On Friday there was an attempt against the life of late Muhannad al-Halabi’s father in a mosque in the town of Sarda in the occupied West Bank’s Ramallah district.

A gunman or gunmen are said to have shot at Shafiq al-Halabi – according to one source with a gun that had a silencer attached to it – but Shafiq al-Halabi survived the attack. He had been sitting inside the mosque when someone from the outside had fired inside the mosque towards him.

Muhannad al-Halabi, aged 19, was slain on October 3rd 2015 by Israeli occupation forces in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem after he killed two illegal Israeli settlers (one of them an occupation soldier) and wounded a third one.

After Muhannad’s death, both his parents and one of his brothers have been imprisoned and their family home in Surda destroyed as a collective punishment by Israeli occupation. Now Shafiq al-Halabi suspects that the Israeli occupation was behind the attempt made on his life.

(Source / 06.10.2018)

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