In video – Israeli forces assault Muslim worshipers at Al-Aqsa

Tensions Al Aqsa

JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Tensions increased at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, on Thursday, as Israeli forces assaulted a number of Muslim worshipers, while Israeli settlers performed prayers in the compound.Firas al-Dibs, head of the Public Relations and Media Department at the Islamic Endowment, said that 924 Israeli settlers stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound through the Moroccan Gate on the fourth day of Sukkot under armed security by Israeli forces.Israeli settlers stormed Al-Aqsa in large successive groups; many performed religious Jewish prayers in the compound.Al-Dibs mentioned that during the entry of the last group of Israeli settlers, an Israeli soldier stopped a Jerusalemite youth demanding his ID, after which he was unexpectedly assaulted and detained by Israeli forces.Eyewitnesses said that prior to the youth’s detention, Israeli forces beat and pushed him along with his mother, while several other Muslim worshipers, who were present in the compound, were repeatedly assaulted. 

No other detentions were reported.

Sources added that Israeli forces and police were deployed throughout the area and closed several the streets leading up to Al-Aqsa Mosque, in order to secure access for Israeli settlers.The Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, which sits just above the Western Wall plaza, houses both the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa mosque. The third holiest site in Islam, it is also venerated as Judaism’s most holy place, as it sits where Jews believe the First and Second Temples once stood.While Jewish visitation is permitted to the compound, non-Muslim worship at Al-Aqsa is prohibited according to an agreement signed between Israel and the Jordanian government after Israel’s illegal occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967.
The video below shows Israeli forces and police assaulting Muslim worshipers:

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MK: Israel to extend its sovereignty over all historic Palestine

Moti Yogev , Knesset member [miri tzachi/Wikipedia]

Moti Yogev , Knesset member

Israel will extend its sovereignty over the entire area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, Member of the Knesset Moti Yogev said yesterday.

The official from the Jewish Home party added:

There had been no Palestinian state and there will never be a Palestinian state. Israel will remain Jewish.

He noted that the Palestinians, under a Jewish Israeli state, would be given self-administration in their municipalities and would have West Bank citizenship in any future agreement.

“Israel will remain Jewish and with an increasing Jewish majority. We will extend Israeli sovereignty over the area lying between the Jordan River and Mediterranean in the future.”

The Knesset: A parliamentary vote to occupy history and the future

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Israel minister: Palestinian state ‘would be a disaster for Israel’

Israeli Education Minister, Naftali Bennett [HNM News/Facebook]

Israeli Education Minister, Naftali Bennett

Israeli minister and Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett reaffirmed his opposition to the establishment of a Palestinian state yesterday, responding to remarks made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump.

As reported by the Jerusalem Post, Bennett took to Twitter to declare that “as long as the Bayit Yehudi [Jewish Home] is in the government, there will be no Palestinian state. That would be a disaster for Israel”. He did, however, add that Trump “is a true friend of Israel”.

Bennett’s party colleague MK Bezalel Smotrich said it would “be very strange if he [Trump] repeated the mistakes of his predecessors” and “try to promote a solution based on the establishment of a hostile terrorist entity that would continue to strive to destroy the State of Israel”.

According to the Jerusalem Post, “Smotrich called on the Netanyahu to present alternative out-of-the-box ideas to the US that do not involve dividing the Land of Israel or ‘fostering national illusions’ among Arabs”.

Although Trump stated a preference for a two-state solution yesterday, in a subsequent press conference he returned to a theme he first expressed in February 2017, namely that the US would support whatever solution – one-state or two-states – that Israel and the Palestinians prefer.

MK: Israel to extend its sovereignty over all historic Palestine

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Israel NGO urges donors: Gaza economic recovery impossible until blockade lifted

Palestinian security forces loyal to the Palestinian Authority stand at the Rafah border crossing with Egypt in the southern Gaza Strip on 17 July, 2018 [Ashraf Amra/Apaimages]

Rafah border crossing with Egypt in the southern Gaza Strip on 17 July, 2018

An Israeli human rights NGO has told international donors that economic recovery in the occupied Gaza Strip will be impossible unless Israeli authorities lift long-standing restrictions on movement.

In a press released issued yesterday ahead of a meeting of the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) in New York, Gisha highlighted the results of a new World Bank report submitted to the committee, which documents deteriorating conditions in the blockaded territory.

“Gaza’s water, electricity and sanitation infrastructure as well as its healthcare system face exceptional challenges,” Gisha stated, adding that “Gaza’s already deficient infrastructure is under constant risk of collapse.”

According to Gisha, while Israel has previously agreed “to advance a plan for Gaza’s ‘humanitarian reconstruction’” in AHLC meetings, the government “continues to disregard its obligations and responsibility for the devastating conditions in the Strip”.

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Gisha urged international donors to focus on “concrete policy changes that could be implemented today”, and “which would have an immediate and direct effect on the well-being of Palestinian residents of Gaza and the Palestinian economy”.


Examples include “the lifting of blanket restrictions Israel places on the movement of people and goods to and from Gaza – restrictions that have nothing to do with legitimate security needs”, a step Gisha called “a fundamental prerequisite for jump-starting Gaza’s economy”.

“Sustainable development cannot be achieved without allowing entrance of items needed to build and maintain civilian infrastructure, permission to sell and export goods, facilitating revitalisation of industries and the farming and fishing sectors, and lifting restrictions on the movement of people.”

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Quartet envoys express ‘deep concern’ over escalation in Gaza

210 unarmed Palestinians were injured as they took part in the Great March of Return protests in the Gaza Strip on 7 September 2018 [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor]

210 unarmed Palestinians were injured as they took part in the Great March of Return protests in the Gaza Strip on 7 September 2018

Envoys of the Middle East Quartet yesterday expressed their “deep concern” over the escalating situation in the Gaza Strip.

Representatives of Russia, the US, the EU and the UN met on the margins of the UN General Assembly in New York, the statement said, “to discuss the prospects for peace negotiations and the situation on the ground, in particular in Gaza.”

“The envoys expressed their deep concern over the continued escalation in Gaza,” the statement added.

“The Middle East envoys expressed support for the United Nations’ efforts to prevent further escalation, empower the legitimate Palestinian authorities in Gaza and address all humanitarian needs, including through the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC).”

“The Envoys welcomed Susanna Terstal as the new EU Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process and thanked Fernando Gentilini for his dedication, service and cooperation.”

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Report: Israel denies 2,000 Palestinians entry based on their family names

Since 2016, thousands of Palestinian workers from the West Bank have had their entry denied overnight, rendering them jobless

Over the past two years, more than 2,000 people have been impacted by a decision to revoke entry permits to Israel from Palestinians who share a name with someone who has carried out a resistance attack, a report by Hebrew channel Social TV has revealed.

Since 2016, thousands of Palestinian workers from the West Bank, many of whom have worked in Israel for over 20 years, have had their entry denied overnight, rendering them jobless.

When the reason for the refusal is requested, Israeli authorities state that it is due to a shared family name with a suspected resistance attacker, even if no actual familial connection exists between the two parties. The move has impacted hundreds of people with common Palestinian names.

“It could be hundreds or thousands of people for that matter,” Yoav Gal Tamir of the workers Advice Centre that represents Palestinian workers said. “It is as if cancelling the entry permit for someone called Cohen, when someone else called Cohen did something wrong.”

Whilst Israel regularly implements such a policy on the direct family members of resistance attackers usually for the space of a year, some of the recent permit refusals have been found to state their expiry date as 100 years from the time of issuance, effectively barring Palestinians from exiting the West Bank for life.

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With unemployment in the occupied territories high and wages low, the latest refusals have increased the financial strain on hundreds of families, many of whom have numerous dependents to support. Palestinians have argued that this only increases the likelihood of resistance attacks against Israeli forces, as young men feel hopeless at the prospect of continued economic hardship for their families.

“Take a balloon. If you keep blowing into a balloon, how long will it last? In the end it will explode. We are fed up and waiting to explode. We want to work, we have family responsibilities,” Kaher Al-Jamal, a Beit Surik resident who previously worked as a gardener in Israel, said.


The prevention of Palestinian employees crossing the border has also caused concern among Israeli companies which require workers, particularly in the field of construction. Some Israeli contractors have raised the issue with border administration officials, but to no avail.

Many Palestinians have attempted to address their exclusion through legal channels. Whilst the Israeli authorities have defended their right to block entry to those deemed a security threat, many have found their permit reinstated prior to scheduled court dates, according to Attorney Tamir Blank, suggesting that authorities wish to avoid hearings on the issue.

The Israeli High court has ruled that measures that constitute collective and arbitrary punishment are illegal, but occupation forces have otherwise been permitted to carry out such actions with impunity.

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Updated: Israeli Soldiers Abduct Five Palestinians, Shoot Two Journalists

27 SEP
5:09 AM

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Thursday at dawn, five Palestinians from Qalandia refugee camp, north of occupied East Jerusalem, in addition to Qalqilia and Nablus, in northern West Bank, shot two journalists, and injured one Palestinian after ramming him with their jeep.

Media sources said dozens of soldiers invaded Qalandia refugee camp, before storming and ransacking many homes, and occupied the rooftops of several buildings.

They added that the soldiers abducted Mos’ab Hasan Sajdiyya, and his brother Ahmad, from their homes in the refugee camp.

The soldiers also invaded homes in Qalqilia, in northern West Bank, and abducted Moath Ammawi, 21.

Furthermore, the soldiers abducted Qais Hamadna and Amir Hamadna, from their homes in Asira al-Qibliyya town, north of Nablus.

In related news, an Israeli military vehicle rammed a young Palestinian man, during protests against an invasion into Nablus, before he was rushed to Rafidia hospital.

During the invasion, the soldiers shot two journalists, identified as Mahmoud Fawzi and Omar Esteitiyya, after directly targeting them while documenting the invasion.

On Wednesday at night, many Palestinians, including two journalists, during protests that took place in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Updated From:
Israeli soldiers injured, on Wednesday at night, many Palestinians, including two journalists, during protests that took place in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Dozens of soldiers accompanied colonialist settlers’ buses invaded Nablus, heading towards Joseph’s Tomb, while the army also closed many roads to block Palestinian traffic.

The invasion was carried out by several armored military jeeps, and bulldozers.

Many Palestinians hurled stones, and Molotov cocktails, at an armored military bulldozer, while the soldiers fired many live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs.

Medical sources said several Palestinians were shot, and dozens suffered the effects of teargas inhalation.

Among the wounded are two journalists, identified as Mohammad Fawzi and Omar Esteitiyya.
Palestinians believe that Joseph’s Tomb is the funerary monument to Sheikh Yusef Dweikat, a local religious figure. Others believe that the tomb belongs to the Biblical patriarch Joseph, revered by Jews, Samaritans, Christians and Muslims alike.

Videos Published By Quds News

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Media Office Holds Press Conference on International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Journalists

26 SEP
9:23 PM

The Government Media Office (GMO) held a press conference on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Journalists, which coincides the 26September, each year, demanding to practically show support for Palestinian journalists.


The head of the GMO, Salma Ma’rouf, praised efforts of the Palestinian journalists who continue conveying the truth despite all dangerous aggression of Israeli occupation, against them.

In the press statement, the GMO pointed out that the Israeli occupation has adopted a systematic policy of targeting Palestinian journalists, ignoring all international laws and norms that guarantee freedom of speech. Since the beginning of this year, Israeli forces have committed 633 violations against Palestinian journalists, the latest being the  targeting of  journalists who were covering the non-violent peaceful Great Return March on the eastern borders of the Gaza Strip. Two were killed and more than 180 were injured.

Violations against journalists take many other forms, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, especially in the occupied West Bank, including the denial of access to locations, destruction of equipment, arbitrary arrest, physical assault, and use of firearms that lead to injury or death. Israeli forces not only target journalists in the field, but also hinders their work through the intentional disruption of broadcast signals, frequent shutdown of radio stations, and occasional destruction of media offices and broadcasting towers. 21 journalists are still being held in Israeli jails.

Based on the difficult conditions the Palestinian journalist faces on the ground, the Government Media Office (GMO) asserts on the following:

–          Calling on Palestinian journalists to save no effort on revealing Israeli crimes and aggressions against Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

–          Calling on all international and regional institutions and organizations to stand by Palestinian journalists against Israeli violations, translate their support to real actions on the ground and to cancel the membership of Israel from all forums that defending the freedom of opinion, especially the International Federation of Journalists.

–          Warning of the overwhelming silence regarding the Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists, stressing the importance to try Israeli leaders over their violations of journalists’ rights.

–          Calling on international institutions to exert pressure on Israeli occupation to allow the entry of protective equipment for journalists such as press vests, helmets, gas masks and other means that Israeli occupation has banned its entry to Gaza for 11 years.

–          Stressing the Palestinian journalists’ rights to work within the recognized law, values and ethics and in accordance with the social and national responsibility that protects them.

–          Stressing the importance of unity to face the internal division through re-activating the journalists’ union according to free and fair elections that all journalists have the right to participate in under the syndicate and democratic applicable norms.

(Source / 27.09.2018)

Official Israeli Document Denies Existence of Palestinian Refugees

26 SEP
9:47 PM

“Israel Hayom” newspaper, on Wednesday, unveiled an official Israeli document, issued by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which denies the existence of millions of Palestinian refugees.

The document affirms the need for settling the refugees residing in Jordan. It also claims that there are links between the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) and Hamas, saying that the agency is exaggerating the number of refugees and blurring the facts, in order to keep the refugee issue instead of resolving it.

According to the PNN, the document considers that the “refugee” classification applies to a very limited number of Palestinians, the same position expressed by the US administration in a report, recently, which states that there are only “tens of thousands of Palestinians refugees” only, instead of the 5.3 million refugees registered with UNRWA.

The document referred to UN General Assembly Resolution 149, which states that refugees should be returned, claiming that the resolution is non-binding and that the General Assembly does not have the capacity to commit to decisions, but only recommendations.

Through the document, Israel called on the European countries to amend what it called  a “historical mistake” of granting UNRWA a mandate related to Palestinian refugees and their attachment to the United Nations refugee agency.

07/21/18 World Refugee Day 2018 Report: Palestinians are the Largest Population of Refugees

(Source / 27.09.2018)

Netanyahu Response to Trump’s Advocacy of Two-State Solution: “Palestinians will Never Have a State”

27 SEP
11:43 AM

In the midst of a UN speech praising the Israeli government and their heavy-handed tactics against the Palestinian civilian population of the territory the Israeli military has been occupying since 1967, Donald Trump voiced support for the ‘two-state solution’ to the conflict. In response, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated that, “Palestinians will never have a state” as long as he is in power.

After Trump and Netanyahu met on the sidelines of the United Nations Wednesday, he told reporters that even though Trump said that he favored a two-state solution for the Israelis and Palestinians, “Everyone defines the term ‘state’ differently.”

However, since 1933, the Montevideo Convention has been the internationally-accepted definition for a state under international law. Adopted by the Seventh International Conference of American States, the convention stipulated that all states were equal sovereign units consisting of a permanent population, defined territorial boundaries, a government, and an ability to enter into agreements with other states.

Israel, although recognized as a state in 1948, has never defined its borders, and has, through the decades, encroached further and further onto Palestinian land, so that it now controls more than 80% of the land area of what was, until 1948, the land of Palestine.

Trump reportedly said to the reporters, “In one way it’s more difficult, because it’s a real estate deal. But in another way it works better because you have people governing themselves.”

But Netanyahu criticized Trump’s statement, saying that Israel must permanently maintain its military occupation and control over the Palestinian civil population, with no Palestinian state that is both sovereign and self-deterined.

In response, the Palestinian Authority spokesman Nabil Abu Rdainah, said: “The two-state solution means to us that we have a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. This is the only way to achieve peace.”

(Source / 27.09.2018)