Court imposes administrative detention on Palestinian notables

Admin detention notables

Israeli occupation authorities on Monday issued administrative detention orders against the Palestinian human rights researcher Ayman Karaja and Hamas official Raafat Nasif.

Israel’s Ofer military court decided to detain Ayman Karaja, who works for al-Dameer Organization for Human Rights, for six months without charge or trial.

Karaja, who had served several sentences in Israeli jails, was recently arrested from his house during an Israeli raid into Safa village near Ramallah.

Palestinian Prisoners Media Office said in a brief statement that Israel’s Salem military court issued a four-month administrative detention order against Hamas official Raafat Nasif.

The office said that Nasif, an ex-prisoner who had spent about 15 years in Israeli jails, was arrested on 4th September after the Israeli occupation forces raided his house in Tulkarem.

There are 6,000 Palestinians languishing in Israeli jails, 430 of whom are administrative detainees, and 300 are minors.

Administration detention is usually decided without charge or trial based on secret files and evidence that cannot be reviewed by the detainees or their lawyers. In most cases, a single administrative detention order extends for six months and it can be renewed without limits.

(Source / 24.09.2018)

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