at least 1,401 Palestinian residential units in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, between 2006 and 2018, an Israeli rights group has revealed.

According to the rights group B’Tselem, Israeli demolitions caused have caused some 6,207 people, including at least 3,134 minors, to lose their homes.

The Israeli occupation has repeatedly demolished homes of Palestinian communities unrecognized by the occupation state.

From 2006 through 31 December 2018, the homes of at least 1,014 people living in these communities, including 485 minors, were demolished more than once.

In addition, from January 2016 through 31 December 2018, the Civil Administration (the Israeli military body which controls the occupied Palestinian territories) also demolished 630 non-residential structures, including fences, cisterns, roads, storerooms, farm buildings, businesses and public buildings in the occupied West Bank alone, Days of Palestine reports.

11/26/18 VIDEO: Shu’fat Refugee Camp and The Hidden Agenda

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Army Abducts A Child Near Hebron

09 Jan 10:50 AM

Israeli soldiers invaded, on Wednesday at dawn, Beit Ummar and Surif towns, north and west of the southern West Bank governorate of Hebron, searched many homes and stores, and abducted a child, in addition to illegally confiscating cash.

Several army jeeps invaded Beit Ummar town, north of Hebron, searched homes and abducted a child, identified as Yassin ‘Adel Za’aqeeq, 15.

The soldiers also invaded Surif town, west of Hebron, stormed and ransacked many homes, and illegally confiscated cash from the home of Majed al-Hoor.

In addition, the soldiers invaded and violently searched agricultural stores in Hebron city, causing property damage.

Also at dawn, the soldiers abducted ten Palestinians, including eight children, from Beit Fajjar and Teqoua’ towns, south and east of Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank.

(Source / 09.01.2019)