Israel holds over 2000 truckloads to Gaza

Holding truckloads

Israeli occupation is holding more than 2000 truckloads of goods for the industrial and commercial sectors of Gaza as part of its plan to strangulate Gaza and tighten the siege in an unprecedented manner since 2008.

Head of the Popular Committee Against Siege, MP Jamal al-Khudari on Wednesday said in a press statement that the occupation prevents the trucks from entering Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing, the only commercial crossing to G aza, which it recently decided to close.

Al Khudari pointed out that these trucks carry basic goods for the continuation of industrial and commercial life, including building materials of all kinds, “clothing, stationery, textiles, footwear, electrical tools, elevators, cars and raw materials for industry in all sectors of construction, metal, furniture and other industries.”

He stressed that the impact of holding these products leads to a rapid collapse of the industrial and commercial sector, and the collapse of all services as a result.

Al-Khudari added that these measures would gradually raise poverty and unemployment rates (highest in the world in Gaza), in addition to the fear that it would be difficult to fix all this potential collapse of the economy if the Gaza strangulation plan applied by the Israeli occupation continues.

In the same context, al-Khudari said that these goods were imported and purchased legally and have all approvals for passage, both ports and commercial crossings, but the occupation hinders it and returns after the arrival of the crossing, causing heavy losses, where they are stored for long periods, As a result of their lack of timely access to their owners.

Al-Khudari  called on the owners of these goods to appeal to Palestinian officials to move quickly and urgently to save them from this tragedy, as well as the European Union to exert pressure on the Israeli occupation, which is a flagrant violation of international law.

This comes as part of a collective punishment plan on Gaza for what it calls “burning balloons” being sent to the Gaza enclave settlements.

Israel also reduced the Gaza fishing zone from six to three nautical miles as part of its plan to strangle Gaza, which has been officially under blockade since 2006.

(Source / 19.07.2018)

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