Israeli forces move into blockaded Gaza, attack fishermen

Move into Gaza

Israeli military bulldozers on Thursday morning moved dozens of meters into the blockaded Gaza Strip at the same time as Israeli navy attacked a Palestinian fishing boat off the enclave’s southern seashore.

Local sources said six Israeli bulldozers stationed at a military site along Gaza’s border crept into the eastern corners of Deir Balah city, in central Gaza Strip.

In the meantime, Israeli gunboats attacked overnight Palestinian fishermen sailing off Khan Younis coast within a four-nautical-mile zone.

The captain launched distress signals as soon as Israel’s navy unleashed gigantic water pumps in an attempt to make the vessel sink at sea.

Israeli military incursions near the border fence separating Gaza from territories occupied in 1948 have long been a near-daily occurrence.

The Israeli army also regularly detains and opens fire on unarmed Palestinian fishermen, shepherds, and farmers along the border areas.

The practices, often carried out under the security pretext, have destroyed much of the agricultural harvest and fishing equipment of the blockaded coastal enclave.

Blockaded by Israel — by air, land and sea — since 2007, the Gaza Strip has been grappling with a tough blockade, leaving thousands of sick civilians and humanitarian cases stranded in the world’s largest “open air prison.”

(Source / 04.10.2018)

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