Palestine police seize large amount of drugs in Gaza

Hashish [FlickR]


Palestinian anti-drug police yesterday seized a large amount of illegal drugs from the southern Gaza city of Rafah, Safa news agency reported.

Director of the anti-drug police Ahmed Al-Shaer said that policemen also arrested three drug dealers.

Al-Shaer added policemen used dogs during the 36 hour search, before uncovering a haul of hash and illegal narcotics.

The drugs were confiscated and the three dealers were sent for interrogation.

Speaking to Al Jazeera in 2016, the head of the local police anti-drug unit Ahmed Kidra accused Israel of plotting to “flood” Gaza with drugs, alleging that it “turns a blind eye” to narcotics when they enter into Gaza hidden inside commercial goods.

The amounts seized in January 2017 alone equalled the total seized in all of 2016, Kidra said, citing nearly $2 million in seized hashish bars, Tramadol and ecstasy pills.

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(Source / 03.10.2018)

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