PA’s social security law to come into force despite public outcry

Protests are held in the occupied West Bank on 29 October 2018 against the introduction of a news social security law which will see Palestinians’ earnings taxed

The Palestinian Authority is continuing in its plan to implement a Social Security Law which will see citizens paying taxes.

The cabinet stated on its last session yesterday that the law will come into force as planned tomorrow.

The cabinet, however, had decided to postpone imposing fines on those who fail to join the Social Security Corporation, by one month. For November, the law is mandatory applicable on entities with more than 200 employees.

Thousands of Palestinians have been protesting in Ramallah against the implementation of the law. On Monday, a mass protest and a public strike were carried out by thousands of Palestinians who oppose the law, to pressure the cabinet to review it.

Palestinians have called for a public strike tomorrow in conjunction with the launching of the new tax system which may believe will have a negative effect on citizens who are already struggling to survive under Israel;’as brutal occupation.

According to the current law, all workers are subject to the same percentage of contribution to the Social Security Corporation, with no clauses which provide for workers who receive minimum wage.

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Additionally, the families of Palestinians killed by the Israeli occupation may not be eligible to receive benefits from the Social Security Corporation which limits benefactors to those who have lost a family member to natural causes or “due to work injury”.

(Source / 31.10.2018)

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