The fighting that began on Sunday after Israeli commando team fatally entered deep into the besieged coastal enclave of Gaza continued on Tuesday, and although an agreement to stop fighting was reached late that day, on Wednesday Israel’s regime took yet another life. At the same time, a senior member of Israel’s ruling coalition cabinet left his post as a protest against the truce.


Israel’s occupation forces killed a fisherman in the besieged Gaza Strip on Wednesday, November 14th.

The death of Nawwaf Ahmad al-Attar, aged 20 or 23, happened following the murder of 4 other people product of Israeli air strikes and attacks on Tuesday. According to most reports al-Attar was shot in the abdomen in an Israeli charge against fishing boats. One source, on the other hand, claims that al-Attar was on the beach when he was shot. He was taken to the Indonesian Hospital where he was either declared dead or perished soon after the arrival, depending on sources.


Akram Yousef Ma’rouf (29) was killed on Tuesday evening in Israeli air-strike in Beit Lahia’s al-Shayma, after the killing of Mos’ab Hos (aged 20 or 21) and Riyad Ahmad Sultan (26) in two separate incidents. Both Hos and Sultan were working in agricultural fields when killed in Israeli air-strikes; Hos east of Gaza City in the central part of the Strip and Sultan in the north, in Salameen near Beit Lahia.

Both bodies have been described as “severely mutilated” by the missile explosions. Two to three other people were wounded during the same attack, where Hos perished, carried out by a drone.

Tuesday also saw the death of Mousa Eyad Abdul-Al (22), a member of Islamic Jihad’s al-Quds’ Brigades, who had been wounded on Monday evening in Israeli air-strike which hit Rafah.

14 people have been killed in Gaza and at least 31 have been wounded in Israeli occupation forces’ attacks against Gaza since the Israeli commando team’s fatal incursion on Sunday evening.


The truce agreement late on Tuesday led to a fracture in the ranks of Israel’s ruling cabinet coalition, as former Moldovan bouncer Avigdor Lieberman resigned from the post of the army minister. Lieberman claimed that the truce was ‘surrendering to terror’. Palestinian resistance factions, on the other hand, treated his resignation as a victory.

Claims of an early Knesset election have been heard for most of the year in Israel, and Lieberman’s resignation clearly anticipates a coming election fight. It also shows that Lieberman, leader of the Russian-speaking immigrants Yisrael Beitenu -party, will try to outflank his old ally Benyamin Netanyahu from the right.

Although Lieberman has been mostly content of playing a second fiddle to Likud’s Lieberman for years, he has made no secret of his ambition. He has publicly stated that wants to be the first Israeli Prime Minister who speaks Russian as his first language.

A Knesset election which would be fought on the basis who is ready to inflict more suffering on Palestinians would not be good news for Palestinians – not in Gaza, East Jerusalem, West Bank or ethnically cleanse Palestine 1948.

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(Source / 15.11.2018)

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