Four Palestinian prisoners subjected to torture

Including three minors

4 tortured

Four Palestinian prisoners, including three minors, were subjected to brutal attack and severe beating in Israeli detention and investigation centers, rights sources said.

The PA committee for prisoners’ affairs said that 16-year-old Khalaf Najajra, from Bethlehem, was savagely attacked by Israeli forces after violently storming and searching his family house.

He was assaulted and beaten on the head with the soldiers’ rifle butts, the committee added.

The 17-year-old minor Daniel Abu Nasra was severely beaten and insulted at the Al-Bared police station before being transferred to the Megiddo detention center.

Mohamed Hashash, 16, was also attacked by a group of Israeli soldiers while walking near Alon Moreh settlement. He was severely beaten all over his body after being handcuffed and blindfolded.

Along the same line, the prisoner Lotfi Salah, 39, was severely injured after being attacked by 15 soldiers and dragged for a long distance.

(Source / 27.10.2018)

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