Gaza: Health services may stop due to fuel crisis

Health services Gaza

The Palestinian ministry of health has warned that the health facilities in the besieged Gaza Strip may stop to provide services for patients soon due to the current fuel crisis.

“There are no reassurances from the competent authorities that the fuel crisis, which threatens the health facilities, will be resolved, and this means that all the health services in the Gaza Strip are at imminent risk,” spokesman for the health ministry Ashraf al-Qudra stated on Monday.

The health ministry in Gaza had warned last week that several health facilities would face closure after fuel supplies used to operate emergency generators started to run out.

The fuel crisis in Gaza has been escalating since August 1st when Israeli war minister Avigdor Lieberman ordered a halt to the entry of fuel shipments to Gaza.

In addition, the refusal of the Ramallah-based health ministry to support the health facilities in Gaza have made them unable to afford their operating expenses.

(Source / 07.08.2018)

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