Palestinians choke on teargas as Israeli troops roll into Tulkarem

Choked on teargas

A number of Palestinians choked on teargas in clashes that broke out at daybreak Friday shortly after Israeli army patrols stormed Tulkarem refugee camp and attacked the locals.

Israeli soldiers cordoned off the home of a Palestinian ex-prisoner before they ransacked it, sparking clashes with Palestinian anti-occupation youth.

The occupation forces targeted the Palestinian protesters with teargas, resulting in dozens of suffocation cases.

Palestinian ex-prisoner Mohamed Farhana was kidnapped by Israeli forces in the assault.

The occupation soldiers ravaged Palestinian homes and subjected the residents to exhaustive questioning.

At predawn time, Israeli troops and settlers stormed Islamic sites in Kifl Haris town, north of Salfit, and performed provocative rituals, triggering tension in the area.

(Source / 10.08.2018)

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