In occupied Palestine the arrival of armed, masked men outside your home before dawn to take away one of your loved ones is something which families experience each day of the year.
The self-declared ‘most moral army in the world’ kidnapped two young men from the village of al-Mazra’a al-Gharbiyya in the Ramallah district of occupied West Bank early on Monday November 19th.
The village has been hit with the recents killings of Othman Ladadwa and Mohammed Shreiteh and wounding of several residents in recents weeks by Israel’s occupation forces during demonstrations against illegal colony building in the village’s lands.
On Monday the villagers woke to see Bassel Ladadwa and Yahya Rabea’ taken from their homes before dawn by Israeli occupation soldiers.
Rabea’, affiliated with Hamas, is a leader of the Birzeit University’s student council and has been previously imprisoned by the occupation.
Ladadwa and Rabea’ were only two out of a total of 24 people Israel’s occupation forces kidnapped during the night.
Kidnapping of people from their homes during the night, when they are most vulnerable, is a classic hallmark of authoritarian regimes.
(Source / 19.11.2018)

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