Legendary hunger-striker Khader Adnan(40) became a free man again on Tuesday November 13th, when his most recent spell of captivity in the hands of the Israeli occupation ended following his successful hunger-strike.

His most latest hunger-strike lasted for 58 days and ended in his victory on October 29th, when Israel’s military court in an effort to save face sentenced him to a year in prison (with time served) and 1.5 years suspended sentence.

Adnan had been arrested on December 17th 2017 and Israel’s regime planned to charge him with anti-occupation activity, including support for political prisoners and membership in Islamic Jihad. Instead Israel had to back down, for a third time in its contests of will with him.

In 2012 Adnan won a 66-day-long hunger-strike, followed by a 55-day-long hunger-strike in 2015. Although Palestinian political prisoners have fought hunger-strikes for decades, Adnan’s first successful hunger-strike became an example followed by such famous figures as Samer Issawi, who came to face the occupation with an empty stomach their only weapon.

In both of these cases Khader Adnan was imprisoned as administrative detention prisoner – a practice which is based on a British colonial-era law, which allows people to be jailed without being charged or convicted if the occupation military court sees them as a ‘security risk’.

Each year hundreds of Palestinians are imprisoned in administrative detention by Israel, with each period of six months captivity renewable indefinite times. Neither the prisoner nor his or her lawyer has access to the secret claims which are used as an excuse for the imprisonment.

Khader Adnan is now again a free man, but as the past shows, Israeli occupation has not learned from the previous defeats it has suffered when engaged in a contest of will and it seems likely that the baker from Arabeh near Jenin in the occupied West Bank will have to face this struggle again the future.

(Source / 15.11.2018)

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