Gaza fuel crisis deepens, Gaza health service may stop

GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM — The Palestinian Health Ministry warned Wednesday that Gaza’s fuel crisis is threatening to bring its medical services to a halt.

“Medical services are about to stop within days due to the fuel crisis despite austerity measures taken by hospitals and health centers,” ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said in a statement.

Home to more than two million people, the Gaza Strip has been struggling with severe electricity shortages since 2006.

(Source / 04.01.2019)


During Israel’s occupation forces’ invasion of the city Nablus on the occupied West Bank before dawn on Thursday January 3rd a paramedic and a journalist were wounded. 

A RECURRING INVASION Occupation troops were escorting illegal Israeli settlers to the so-called ‘Joseph’s Tomb’, connected (but not having any real link) to the biblical figure. These political ‘pilgrimages’ by illegal Israeli settlers are a recurring event. During the invasion journalist Bakr Abdul-Haq(29) was shot in leg with rubber-coated steel bullet, while two similar bullets hit paramedic Yassin Omran in his face. They were shot in the same incident and where fired at while standing near to each other and Abdul-Haq’s cameraman Sameh Druze from Palestine TV. Israeli occupation soldiers surrounded journalists and tried to stop them from capturing the scenes of the invasion with their cameras; shooting appears to have had the same goal. A third person was lightly injured and treated at the scene without needing hospital treatment. Dozens of people are reported as suffering from the effects of inhaling tear gas released by the occupation forces. 

‘JOSEPH’S TOMB’ The so-called ‘Joseph’s Tomb’, originally a Samarian shrine from the late antiquity, is revered by Christians, Jews, Muslims and Samarians alike although like all supposed tombs of biblical figures in Palestine later tradition has bestowed a biblical link to a much younger site. The current building at the shrine, built in the 1860s to house the tomb of a Palestinian Muslim scholar according to Palestinian claims, has been set on fire once by local youths protesting against these illegal Israeli settler pilgrimages and the ban on Muslim worship on the site – which should be under Palestinian Authority’s control according to an agreement with it and the occupier Israel.
(Source / 04.01.2019)