IOF imposes closure on al-Fawwar refugee camp

Al-Fawwar refugee camp

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Saturday morning closed the main entrance to al-Fawwar refugee camp in al-Khalil, south of the West Bank.

The PIC reporter said that the abrupt closure has disturbed the life of about 10,000 Palestinians living in the camp, adding that hundreds of cars are stuck on both sides of the entrance waiting to be allowed in or out.

Businessmen, merchants, workers and university students were harassed and searched by the IOF soldiers who installed a military checkpoint near the entrance.

Tension has flared up in the refugee camp since Friday night when the IOF stormed the camp and attacked Palestinian citizens who responded by throwing stones, empty bottles, and Molotov cocktails. No arrests have been reported so far.

(Source / 29.09.2018)

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