Israel bans 2 Jerusalemite women from entering Al-Aqsa

Nafissa Khweis, 66, arrested by IOF for entering Al-Aqsa compound []

Nafissa Khweis, 66, arrested by IOF for entering Al-Aqsa compound

Israeli authorities release two Palestinian women from detention on the condition that they do not enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound for the next two weeks.

Locals told Ma’an that the two Palestinian women released by Israeli authorities were identified as Nafissa Khweis, 66, and Aida Sidawi from occupied East Jerusalem.

Aida Sidawi arrested by IOF for entering Al-Aqsa compound []

Sources added that the Israeli authorities summoned Khweis to Jerusalem’s Old City Israeli occupation police station yesterday to recover her identity card as it had previously been confiscated after she left Al-Aqsa.


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Upon Khweis’ arrival to obtain her identity card, Israeli forces detained and immediately took her in for interrogation about her presence and worship at the mosque.

Following the interrogation, Khweis was released on condition that she does not enter the Muslim holy site for the next fortnight.

Israeli occupation authorities also released two Palestinian teens from detention on Saturday; they were identified as Rida Najib and Awni Najib from the Old City of Jerusalem. They have also been banned from entering Al-Aqsa for the next two weeks.

(Source / 30.07.2018)

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