421 violations by Israeli occupation against Palestinians in October

421 violations october 2018

The Quds Center for the Study of the Israeli-Palestine Affairs has kept record of 421 violations perpetrated by the Israeli occupation forces and authorities against the Palestinians in October.

The list of violations includes movement crackdowns, arbitrary checkpoints, abrupt closure of access roads, demolition of vital structures and civilian homes, land confiscation, and property theft, among others.

Director of the Quds Center, Emad Abu Awad, said the violations make part of an Israeli policy systematically pursued against the Palestinians.

At the same time, the Israeli occupation continues to provide legal and security shields to Israeli settler gangs, whose crimes and attacks against Palestinians and their property often go unnoticed.

Abu Awad urged the international human rights institutions to take immediate action over Israel’s simmering violations against the Palestinian people, land, and property.

(Source / 06.11.2018)

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