Khudari: 2,000 houses destroyed in 2014 await reconstruction

Jama al-Khudari

Popular Committee Against the Siege on Saturday said that 2,000 houses destroyed by the Israeli army in the 2014 assault on the Gaza Strip have not been reconstructed because of the lack of funding and ban imposed on the entry of building materials into the enclave.

Head of the Committee, Jama al-Khudari, warned that 2000 families in Gaza have been living under difficult humanitarian conditions since the 2014 assault, in view of the irregular payments they get for their monthly rent and the delayed reconstruction.

Al-Khudari in a press statement called on donors to fulfill the financial pledges they made at the donor conference held in Cairo following the 2014 war, and stressed the need for pressuring Israel to lift the blockade and allow the entry of building materials into Gaza.

“We appreciate the donors’ efforts for the reconstruction of thousands of houses that were completely or partially destroyed during the war,” he added.

Al-Khudari asked Egypt and Norway, who sponsored Cairo’s donor conference, to follow up with donors and collect the pledged funds to end the tragedy of affected families in Gaza.

(Source / 09.09.2018)

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