MP Tafesh urges PA to protect its citizens against settlers’ crimes

MP Khaled Tafesh

Palestinian lawmaker Khaled Tafesh has called on the Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership to provide protection for its citizens in the West Bank against the systematic crimes and violations they are exposed to at the hands of Jewish settlers.

In a statement, MP Tafesh affirmed that the silence of the PA on Israeli crimes against the Palestinians and its failure to protect its citizens emboldened the settlers in the West Bank to commit their crime against Aisha al-Rabi in Nablus last night.

He pointed out that the settlers commit their daily assaults more boldly than ever after they were afraid of just appearing before the Palestinians during the first intifada (uprising).

He slammed the PA for being preoccupied with the arrest of honorable people and ex-detainees instead of protecting them.

(Source / 13.10.2018)

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