After the Israeli aggression earlier in the week, the question before Friday November 16th Great Return March demonstration in the besieged Gaza Strip was how Israel’s regime would react?

Would the relative ‘calm’ of the two previous Fridays with ‘just’ one death prevail, or would it seek to bleed the protesters after the humiliation of backing down from the confrontation with the resistance?

With Israel’s cabinet in process of disintengrating, the Great Return March was attacked with similar level of violence by Israeli occupation forces as on two preceding Fridays: At least 77 people were injured, with 40 wounded with live ammunition and 10 shot with rubber-coated steel bullets, according to the Shehab News Agency. One person was seriously wounded.

Israel’s regime, for now, is more concentrated in in-fighting than attacking unarmed Palestinians – after killing up to 247 participants of the Great Return March since March 30th.

(Source / 17.11.2018)

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