Algerian scholar: Palestine is indicator for judging Arab officials

abdul-razzaq qassoum

Abdul-Razzaq Qassoum, head of the Association of Algerian Muslim Ulema (scholars), said that the Palestinian cause is the “indicator” used to judge Arab officials in their international relations.

In press remarks to Anadolu news agency, Qassoum said that those who let down the Palestinian people and their national cause have a questionable sense of belonging [to the Muslim nation] and shakable faith.

The Algerian scholar was commenting on recent official visits made by Israeli officials to Arab countries and their meetings with leaders and official figures.

“The gauge used to judge any Arab official in his international relations is the Palestinian indicator. Today, there is no issue deserving more support and solidarity than the Palestinian question,” the scholar said.

“Whoever puts his hands in the hands of those who kill our children, torment our heroes and imprison our women is a traitor to our blood and turns his back on the provisions of our holy Qur’an and the consensus of our nation,” he underlined.

He also opined that “any form of normalization with Israel is a betrayal of Allah (God), His Messenger and the believers.”

(Source / 05.01.2019) 

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