Participant in the Great Return March has died in Gaza Strip three weeks after he was severely wounded.

44-year-old Ghanem Ibrahim Sharab died on the morning of Monday November 5th as a result of his wounds suffered when he was shot by Israeli occupation forces’ sniper while taking part in the Great Return March. He was shot east of Khan Younis in the southern part of the tiny, besieged coastal enclave on October 19th.

Sharab, described in several media reports of his death as ‘special needs person’, was hit in his foot with an explosive bullet by the Israeli sniper. His leg was amputated on October 29th, but he passed away from the complications of his injury.

Some sources in social media, but not in press reports, mention that the immediate cause of his death would have been ‘a severe stroke’. There is an elevated risk of stroke after amputation, especially in case of prior medical issues and in the case of Sharab, we don’t know what form his ‘special needs’ took.

The funeral of Ghanem Sharab took place in his native Khan Younis on the Monday afternoon.

(Source / 06.11.2018)

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