Israel to expel Palestinian family from Ramallah

family omar al-barghouti

The Israeli occupation forces on Saturday threatened the family of the Palestinian prisoner Omar al-Barghouti to deport them from Kobar village in Ramallah unless they turn their son Asem al-Barghouti in to the Israeli authorities.

The Israeli occupation forces after midnight stormed Kobar village, raided and searched Palestinian houses, and arrested Asem’s 17-year-old brother Mohammed.

A large military force, accompanied by senior intelligence officers, broke into the house of al-Barghouti family and threatened to deport them to Jericho if their son does not appear in three days.

The Israeli forces accuse Asem al-Barghouti of carrying out a shooting attack and killing three Israeli soldiers less than a month ago.

Violent confrontations broke out in the village during the Israeli raid. Dozens of children and women were transferred to hospital as they choked on teargas fired by the Israeli soldiers.

(Source / 05.01.2019)

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